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  1. OakRidgeWildcat

    Jellico at Greenback

    Greenback will crush Jellico
  2. Ready to be reported again you idiotic troll?
  3. Sorry i thought that was the High School teams it wasn't mentioned on the description
  4. OakRidgeWildcat

    Oak Ridge at Lenoir City

    It pays to know your limitations
  5. Troll you've been reported again. You're probably just a Campbell County fan and not a Knox Catholic fan
  6. OakRidgeWildcat

    Trezevant @ MHSAA 6A Desoto Central

    Desoto Central gets the win in probably a big way
  7. OakRidgeWildcat


    Cleveland 31-17
  8. OakRidgeWildcat

    Union County Discussing Dropping Football Alignment

    I don't think it'll ever happen. Struggling schools dropping football will probably be the only solution. A similar situation happens at Towns County(GA) High School. They have so little interest and so few players that the play a few seasons then drop the program and bring it back like two to three seasons later. One of their teams a few seasons back had 18 players.
  9. Stupid Troll you've just been reported
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm0BdAY2GoU
  11. OakRidgeWildcat

    Was Fulton scheduling Maryville a mistake?

    According to BCsportsfan they could be up in 4A in the future the way they are growing
  12. OakRidgeWildcat

    Was Fulton scheduling Maryville a mistake?

    4A would be a nice fit for Alcoa and bad news for Fulton and Knox Catholic
  13. OakRidgeWildcat

    Was Fulton scheduling Maryville a mistake?

    Alcoa is in 3A
  14. Summer comes to an end for Summertown as Columbia Academy gets the big win!