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  1. LethalAttack

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    If Grider can't win with this next year, we will never win again.
  2. LethalAttack

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Skill everywhere according to the roster I looked at during the whitwell game. If pirates aren't making noise this time next year then something is wrong.
  3. You don't want that problem........
  4. whiwuhl can look all day long. They won't come close to mimiking that defense. That D only allowed 29 to a McCallie team that is STACKED with athletes lol
  5. I believe so but they haven't been in many high scoring affairs. I will say the Ensworth score this year is quite impressive. Ensworth only beat that team 14-6. That ensworth team has beat both knox webb and baylor.
  6. Similar to the purple team up the road in the past but we all know how that turned out lol
  7. Good game pirates. Win is a win. Give LA credit defensively, they held us at bay throughout the game. Pirates were pretty lucky considering LA turned the ball over inside there own 5. I hate to say it the loss is coming sooner rather that later if we can't find a chemistry in the passing game.
  8. Feminine products will be required tonight, to stop the bleeding.
  9. Pirates need to get healthy really quick. Went by practice yesterday and seen several guys getting limited action.
  10. LethalAttack

    South Pittsburg @ Sequatchie County

    Impressive win for the young guns tonight’s. Biggest takeaway was no turnovers. It’s bound to happen with wet ball on a few snaps but seem to minimize the damage pretty well. Defensively this team could be as good if not even better than last year. Obviously the gameplan was to control Raulston and make someone else beat you. Glad to see some younger guys step up that haven’t had a lot of varsity experience. Looking at scores tonight seems pirates could have their hands full versus several opponents in the coming weeks
  11. YOU GUYS ARE AWFUL!!!!! That's the worst team in cookeville in 10 years
  12. LethalAttack

    Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    soon and very soon!!!! Looking forward to a great game tonight. I think GB has the upper hand and it would be considered an upset if the Pirates pull it off tonight. Regardless this is the state championship idc how much Corner has improved and lake county seems a year are two away from looking at the roster.
  13. LethalAttack

    Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    If this year's GB team is better than 2016 then the Pirates need to opt out just as U-Naked did.
  14. LethalAttack

    AP Class 1A Rankings Sept 4

    What are you guys looking like when you are talking about young players starting. I look for some outstanding match ups like last year very soon!
  15. ^ Vic knows your only as good as the people around you. Prime example Ross isn't around anymore and they look clueless on Defense. Last year when the experience was there they still couldn't find an answer to SP for a large part of the game.