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  1. Starting to become the new normal. Everyone just calm down!
  2. Driving down by the school today seems there was some teachers or something there today. I thought school were suppose to be closed down for awhile?
  3. 1a will still probably have 3-4 teams that I would consider good. I doubt anyone will be as tough as Lake this year not as explosive as GB last year but I've been wrong before.
  4. Should have 6"1, 6"4, 6"4, 6"4 to target this year. Will be trouble for most teams I'd say.
  5. You act like you know EVERYTHING.......... The deal hasn't been "done"... There has been many things in play hearing from my sources
  6. It's not a secret, go look at previous posts.....very well known
  7. The coaching search has been a roller coaster of events according to my sources. Hopefully you guys can find a solution.......The right solution that is or else..................
  8. Roy those cars are for all of Griders recruits taking their official visits tonight. Grider has been in the SEC before and he knows all to well how to get good players.
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