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  1. DaBears1976

    Oak Ridge Vs Bradley Central

    Had a hard time thinking and believing Da Bears could pull it off, but a lot of people just doesn't know how good that Bradley's defense is.
  2. DaBears1976

    Oak Ridge Vs Bradley Central

    Good game for the 2 teams that was playing for runner up.
  3. DaBears1976

    Past State Champions 2008-2018 vs State Champions from 2019

    Pretty good match ups if they are not "best vs best". But if you want "best vs best" no way does TJ Hicks get left out of 113.
  4. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    Bradley had 4. Which was pretty great due to team that we had. Couple first timers there. Semi young team. Jv starters due to another would have been medalist was out for the season after tearing some things in his knee. We held on to 2nd the whole time until the semis came around. Which was very impressive to as i was stating above. Anyone knows wrestling, knows just how "relevant" Bradley is. No one expected us to be in the finals 2 weeks ago. We were there. Everyone knew Cleveland would dominate. Bradley gave it their best and all. Nothing was about being relevant. Just stating that region 4 is here to stay.
  5. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    2 of maybe the best wrestlers in state, from Beech. Transferred. Where to? Like i said. Private. Wysong, SH, transferred, to Cleveland. Didn't wrestle and transferred to somewhereelse. Where to? Private. If Regions want to compete with region 4, they have to keep their kids at home. Continue to build their programs. As of Cleveland. I hate them, but gotta respect them and only root for them come state time. Me and Foose cannot get along most the time, but come state, that's history. He dislikes black and gold color as bad as i can't stand that ugly blue. It's all about keeping the dominance here in this region.
  6. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    Don't get O started on Soddy lol. Very well said. Region 4 has been the most dominate. Even this year. No matter who brought home the most "medals". I also believe that other regions are catching up, but at the same time, when they do, they also lose their kids to either tranfers to privates or graduation. Where this region has kids just waiting and waiting to make their shine. From Pride to HC. That's what separates region 4 from others.
  7. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    This is coming from an wrestling knowledgeable guy that said Lundy didn't have a chance and would get majored easily. Correct me if im wrong, but which team and region brought home the trophy over the weekend? Wasn't the best? Ok... I'm not saying it's right to act that way. Like i said, sometimes kids let their emotions get the best of them and ot happened. Yeah he should have been ejected sooner. That is not what coaches teaches these kids. Especially in this region. Kinda like you're doing right now. You may be a great guy, but right now you're a whiny little feller over a region and kids. It happens to everyone. Especially in spotlights.
  8. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    Never seen so much dislike for a region or a team than i have come state times. Happens every year. Last year was no exception when Sweeney beat Rippy. It was the refs fault and everything else. There are great wrestling and regions around this state. None will compare to region 4. None will ever catch up to region 4. Cleveland wrestlers are not bad. I don't even know Jones at all, but i got to meet him one night at an mexican restaurant before the Cleveland bradley match. One of the greatest kids i have ever talked to. Smart kid. As just like any kid in the country, sometimes you let your emotions overrule your thinking. I'm not saying being cocky and unsportsman like is right, but when you're on top of the mountain, it's gonna happen. Cleveland kids, coaches and everyone else that is incolved around wrestling knew that Cleveland was gonna run away with it. Great team. Sometimes when you know that you're great and unbeatable, your mindset runs off to an different place. Congrats Cleveland, Bradley and keep up with the dominance. Keep grinding region 4.
  9. DaBears1976

    AAA and DII State Recap

    Ah i remember the Mike Tyson biting match between Big Hen and the Wilson Central dude. Unfortunately it's always the last man that gets caught that gets kicked out of the tourney. Believe it was twice that he got ejected. The biting match in state and seems like he couldn't even wrestle in the duals that year or year before. Tough darn good kid, but too hot headed. Regardless, teams cannot afford to lose kids during state. Could very well bite ya in the butt.
  10. DaBears1976

    Day 2 Discussion

    It should be a great one. The match I'm looking forward to seeing is Eathan Wilson and Chris Calvin.
  11. DaBears1976


    All everyone knows is that it's been talked about. Someone told me the story about him that's kin to Curry. My honest opinion i would love for him to go somewhere that would and could get him "college ready". Both football and academinlly. The kid is a star in the making with the right coaching and teaching.
  12. DaBears1976

    Day 1 upsets

    The # whatever beside the names means what they're ranked in state.
  13. DaBears1976


    Great job cause of the history that school brings, city school and the talent that is actually here in Cleveland that us Bradley Bears keeps stealing. Cleveland has great facilities all the way around. That school is coming along with new buildings and the gym may be one of the nicest gyms in Tennessee. I may be wrong, but bout the only thing that Bradley has going better is the new indoor practice fieldhouse. It's very nice. I do not believe Cleveland has one. Unfortunately i was dating an Cleveland blue Raider alumni at one time. She took me for a site seeing when her daughter was playing bball. Everything at Cleveland is nice. Only thing cleveland is lacking is having their pride back and middle school pipeline. The talent is here for them, but luckily for us, they are going to Bradley. (Which is a great thing) most likely one of the only reasons that Bradley has this winning streak against them. Sophmore WR Curry. Holds offers from Georgia, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Mizz and many more. That is what we're getting from Cleveland Middle. It never was like this. Everything is great at Cleveland, except coaching. If the right coach is there, all he needs to do is work on those middle schoolers. Cleveland would be back.
  14. DaBears1976

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    Ok, my bad. They'll be some all around great matches this weekend!
  15. DaBears1976

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    I find a lot of it hard to cypher. If I'm not mistaken, he didn't even have Austin has even a sleeper. Its gonna be hard for anyone to knock off Sweeney. Of course this is his picks and opinions, gotta respect it. I still think Gibson could be in before Perez as well or maybe the 2 in the finals. Can't remember if they're both on the same bracket or not.