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  1. And here I thought Maryville was the only recruiting school outside of the privates in Tennessee.
  2. Oakland is on another level than us. Just like y'all lol. Reason I didn't mention them.
  3. Bradley Central. Not county. Good luck to all the teams. Especially those Lady Rebels of Maryville.
  4. Didn't say Ethan was gonna have a hard time. Just never seen all ranked wrestlers on one side of the bracket. Seems weird.
  5. Seems weird Ethan has all ranked wrestlers on his side of the bracket. Easy road for Ellison at 106. How is all the ranked kids on one side of the bracket?
  6. Hope those brackets are messed up. 106 bracket seems weird.
  7. Lol they'll be up. I'm ready to print 106 out and a few others!
  8. Theyre usually up on Sunday night or Monday morning.
  9. Bryson Terrel will most likely be the 106 next year. He is also having trouble getting and keeping to the 106 weight. That kid is a stud.
  10. Just like the state runs through Bradley County.. Along comes that is hate as well.. You should be used to it by now. Been happening for years and years.
  11. I don't know if you follow Bradley much or know who the two 106s behind Ethan are, but one of them are very well or could be your next 106 state champ next year. Hoping Lipsey will be the one moving up to 113 next year. I really don't know with Borders can beat Ethan or not. May have been one of the best matches all season if they have gotten to wrestle. No bonus points to whomever would have won for sure.
  12. 106 and 113 was what i was hoping to see change on the Wilson match. Either one of our 106 backups would have beat wilsons 106. Move Ethan to 113. I don't know if Borders could have beat Eathan. Wouldn't have gotten any bonus points if he did.
  13. Oh, i know Bradley is no matchup for Cleveland. I do think they're better than what they showed against cleveland. The first matchup anyways. I was just stating that Bradley is a lot better than what most thinks. Right line up, they beat Wilson. Bradley is a coin toss team this year. Just never know what team will show up and want to wrestle.
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