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  1. DaBears1976

    Cleveland vs Bradley

    Don't like agreeing with someone who doesn't know much about wrestling, but you're 100 % correct. Wether the fairweather fans wants to admit it or not, Cleveland has been about money for a while. Bout the only thing he is right on is how lazy our pride coaches and such has become about going out getting and keeping our talent. Jones pays for 90 or more percent on every single trip they take out of town. Pays for everything. Got or gets Bradley a bus? I remember 2 years ago when we won state, we followed them fellers back to Bradley in a old yeller beat down smoking school bus... Jones donates to Bradley and county schools, but it's not even a hair compared to what Cleveland and HC gets. Without Jones, their would be not even a half what you see at Cleveland right now. Until Pride can come up with something to get the top notch kids back and staying, HC will always be the go to place for Cleveland and whoever else can pull them away. It's really mind boggling that Cleveland fans really think their success is only based on that school with no other kind of help.
  2. DaBears1976

    Cleveland vs Bradley

    See ya there! You should be there supporting a winning team this time, right? Lol
  3. DaBears1976

    Cleveland vs Bradley

    Not about money? Lol ok... That man pays for every little trip they go on. If Cleveland needs it, they get it. Heck he even bought the most expensive, but not so good streaming for Cleveland. Every bit of money that goes into HC is due to Jones. Pride has one of the best coaches to ever coach the game, Steve Logston. One of the hardest workers in wrestling history. Jones contributes to Bradley, yeah but its mostly "Bradley County schools". Not just Bradley Central. Stuff like glasses for the eclispe lol. I'm not using no escape whatsoever.. Just stating facts. The whole dang county knows the issues. You said it best like me. Higher Calling gets kids from all around. Best kids around. Luckily they don't all go to Cleveland. A lot of that has to do with Jones. Wether you want to open both eyes or not. You know it as well as everyone in the County, if it wasn't for Jones, Cleveland would always be our little step brother. I never cry over the sport like any other Bear fan. We know who the best is and will always be out of this county. It just takes a little bit of help to beat us. Have a great night and see yall Tuesday.
  4. DaBears1976

    Cleveland vs Bradley

    It ain't more of the middle schools than it is "Pride" and "Higher Calling ". If I'm not mistaken, Lake Forrest, "Bradley's " middle school feeder was on of the best in Tn last year. Very very good kids. Have a few right now at Bradley, good, but young and raw. But time after time, any Bradley or Cleveland person will tell you, in order for us to bounce back and beat Cleveland, we're gonna have to compete with Allen Jones and Higher Calling. Top ranked kids from all over comes to Higher Calling and they make their way to Cleveland. Bradley will and can compete next year with Cleveland, just not this year. Don't like spreading much rumors so won't talk on the deal, but i have heard that Allen Jones has actually asked to help Bradley or Pride in a few ways, but someone turned him down. Like i said, just rumors and don't know if true, but there's your answer. In order to close the gap we're gonna have to be Cleveland and do what they do. Everyone knew after TJ, Knox Fuller and company left, it was all over for us. Even heard some of the best Pride kids even went on to HigherCalling and else where.
  5. DaBears1976

    Cleveland vs Bradley

    Tuesday.. The one I've been dreading most the season. Depends on how Cleveland runs their lineup depends on how many matches Bradley wins. I say 1 or 2 at best this year.
  6. DaBears1976

    Is the Internet down in Cleveland??

    Why do you even try to talk to this idiot or even try to explain wrestling to him? It's useless.
  7. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    Happens quite a bit for you.
  8. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    The actual talent and great teams that we have had at the school and well, as me and my secret admire rebel fan have been talking about, its just not football, it's all other sports here. Has to do with coaching. Most of the football teams should have made it a lot farther and so on. Bradley has put out some of the best athelets in Tennessee the last 5-10 years. Most of the disappointment falls on coaching
  9. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    Not i! Still attended every game. Away or home! To be honest, I'm more disappointed in the last 5 plus years than i have been in the 90s and early 2000s.
  10. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    Got to have somebody that can be a full time coach and fan. Not only when they're winning lol.
  11. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    Besides it helping Bradley out with wins over Cleveland and getting some of the Cleveland kids, he just couldn't coach at Cleveland. He kinda ruined that program. His first year there, Cleveland was just loaded with talent and tons of speed. He wanted to come in and run the veer to take all that away? He should have spread that offense out and had a field day using that speed and talent. As bad as i hate to say it, Cleveland needs someone to keep that talent they have to stay at Cleveland. Only way they will be successful anymore. Cummings just could not coach at Cleveland whatsoever.
  12. DaBears1976

    Cummings to Halls?

    Should have never coached at Cleveland.
  13. DaBears1976

    Bradley Central in Nike Tournament of Champions

    Howard could very well be rookie of the year in womens college ball. So much talent comes out of that school to to not have more banners than we do hanging in the gym.
  14. DaBears1976

    KC Stampede

    If you go back through this topic, you'll see 1 or 2 posters saying that Baylor will get their butts handed to them. We know it's someone that doesn't know and understand the sport of wrestling, but still, it was said. They just don't know how stacked Baylor is this year.