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  1. not true lol if you are telling me rn that alcoa is in the same area as allen, img, etc you are delusional and have watched no football outside of TN. oakland is wayyyy better than alcoa and not above them on that poll lol. m axpreps is a much better site for ranking teams ik it hurts your pride bc alcoa is in the 300's but its true if a team struggles with upperman high school and let me say that again: UPPERMAN HIGH SCHOOL, they are no where near top 25 in nation hahaha
  2. not surprising lol... some ignorant bs lol... you only say MJ bc they played one close game against oakland l... if MJ played oakland that close what would someone with a even better offense and defense do lmao cmon man
  3. they have not played a team from d2 since 2006. Rankin only plays Maryville every yr bc he has too. He left riverdale bc he realized a lot of his players were going to be pulled from the other newer schools in ruth co and saw the writing on the wall and dipped out. case in point is riverdale has only had one or 2 solid teams since he left and fallen off very bad within last 7-8yrs. alcoa does not play up or play out of state teams. all these just show that Rankin is scared of playing against good quality opponents week in and week out instead of beating up on small county schools and ducks competition but you alcoa fans are so brainwashed bc you think a 3a title in TN is the pinnacle of football achievement in a league that everyone knows alcoa is gonna win every yr in a open zone county. Im done arguing with you bc you are brainwashed believing alcoa is just g*d's chosen team
  4. no they did not lol the top private is the one who wins state at end of yr. a team which alcoa didnt beat that season. stop trying to hijack this thread just bc you have a bias against private schools and any team that is not alcoa. this thread is about discussing the BA whitehaven game not some alcoa bs. rankins moaning is the whole reason there is a public private split to begin with so do not come on here starting stuff "sissy boy"
  5. why didnt you show who beat mccallie in state that yr???... exactly you selectively left that part out lol
  6. not denying this at all. however if you had the combined teams of gville and sc as discussed previously, then you would have a very good amount of speed on that team and could play with people
  7. pipe down my man pipe down. i get you are nervous that maryville's stranglehold and power in TN is slowly slipping away but calm down
  8. lol not against cpa lmao and you are stupid for what you think lol buck up and play some big boys rankin is shakin in his boots
  9. ik BA used to have one in their weight room not sure if they still do. interesting tho ill have to research what happened with them
  10. not denying anything you said bc its true. those deep runs by carthage and championships by gville are always several yrs apart instead of being consistent. however since maynard has left carthage,it seems that the program has drastically fallen off what it used to be. gordonsville it hasnt been as bad but to an extent it has. combining the schools makes the most economical sense as well as for sports and school purposes.
  11. this is comical man. MJ would 100% not beat BA or MUS or mccallie and probably MBA (who you chose not to rank). just bc they played oakland close doesnt mean they would be 2 in state lol. heck greeneville would probably beat them
  12. just like alcoa would if they would ever play the big boys? this not an alcoa board take that elsewhere
  13. Exactly lol people think Ba is scared to go and play people. They have been to olive branch which is basically Memphis a few times not counting other out of state teams
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