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  1. Get the cannon ready. Boom here comes the boys from the South
  2. yeah but our boys are all from here. Maryville and Alcoa get boys that have moved in with their parents that have gotten jobs there. So which is more impressive. Real tradition or that. I respect what they have achieved but to me no different than Brentwood.
  3. Game Day GAME Day GAME DAY. forget the niceties the political correctness and just get ready for some good old country butt kicking. As it should be road to the title goes through SOUTH PITTSBURG! Welcome to the Burg.
  4. Only one thing could top that off. Want to guess
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I Remember when coach Don Grider told me not to eat to much on Thanksgiving and about broke my heart. Everyone have a safe and great day. Tell you family how much you love them cause we are not promised tomorrow.
  6. Chris Jones, Greg Jacobs, Mark blum, before that, zelmer Chubb, ronto Tipton Dwayne burks
  7. you didn't start till 85 did you
  8. no because in 84 qb was Jimmy layne bass was after that
  9. if you played in 84 then you played with me also
  10. I hope everyone keeps picking against the Pirates. Its going to make it just that sweeter.
  11. Just drove by Beene Stadium and got that feeling. Hummed a chorus of Horse. Its about that time.
  12. They seem a lot more concerned with our game than we are with theirs. Makes you wonder.
  13. I Like That Side. Come on over to the Dark Side.