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  1. I am curious if it's the same one from Concord Christian. http://www.concordchristianschool.org/m/academics/ms-faculty.cfm
  2. A few rumors here in Blount County going around. Anyone able to comment on transfers and the staff?
  3. Would this person happen to coach at a school with blue or orange as their colors?
  4. This is why the game is played on the field and not on assumptions (myself)<<<<<<< or paper. So far curious to see how this one finishes. Goodjob so far Jackets.
  5. Unless AE has a flu going around or some injuries, they should win by 14+. Not to take anything away from Kingston, but I believe AE is at least 14 points better. That's why they play the game though, upsets happen and people are proven wrong(myself). Has there been any changes to the game because of the incoming storms?
  6. That is what I thought as well, but Cummings made it some what difficult for people to remember that, which i believe caused some minor issues with the last coach. Hopefully they bounce back and the kids and community still stay involved and supportive pf the new coach while he tries to build the program back up. But what will people say if they aren't? Before it was you can't bring a 3a offense to 5a ball, Brwon was successful at M.West, will they bash him as hard for not being successful or will they give more support through hard times? Hopefully we wont have to find out and maybe Bearden got that much better and this last game was just a bump in the road, but this next game will be against a team much better than Bearden, so West better get things fixed and ready to go quick.
  7. Not a very good performance against the Bulldogs tonight. Any insight? I know its the first game, but West has athletes and a new coach.
  8. There hasn't been much talk since the new head coach took over. How are things going?
  9. As of now coacht has 7 of their games listed. Aug. 25 Hillwood Sep. 1 Montgomery Central R Sep. 8 at Greenbrier R Sep. 22 at White House Heritage R Sep. 29 White House R Oct. 6 Macon County Homecoming Oct. 13 at Springfield R Not sure how accurate or if anything will change from that, but it does take ypu through the majority of the season.
  10. Not much has been on here about West since the new head coach was announced. How is the offseason so far and how is the staff and kids adapting to another new coach?
  11. I wonder why it took them so long to decide what most consider the inevitable. That could have been roughly 2 months he had the players preparing and getting to him and his expectations. Either way, I am glad it is set in stone so the program can move forward.
  12. That is correct. Cardwell is known to some of the admin. I believe the new coach will be announced Tuesday. The coach from out west starts practice Monday I believe if he doesn't get it. Happy Easter Redskins... Your new coach is.... And the wait continues
  13. Ive heard it wasn't even between them ywo, it was Harig and another coach from out west. I haven't heard who they decided yet or even if they made a decision.
  14. The cupboard being bare was just an excuse. From everyone I have talked to, the line from 2 years ago was fairly experienced and strong and had alright talent at the skill positions. They let a 2-8 Mcminn Central score 66 on them. Being realistic, the problem has mostly been with coaching and preparation. The recent coach didn't have the resume that should have qualified him for that position. Why he got it, I am unsure. Maybe they rushed getting a new coach in, maybe he had connections, or maybe he just said the right things in an interview, or maybe the administration really didn't care that much and put someone in the position that would take a certain amount of money and fill a teaching spot. Either way it seems that since the last coach left, the kids and the football program has not been a priority. Both hiring processes have proven that in my opinion. But I also have no connection with anyone that might have information. I go by runors here, word of mouth, and results.
  15. They sure do. Which is why this is such an issue. Why it took nearly 2 months to start interviews is beyond me. Thats 2 months of building relationships and establishing the culture and expectations rather it is Harig or not. I've not heard anyone speak of whats actually occurring with the players this offseason while they wait. I just hope they aren't too distracted by the hiring process. Hopefully this week will be end it and the players can get ready for what the new coach has for them.
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