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  1. You weren’t the only one scratching your head made no sense
  2. You had a 50/50 shot you should go to the casino
  3. I hope I get to go. If I do I won’t be there till right at kick off
  4. Yep I agree pointless. It’s going to be a great game
  5. I respond to people in the way they make comments on here. Pretty simple. I respect a lot of people on here and some I dont. If I don’t know the details about something I don’t comment. I can almost guarantee that you don’t know anything about what happened.
  6. Skip what truth ? Here is a truth for you mckenzie has never won a championship peabody has won 4. How are those stats ?
  7. Speak English. I actually watch football games and come to conclusions from what I see. Games happen where a team out gains their opponent but they still get beat would stats tell you anything about that game ? Ive probably watched more McKenzie games than you have
  8. We had a hurdling penalty called on kalik few games ago.
  9. I’ve got nothing but respect for you just not rebfan07. Whatever I say is backed what I’ve watched. I’ve been wrong before but video doesn’t lie but can be deceiving sometimes
  10. Truth prevails knows everything I’m thinking about taking him to the casino kinda like in rain man
  11. You can post them rebtard. Do I need to spell it out for you too ? I don’t have access to stats. Do coaches or players study stats to make a game plan or come to conclusion if a team in good ? No they watch video
  12. Yeah I’m not sure that would matter. Watching the games is really the only way to tell what really happened.
  13. Um….ok I guess I watched the wrong game Dline is a different line than oline isn’t it
  14. I hope you aren’t referring to me. McKenzie could beat us. They have literally defended 2 good offenses in Huntingdon and Fayetteville. Show me another one
  15. I didn’t mention cornersvilles oline they don’t have an offense. You are thinking about someone else. You can have the biggest line in high school and they might be to slow you also have to have someone to run the ball.
  16. Huntingdon and Fayetteville were good. Cornersvilles offense didn’t score many points this year
  17. Honestly you saying that is probably in Peabody’s favor it’s not like you have been right much
  18. Every team has focused on ganaway has that mattered ? Who has McKenzie defended who is good besides Huntingdon ? Huntingdon didn’t even have their starting lineup set yet and McKenzie gave up big plays. What does last year have to do with this year ?
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