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  1. I’m not even about to comment…lol all I will say is I have family helping on the sideline for NJ, hope SP wins!
  2. Dad and I watched the game last night and agree with you 100%...SP has some work to do but with the new coach I think they will do fine.
  3. And just thnk...SP is lining up with them! The young men will be excited for this game. Like I've said before, line up and play whoever is in front of you. Will be a great way for SP to see some better competition.
  4. Now now.....some may of left early but not all....but those were some good games to watch.
  5. Can't find it anywhere....dont mind ole RD, think he's upset he can't post on another site...
  6. What, you've already forgotten that 7-6 loss to MC in 08? Just picking at you reaction....that was a very cold, had hitting game!
  7. Exactly PM......yes I've seen comments about injuries and all that but a player can get injured in practice. Better competition makes SP better in the long run. Be competitive in these new scheduled games or win one and watch what happens. The new coaches have a reason for doing what they've did.
  8. I honestly don't think the tradition will be gone long. It actually needed a break in my opinion. Who knows, it could come back better than it has been in a while. Jmo though....
  9. Spent some time going back and reading some previous pages...WOW! Every year we get to hear or read about this school or that school recruiting (orchestrating) some kind of players or some wild stunt. Wasn't long ago NJ accused SP of doing it, Greenback was accused and Whitwell also..heck I remember Jasper had a students case brought to the school board after he transferred there. So again, where any of these schools caught or punished for any of those accusations? I've been on both sides of those so called accusations and it frankly sucked! I'm all for a good back and forth but let's go ahead and admit it, this is getting a tad ridiculous. How many times or guesses have been made as to who certain posters are? Some of us have made it clear who we are and some continue to post under names that will always have us wondering who they are..but it doesn't bother me one bit to not know their true identity. Stop getting fixated on it and move on. Past is the past, this is 2021 so let's just stay here. SP isn't playing MC, stop beating that dead horse. SP has added some quality tough teams to play. Coach Jones apparently knows what he's doing regardless if anyone likes it or not. Good luck on the season to all Valley teams and to our opponents. Injury free good high school football is what I hope to see along with some NEW RIVALRIES!
  10. Tough schedule ahead for sure, ive not went back to read any of the other posts. I'm sure the new coach knows what he's doing. Our region being how it is and mercy ruling teams week in and week out wasn't exactly preparing the young men for tougher opponents. This schedule should do just that.... PM, just hang tough...things will get back to normal once the season starts...to many distractions right now and a lot of flared up tempers. I for one am concentrating on the little Pirates and thats where I'll stay until our first Friday night high school game.
  11. You know what they say about opinions, everyone has one! I'm curious about "what's coming in the future"? Can you give a time frame for "future"? I guess on the same "future" MC (yes I wrote MC) might be worried about the future, of course my future is about 9 to 10 yrs in the waiting. (Actually it starts this yr but high school is a few yrs away) As for the new coach and games added and game dropped, kudos to Coach Jones for shaking things up. IMO, SP picked up better competition that should help later on in the season. Win or lose, better competition helps a team. Oh and as for this "role" MC is supposed to go on, last time I heard that was in what 08 09 season, 11 games until Alcoa ended it...bring back that "Purple Storm" catch phrase, I seem to remember OP kind of liked that one. (No secret to who I am on the T)
  12. Easy, I feel PM pain...lol It was alot easier climbing those stairs when I was in school! Ill mot say how long ago that was....
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