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  1. All I can honestly tell you is when I moved my stepson to SP from Alabama, I had to provide proof to the school of my new legal address and a TSSAA official came to my address to make sure we lived there! No fake address or mailbox on a empty lot! Even after all that, his mother and myself was called out repeatedly by different fans from different schools about recruiting and false address! One went as far to post pics from his mother’s Facebook page of us at our old house before we moved! Yes his father still lived in Alabama and so did his father’s family. So of course he would be seen in Alabama but he lived with his mother and me! If all transfers were treated as we were they’d be not doubt if it was a legit legal move or some shady behind the scenes activity! If the TSSAA says it’s legit then how do you argue that fact! Like I said, it needs to be checked by an official just not the school!
  2. A monopoly is a firm who is the sole seller of its product, and where there are no close substitutes. An unregulated monopoly has market power and can influence prices. Sound familiar?
  3. Now I didn’t say all that! I’ve stated my opinion about tranfers. One game at a time and we shall see where that leads us next year! Gotta put in some work over the summer!
  4. If there talking about SP that just means there giving another team a break! I see this kind of talk going on for another year! You’d think after beating a dead horse it would eventually get old!
  5. So what if you move for the betterment of the kid? I know it’s a stretch but some (not all) move their child to a better atmosphere! Hypothetically speaking, the school said child attends has problems dealing with and controlling undisciplined kids that interfere with your child’s education! Teachers quitting and finally firing the principal! Would you still require the child to sit out a full year? Legitimate legal move with change of address that is checked by the school and a TSSAA official.
  6. Only difference I saw was SP had a ground game and GB didn’t! Of course our starting QB would of still been sidelined but the backup isn’t to shabby! Stopping #5 would definitely of been a job! Matter of fact, LC whole line was just BIG! Is what it is, till next year!
  7. Not going to say it wouldn’t of been nice but it wasn’t our night in GB! Maybe next year...
  8. Earned my respect for what it’s worth! LC did exactly what it needed to do to stop GB! Controlled the line and pressured Carnes all day! Offensively your guys just run straight over them...continuously! #5 just went beast mode and took control in the second half!
  9. I’m just stringing some line out! Besides, didn’t you read...apparently SP isn’t well liked! Matter of fact I believe the word “hate” was used! Like my daddy said, “If someone doesn’t hate you, well then you must be doing something wrong!” Rather be hated for being me than being liked for being fake!
  10. Well starting QB was on the sidelines with a broke collar bone. He was our slinger but that’s not saying Hubbard couldn’t pass it, he was just more of a running QB! That was a great game to watch and as for next year, one game at a time!
  11. Yeah but who wouldn’t want to see that matchup? That school 8 miles up the road played them in 2A...heck we had Red Bank this year, weather just called that one! Playing better teams can only make a team better! Let both schools open up a slot on the schedule...lol
  12. Honestly, why wouldn’t either team schedule Alcoa? I’ve asked this question a couple times before. Yes, I’ve seen the “Beast from the East” play in person. I also realize there’s no downside to playing them! You lose, hey you lost to Alcoa but you gained some great experience! You win and well, you beat Alcoa and gained great experience! So again, where’s the down side in playing Alcoa?
  13. I have to admit I was wrong. I was one of those thinking that GB would win it all. When I started watching the game today I told my other half boy was I wrong! Not taking anything away from GB but man oh man, the LC QB and well basically the whole team was BIG and well coached! Again, LC was just determined to win and it definitely showed! Congratulations...
  14. Apparently you know what it stands for! You have to bring SP up in every post almost! If you’re not hated by someone, you must be doing it all wrong! You must have nightmares about SP...but hey SP is irrelevant right?
  15. Guess I was wrong, LC was the better team today! Congrats on the win!
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