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  1. Somewhere in these pages i think I said something similar... Well except for the “not being a SP fan”! Still have a stepson playing...hopefully you’ll get to see him play!
  2. I was just saying as you said, yes all three teams in this county have benefited from transfers at one point in time! It’s just not one single team...yes GB has on paper for now, seems to be benefiting the most but no one has played a single game yet. Let’s get the season started then see how things pan out. To many uncertainties during the season that can happen to change a team. Injuries being the big one! Definitely going to be a interesting season to say the least! Yes, I’m some what partial to #24, but without those other ten guys out there with him he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what he did! He was a very humble young man!
  3. Completely agree but let’s not forget MC benefited from a transfer also! I know some have forgotten but the 08 Warriors were lead by a transfer! Of course like I’ve stated many times already, transfers do not guarantee wins! Line up and play ball! May the best team that night win!
  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but SP plays Bledsoe in the 3rd and Grundy in the 8th....looks like we get to watch all the qtrs...
  5. Possibly received to many of Old Pirates “EARHOLED” hits!
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