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  1. Society doesn't either . I agree it is terrible from top to bottom
  2. This is a game everyone has been waiting for . I can't choose a winner and feel 100% confident in it . PC looked good and CR has been a top tier team year in and out since Woods arrival . I hope PC doesn't make that move to 2A it would look bad on their running from the hill they haven't got over yet . Winning a 2A title with the number of kids and player type they have wouldn't be impressive IMO. That would be the easy way out but hey I'm not their admin or coaches. If that's their way of getting a title then I guess that's what they will do .
  3. Don't know him personally . Hopefully if he is this thought of he will apply
  4. That's pretty late and A bad deal for mcgavock. Is he stepping down or retiring . Mcgavock could still be a power house in my opinion. As far as Antioch big Bear and little Bear is all drama and neither Overton or Antioch needs that . One is in everyone's business and has not regards and the other wants to cheat his way in. Bleacher who is the assistant you mention
  5. Anyword on Overton or Antioch? Heard Gore is retiring . Any truth behind this Workin? All the rest of this mess is uncalled for .
  6. Heard some creditable names interviewing for Antioch tomorrow .
  7. Have you heard of who is getting interviews ... And what other schools will have openings ... Care to share?
  8. Have you heard of who is getting interviews ... And what other schools will have openings ... Care to share?
  9. The carousel is warming up. Hillwood is open , with it moving to Bellevue in a couple years that could be a good gig. Wonder how the Antioch and HL search is going.
  10. True statement, HL will continue to suffer with the current Admin in place. A school once so successful has came to shambles all cause of admin. Antioch will have several applicants I expect a metro assistant to get this one .
  11. Williams was successful at Blackman, but that was as an assistant. I agree with about the Antioch job but the previous hires have not panned out. Hillwood will be a sought after job when they move to Bellvue. I thought Brown was the coach in waiting at Hillsboro.
  12. Hillsboro OC? Could be a good move but I don't think he gets a call
  13. Who has the scoop on any Metro movements ? This time of year we are all hearing something.
  14. East played well and held Maplewood offense under control... They are better than people expect.... Hillsboro was off and you could tell.. they had several fumbles and couldn't get it going. Their defense is one of the best around I will say that. CR is back like they never left . Offense is explosive Pearl will be back to the 4th round
  15. Finally talk about something else. Guarantee the Maplewood and East game will be packed ! Hillsboro vs Stratford will be full of talent as well! Cane Ridge takes on Brentwood as well
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