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  1. Does anyone know where the closest Apple store is?
  2. No. Just new to the wrestling boards. Almost as bad as the football ones.
  3. Ah a bunch of grown men arguing over high school sports. Someone should start a tv show with y’all. It’d be great to watch
  4. Tennessee highs success depends on if their Off. coordinator stops trying to make his family members on the team the stars. They have many good athletes that are underused because of politics. The coaching at THS is honestly sorry.
  5. I believe that THS' offensive struggles are because of a terribly coached offensive line, horrible play calling, and terrible QB play. The offensive line seems to have no clue what blocking is. The play calling is just flat out stupid. Both quarterbacks can't throw accurately and anytime #16 is in all THS does is give him the ball to lose 2-5 yards. There is only so much defense can do. I know defense misses tackles and gives up some big plays, but it's gotta be hard to only get a 4 play break before having to go back out on the field because the offense can't put a drive together.
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