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  1. Well that was easy - the first two I looked at! AAA 106 Chris Calvin - 2nd place - total points 25.5 AAA 106 Braden Ivy - 3rd place - total points 25.5 AAA 120 Andrew Artiles - 2nd place - total points 24 AAA 120 Jacob Haney - 3rd place - total points 25 Cobra- you are a moron. Just because you spew it doesn't make it fact!
  2. I wonder where they might be transferring to? I love your enthusiasm for Cleveland but then you gotta come out here and throw them under the transfer bus.
  3. How could we forget to have a Region 4 discussion without mentioning Soddy who was 48th with no placers! And by the way, once upon a time, The Cowboys won a Superbowl.
  4. Again, no one is questioning Cleveland's dominance this year, but Region 4, as a whole, is no longer the envy of all others. A team championship is great but from a region standpoint, Region 6 took home the leadership honors and the cool thing is, there isn't just one team that collects all the good kids and wins. Region 6 has organically grown their programs and the high level of competitiveness in the region will soon lead to team championships. Its coming. Region 4 brace yourselves, you can keep those doors open on Sunday but unfortunately one school cannot keep your region atop the leaderboard. But I will agree that Cleveland most certainly won Most Salty this year.
  5. My youngest son is in 6th grade and last night he was reading in his Civics book about laws. Have you ever heard of the Three Strikes Law? Its a law that severely punishes those who have repeatedly ignored the law as if there are no consequences. It was enacted because some kept committing the same crimes over and over. These same guys would come to court with character witnesses telling how the offender was one of the greatest people they know and made a mistake and let their emotions overrule their rational thought. Not that it applies to anything here on the message board, I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share.
  6. Region 4 is spending too much time looking down over their kingdom and didn't notice Region 6 coming over the back wall to take their place!
  7. Laughable! I would argue just the opposite. Jones was given way too much latitude. He should have been ejected after the first flagrant punch to the back of the head. He then missed on an intended crossface/punch and proceeded to try to twist the other wrestlers knee to hurt him. I feel that wrestlers from 99% of other teams would surely have been ejected after the second incident. I believe he was given way too much rope because of the singlet he was wearing.
  8. There were 31 wrestlers that came up short of their goal at the state tournament. So your argument is all 31 of those should be overlooked if they decide to throw a temper tantrum because their coach hasn't taught them how to respectfully handle a loss? Or is it only the Cleveland wrestlers who deserve to be overlooked for bad sportsmanship because they came in to practice on Sunday?
  9. Taking a quick look, I see no other teams that had 4 members of their team penalized. I am not discounting the fact that Cleveland dominated the event, I am simply stating that winning a championship seems to be the only goal for the Raiders and when things don't go as they want, maybe they haven't figured out how to properly express their displeasure. I thought wrestling was about more than winning medals. Teaching sportsmanship, building character, etc. etc. etc. But I guess that's none of my business.
  10. Very true. If it was only one wrestler losing points for his actions, it would be unfair to "take a shot" at the whole team. BUT when several wrestlers and the coach all lose points because of their lack of sportsmanship, as they say, where there is smoke there is fire.
  11. Fiery is one thing. Out of control is another. That was 100% uncalled for and you're a fool for trying to take up for him, make excuses, and condone it. It's a disgrace to our sport and the others in it who act with respect.
  12. Which begs the question, WHY was he on the team??? But I think I can answer my own question. Take a look at the number of team points Cleveland wrestlers AND COACH lost to unsportsman calls. Apparently they must have missed the part about wrestling teaching sportsmanship. Maybe Alan Jones can send them to a sportsmanship seminar.
  13. Completely agree. Just didn't list Luke because he isn't ranked. He might be after this weekend.
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