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  1. I was going to let this go but you guys couldn't let it drop. I am sorry if my opinion hurts your feelings but I guess you will just have to deal with it. Putting your head in the sand and pretending like someone deserves the medal of valor because they were a great wrestler does absolutely nothing to improve character or our sport. Everyone goes on and on about how wrestling, like no other sport, builds character, etc, etc, etc. Yet we turn a blind eye when some of our best wrestlers act like a fool and get away with it because they are winning gold medals. And while we are on the subject there are coaches from certain "top level" programs who also get the same treatment. We gush on and on about them on message boards and newspaper articles when they hoist the trophy but conveniently forget when they are kicking chairs, getting ejected from tournaments, etc. etc. Before you jump to defend, take a look at the facts. One quick and easy example: The AAA State Championship team lost 16 points (among 3 wrestlers and the coach) in the 2019 State Tournament. So rather than blindly hero worshiping, maybe we should hold everyone to the same standard regardless of the number of gold medals on their wall.
  2. Being a great wrestler does NOT automatically equal great character. The two are not one in the same. One who "loves" the sport as you claim needs to learn to show some humility. I see the same as everyone else. Your Chattanooga rose colored glasses are strong. If he expects to make the Cornell lineup, he needs to get to work. I was right in front of his mat today and watched him blow a 5 or 6 point lead in less than 2 minutes by being out of shape and trying to stall out a match. He took an injury timeout for nothing more than to get a breather.
  3. You must be confused. Reiniche and respectful have probably never been said in the same sentence before. I hope Cornell can help him mature but he has a long way to go. Great wrestler, but hes the only one I have ever witnessed sitting down on the mat during State finalist introductions. A cheap shot artist and conveniently takes injury timeout when hes in a bad spot/tired.
  4. See, there you go again spouting off your opinion as fact. Just because there is ZERO debate that UWW is the toughest tournament IN YOUR MIND, doesn't make it true. Also I find it interesting that you had to go back to 2015 to find the talent level at UWW sufficient to attempt to prove your argument. But since you asked, I quickly pulled up the results of Ironman. They have a list of former place winners who were All American. The last year it was updated was 2016 so I just pulled 2016, 2015, & 2014. I will note that I am not advocating Ironman as the toughest tournament, in fact, I would probably lean toward S32 and Powerade. It is also important to note that Ironman is an in season tournament so the pool of potential entries is very limited. Even given these limitations, Ironman still have more talent than UWW. 2016 Habat, David Jordan, Isaac McIntosh, Morgan Miller, Ian Retherford, Zain Beckman, Mason Cruz, Darian Dance, Joey Harger, Pierce Johnson, Jeremy Kindig, Josh Thomas, Lorenzo 2015 Epperly, Zach Heil, Dean Jordan, Bo Martinez, Isaiah Snyder, Kyle Tomasello, Nathan Walz, Ty Gulibon, James Huntley, Max Moisey, Zeke Taylor, Ryan Villalonga, Chris 2014 Chisko, Solomon Cruz, Randy Martin, Myles McKenna. Joey Mecate, Chris Meredith, Bryce Nickal, Bo Schram, Connor Ward, Joseph
  5. Why hello Kodiak Cannedy's Mom & Dad, welcome to the board! I love your confidence in your son. However TOC is trash. SE Regional is trash. Super32, ok, that's good but we all know a good draw at S32 can get you a few wins. 7th at NHSCA freshman division, respectable. No disrespect towards your son but since you opened the door and want to throw him in the spotlight, let me throw out a few other statistics (all easily verifiable on Track). Noah Horst over Cannedy - MD 14-1 (ok, national level wrestler but 14-1...) Braxton Mann, Science Hill over Cannedy - TF 18-2 (Braxton who?) Beast of the East record 1-2 (meh...) 3rd at Bill Brimer's Brawl in the Hall (majored 14-4 at a backwoods local event?) Those who we consider to be Tennessee's top 10 wrestlers should not be getting majored and teched. Keep grinding.
  6. Durdon-I appreciate your knowledge of wrestling but you have a loud voice and type massively long posts so I think people assume your opinions are facts and others therefore build on your faulty assumptions and self-serving statements. I don't have the time or interest to research too much but just from memory I am going to toss out a few names that debunk your statement about Ivy Leagues recruiting "almost exclusively from Prep Nationals." Dake, Yanni, Max & Gabe Dean, Peppleman--not at Nat Preps. I am sure there are many others but those quickly come to mind. Your opinions are completely skewed by your own experience. Just because a couple of Baylor kids ended up at Cornell because they competed well at PN does not qualify your statement. And the funniest part is I KNOW you want to list it higher on your list but you are trying to pretend to be humble. UWW & Fargo, while certainly tough tournaments, are not 1 & 2. The population of wrestlers who compete at these events is a fraction of the talent throughout the United States. I know you try to fly the freestyle flag but deep in your heart you know there are kids who are sitting at home watching Fargo who would blow through many of those AA's. Comparing freestyle and folkstyle tournaments and determining a kids "ranking" in folkstyle because of how many AA's they have in a freestyle tournament is pretty close to idiotic. That is akin to saying Jeff Gordon should be ranked as a top 5 motorcycle racer. Both sports are racing and he was amazing at one so he therefore must be amazing at another racing sport. That argument only works if you are a NASCAR fan and trying to prove your own opinion. Kind of similar to someone who touts the private school wrestlers and those who perform well at freestyle events as the best. In the end its all about perspective and you seem to have lost it.
  7. I'm sure you did it because you didn't want to be accused of being biased toward your kid, but how do you put A. Bowers over Emory? Head to head should trump any comparative results.
  8. Just one example. Not saying Isbell is bad but there are others in the state pfp who are better. My fault on Bowers. I misread because he is listed as a Junior. I actually think Garrett should be above Isbell.
  9. I might argue the order of some in your top 7 but at first glance, generally agree. I think Isbell is overrated. He was a SC last year but 32 was one of the weaker classes. He only beat Kerns by 2 in the finals. There are other, more dominant wrestlers who should be in the PfP. And Bowers keeps getting his brother's legacy vote. Lots of hype around Mason. But we might never know how good he really is since he chose to compete in the small school division. I'm never one to shy away from controversy so might as well go ahead and say it--with the occasional exception, 4 small school state championships equal 1 AAA championship.
  10. Well that was easy - the first two I looked at! AAA 106 Chris Calvin - 2nd place - total points 25.5 AAA 106 Braden Ivy - 3rd place - total points 25.5 AAA 120 Andrew Artiles - 2nd place - total points 24 AAA 120 Jacob Haney - 3rd place - total points 25 Cobra- you are a moron. Just because you spew it doesn't make it fact!
  11. I wonder where they might be transferring to? I love your enthusiasm for Cleveland but then you gotta come out here and throw them under the transfer bus.
  12. How could we forget to have a Region 4 discussion without mentioning Soddy who was 48th with no placers! And by the way, once upon a time, The Cowboys won a Superbowl.
  13. Again, no one is questioning Cleveland's dominance this year, but Region 4, as a whole, is no longer the envy of all others. A team championship is great but from a region standpoint, Region 6 took home the leadership honors and the cool thing is, there isn't just one team that collects all the good kids and wins. Region 6 has organically grown their programs and the high level of competitiveness in the region will soon lead to team championships. Its coming. Region 4 brace yourselves, you can keep those doors open on Sunday but unfortunately one school cannot keep your region atop the leaderboard. But I will agree that Cleveland most certainly won Most Salty this year.
  14. My youngest son is in 6th grade and last night he was reading in his Civics book about laws. Have you ever heard of the Three Strikes Law? Its a law that severely punishes those who have repeatedly ignored the law as if there are no consequences. It was enacted because some kept committing the same crimes over and over. These same guys would come to court with character witnesses telling how the offender was one of the greatest people they know and made a mistake and let their emotions overrule their rational thought. Not that it applies to anything here on the message board, I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share.
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