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  1. springfield will be back honestly should be better
  2. congrats Tullahoma! I thought your coach had lost it for you...never should have been an overtime
  3. your a proven loser dude..you fit in good in p-town. maybe you could go coach midget wrestling
  4. i knew they had been playing great defense. I was looking at the defense stats for 5a. Springfield had only given u9 92 points in their 13 games this season and 29 of those where to Henry County in the 2 game s they played them. . Them and Powell where at the top.
  5. I would say Powell is the favorites, but i will be pulling for Page. Embrace that underdog role its always fun to make them eat crow
  6. i said if it was a low scoring game HC would win. But i knew their secondary was not very good in pass coverage and if it got to be a shootout they where in trouble. Man i wished i would have went to that game..50 plus points in 4th alone is crazy.
  7. I got on this morning to ask the question what happened in that game? How did Henry County lose? I am assuming the passing attack took over? I was keeping up with it and they was dominating. Look up and they had blown a massive lead. Any details?
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