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  1. im going 24-10 jackets. i have a feeling you will see #7 starting at qb before the season is over. I believe he is better under pressure and has better vision down field. I would move Hudson to a primarily defensive role.
  2. if white house wins as big as the commissioner predicted then station camp is terrible
  3. they need to hire someone from outside...that whole program needs needs new blood. Middle school coaching is terrible and youth program is daddy ball only. New blood maybe exactly what they need. You have a horse up there as a freshmen...problem is you have nobody that knows how to ride him
  4. i would be interested to see his numbers in those games considering they got boat raced in those games. I know the kid has tremendous potential.To bad he has no help. But i hope nothing but the best for him and the Indians
  5. One of your coaches actually. It came out of their mouth he said last year, this is our chance after this we start rebuilding again. I'm not knocking their program just saying what we was told from one of their own. I hope they are good, makes for better region play
  6. you should put that toilet paper outside of the door such a big reach lol
  7. i wasn't impressed at all with them overall last year. But with that being said it was early in the season. I do really like the Groves kid though. Wished he was playing better competition so we can see his true potential.
  8. Creekwood has nothing coming back their chance was this past year and couldnt get it done..Portland and white house those 2 are laughable. central has the big fullback thats it
  9. They might not make the run they have been making for the past 4 years but i guarantee you they win more than 3 games.
  10. if he did i bet they didn't win many games either
  11. Not a whole lot of talent to choose from there excluding the groves kid. He is a beast
  12. The difference is the amount of kids you have to choose from. Many more athletes in the bigger schools to choose from.
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