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  1. bigdawgtn

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2019

    One of your coaches actually. It came out of their mouth he said last year, this is our chance after this we start rebuilding again. I'm not knocking their program just saying what we was told from one of their own. I hope they are good, makes for better region play
  2. bigdawgtn

    White House Football- God’s land

    you should put that toilet paper outside of the door such a big reach lol
  3. bigdawgtn

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    i wasn't impressed at all with them overall last year. But with that being said it was early in the season. I do really like the Groves kid though. Wished he was playing better competition so we can see his true potential.
  4. bigdawgtn

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2019

    the fact that he is an idiot
  5. bigdawgtn

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2019

    Creekwood has nothing coming back their chance was this past year and couldnt get it done..Portland and white house those 2 are laughable. central has the big fullback thats it
  6. bigdawgtn

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2019

    They might not make the run they have been making for the past 4 years but i guarantee you they win more than 3 games.
  7. bigdawgtn

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2019

    if he did i bet they didn't win many games either
  8. bigdawgtn

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    Not a whole lot of talent to choose from there excluding the groves kid. He is a beast
  9. bigdawgtn

    White House Football- God’s land

    hey future is brighter for white house
  10. bigdawgtn

    1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A- What's the difference?

    The difference is the amount of kids you have to choose from. Many more athletes in the bigger schools to choose from.
  11. so basically no team that was a old team in your eyes is a great team. So all the past champions at any level are basically nobody because they dont play in todays era? LOL sorry to all the old timers in the world but you guys are not great
  12. so leading the entire nation in scoring does not make your team great? I mean come on man.
  13. people like you can't see the light. Wonder how many teams was in the nation? I am sorry I didn't see where the post had a time frame of teams that could be mentioned. No where did I ever say they could beat teams today, but if your gonna talk about best teams from TN I would have to say if a team led all schools in the nation in scoring...was mentioned by a national brand..why would they not be considered as one of the best tn has to offer in its football history. See your stuck in todays times. Funny thing is none of these teams can play each other so you will never know who is truely better than the other. Do i believe they could beat teams of todays time..no I don't. But my god its not the end of the world to bring up a old team like that that accomplished that much. Boyce Smith was there coach. Go to the Tssaa hall of fame and read about him and that team. There is a reason they are in there. Good thing people like you don't put that together because there would be no need for it because obviously anything that happened pre 70's don't really matter