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  1. they will have to be a world better than they have been the last few years. I must say i only seen them play in 1 game other than jamborees and we all know you cant take alot away from jamboree but they looked really bad
  2. we played state first week of december so its not that far off
  3. I pretty much agree with that line up. I don't see the Jackets dropping a region game this year.
  4. they lost alot of seniors maybe get better production from younger guys
  5. exactly one of the best recruiters around lol
  6. rankin is a great coach but also a by product of extreme talent. He was winning at riverdale so all the schools coming and and bailed out before he could lose all his talent. Goes to Alcoa and i am sorry most decent coaches win with that talent. Now with that being said i have met the man a few times and i like him and i do thing he is a great coach.
  7. i dont think size will be an issue. Haywood looks way bigger non film than betsy. Betsy however looks very good on defense. I am expecting this to be a really good one.
  8. good luck Pearl from the springfield yellow jackets
  9. if i was from white house i would troll other people pages too because i would be shamed to comment on a white house page..oh wait they dont usually participate much in postseason games so now i understand why he is in this thread, Go ahead and troll away lol
  10. same with springfield. i believe they start 12 underclassman.
  11. when did this become about Henry Co? Did i miss something? If anyone is downing that program they are crazy. i have much respect for the patriots and love the atmosphere down in Paris
  12. good luck firebirds Springfield will be pulling for you
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