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  1. Ha! Yuppers...our biggies are way too much for the lil ole puddycats. Choo! Choo! Do you hear that kitties? I think I can, I thank I can!! Yyyyyeeeeee, yyyyeeeeeee!!! Come on, Kees! Knock em till they see tweetie birds and go cuckoo. Our line will be superior. We're gonna impose our will all day long and can't be denied!! Come at us, BRO! In the jungle the mighty jungle the kitties are sleepless tonight! Aaaawwwooooo!!!!🎶🎶 Hmmm, methinks we might just take it easy tomorrow. If there's no need to get THAT physical, then why do it? We're not bullies. We hate that we're made to take on a fight we know we can win...BUT we gotta get some gold. If you Dresdenites don't want to be smashed...just forfeit right now! Hand over the trophy, bow to us and you can walk. Greenback Cherokees don't get kicked off their land! There's a reason there's warning labels on cigarettes AND playing GB just might be hazardous to your health. A disclaimer has been made, our hands are currently clean and our conscience is clear. If you show up...it's on your hands!!! Hokahey!!! (Indian warrior battle cry) GB-56 Dresden-0
  2. The team that wins the line of scrimmage and is more physical wins the ball game every time. You'll see the difference. It's gonna be a bunch of grown men taking the athletic toothpicks to the woodshed. They'll get hurt...most of the skill players get hurt after one good shot. Watch the Humboldt game...they only beat those tomatoe cans by 24!
  3. Mtownshocker...not that's a username. I know they're real down and dirty over there in West TN but come on now. The West was down this year and it was nothing more than a glorified sign up and you will know the game is out of Dresden's league after our first drive. We're gonna run em' right over. We all know what happened the only other time you guys got here. We got a gold ball and got a silver last year...its gold time fellas!
  4. Woowee! Welp...I just got done got watching film and this one is in the bag! I'll give it to their QB. I know he probably should've won Mr. Football twice even though that never happens to players from over there. And I'll even say he's the best player in 1A...but he won't be able to get a pass off with our monsters on the D line! Sorry Dresden...you guys just don't realize what you're signing up for. We got here to the big dance last year with the same group pretty much and are probably one of the most dominant 1A teams ever this year with most of our core back with this senior group. The running game doesn't scare me one bit. He's running over midgets and doesn't have that much speed. They know a QB can't run but a handful of times against a team our size. Dresden's defense doesn't impress me one bit. We like to run outside and our big boys will put the outside linebackers on their back every play...just watch. Dresden also won't see our play action passes since they'll be so worried about our run game. We could run the same play the entire game and still win this. Our O linemen is about to embarrass the front 7 of Dresden....you might not like it but you'll be forced to accept it. Yyyyeeeeee, yyyyyyeeeee!!!! Get em up Kees! Let's do it this time babaaay!!
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