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  1. I haven’t really stayed in top of things this off-season like I have in the past so I’ll be a bit before I know much about what they’ve got. Don’t know about any of the new guys coming in. I think up front they lost 2 linemen but felt good last year with their backups. It’ll be interesting to see how they are in the skill areas. They lost QB, RB, most WRs, DBs, and LBs so they will definitely need some new guys to step up. No idea if they have any upcoming freshmen or transfers who they’re really high on.
  2. Rising sophomore, Craig Cunningham. Been with the program through middle school. Like BreadTruck pointed out, its hard to imagine anyone being Eric Gray level any time soon, but the staff is very high on him.
  3. Think BGA has to be considered the favorite going in even with the coaching change. ECS should be right there too with how much they return. Can’t count out CPA or Lausanne due to what they’ve shown, though I think everyone expects both to take a step back considering everything they lost. Not sure how Norte Dame stacks up this year but they have been one of the tougher teams in division since they came over from the publics. Any other teams out there that could step up and surprise?
  4. How is CPA looking for basketball this year? There are quite a few football players who also play basketball at Lausanne and I’m sure they’d love the chance to redeem themselves in February lol
  5. I’ll take MUS. They have a great defense and just judging off of scores it doesn’t seem as if BA has gotten a ton going offensively this year. Somewhere in the 21-10 range
  6. Oh wow. Had no idea this would still be getting so much attention almost 2 weeks after the fact. As a Lausanne supporter, do I wish the game was played somewhere else? Absolutely, because that would have given them a better chance to win. Do I think CPA wet down their field to make it worse? That thought didn’t even cross my mind. I was at the game. The entire campus was soaked, and the stadium sits in the lowest part of campus which made the field even worse. Yes, the field hurt Lausanne more than it hurt CPA, but at the end of the day they both played on it. Both teams are towards the top in the entire state and neither would get blown out by any team in any division.
  7. Going to try my best not to get at the field too much because I know that is just my biased view of the game. It no doubt affected the way Lausanne likes to play, but both teams had to deal with it so the field is a wash. I think on turf Lausanne is the winner by a TD, but like BreadTruck said that’s what Lausanne likes and CPA likes a game in the mud so there’s no real perfect medium. Have to play in the conditions dealt. After watching Lausanne all season and a little CPA, then watching the game last night, I am not so sure that those aren’t the best two teams in the state, regardless of classification. I know that is a big jump and I admittedly haven’t seen a ton on every team statewide. But those are two extremely tough, talented, well-coached teams. Recruiting services have Patterson and Gray ranked 7 and 8 in the state, respectively. I believe you would be hard pressed to find a better two than that. Gray was unable to show his full skill set off last night but I have seen it all year. And Patterson is an absolute stud in the middle of the defense. I don’t remember a LB better than him in recent memory. Side note, shoutout to CPA. Very gracious and accommodating hosts. Heard lots of complimentary stuff from them about the Lynx following the game. Good luck in a couple of weeks, I think CPA wins big. Man, I wish we could just get a rematch of this one for the championship.
  8. Didn’t realize Ingle was the QB of that squad, very interesting fact! Good luck tonight, BreadTruck. As I said in the other thread, I’m just hoping for a great injury free game that I hope the Lynx can pull out!
  9. Welp gameday is upon us. Hoping for an injury free game that doesn’t disappoint the hype. Going to go with my hometown Lynx but it won’t be easy. 34-31
  10. Pull them up if you’d like, and I may eat crow and be remembering incorrectly, but I believe I said that there was only 1 starter from PCA, which was true. This go around there aren’t any contributors.
  11. No love for the Lynx this week I see! I get it though, everyone likes to see some change up. First to address the co-op issue again, which I’m sure no one will listen to once again. Two years ago, Lausanne co-oped with Power Center until the TSSAA changed the rule and shut that down. Lausanne has had a co-op agreement with Bowie in every sport for a long while, as they do not offer any athletics programs. However, very few students who attend Bowie play for Lausanne in ANY sport and to my knowledge none play football. And I know for sure that even if there are 1 or 2 that play, all contributors on their team do indeed go to school there. I know ol’ Boog will continue spewing the co-opin nonsense but just wanted to try and set the record straight once again. Anyways, to the important matters. There is no doubt in my mind that the field will play a huge role in Friday nights game. As it’s been said already, CPA definitely has speed as well. However, they are not generally trying to make those hard cuts on a dime when running the ball. This is what has made Lausanne so special the past couple of years. They have had players able to make you miss with a couple of quick moves then make big plays. It will be hard to do that Friday night. I figure it will be pretty tough sledding for both teams. I think it’s safe to say that Lausanne has the advantage in the run game and CPA has the advantage in the pass game. I think whichever team’s “weaker” offensive attack is able to have more success will decide the winner and send one of these 2 teams to Cookeville. P.S. I certainly hate that this match up is taking place in the semis rather than the championship.
  12. On one side, you have a matchup that not many people expected to see here in the semis and on the other you’ve got a matchup that some thought we would see in the championship last season. Gonna sit on predictions til later in the week, but I expect both to be very good games.
  13. I think BA wins the rematch and MUS takes care of business with McCallie.
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