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  1. We’ve got ourselves a couple of district rematches here in the semis. Will the games play out any differently this go around? Or do we get another rematch in 2 weeks with CPA taking on ECS? I was at the Lausanne game last week where they played maybe their best game of the season, but they were also fairly lucky to win 2 weeks ago. Followed along with the ECS game and it seems as if they escaped one last week. Not sure how the other games across the state went, other than that both teams won pretty easily.
  2. Round 1 McCallie Briarcrest MUS Baylor Semis McCallie Baylor Championship McCallie 21 Baylor 24
  3. Agree with this 100%. Those new teams that have come over will definitely have something to say about who wins the gold ball for years to come. I do think a big part of the East dominating the West in the public division has to do with coaching. This division has some very good coaching staffs in the west compared to the public divisions. That’s not to say there aren’t great staffs in the middle and east as well, because there most certainly are. Sets up for a very competitive division moving forward!
  4. Let’s see if I can get this thing right this year... Round 1 winners Grace Lipscomb CPA CCS ECS BGA FRA Lausanne Round 2 winners Grace CPA ECS Lausanne Semifinal winners Grace ECS Championship ECS 28 Grace 17
  5. Not sure how you can say that the west chases the middle in this division. Since 2009, only one east team has won this division (Webb, multiple times). CPA has 1, Lausanne has 2, and St. George’s has 2. I get that not all the teams currently in the division were D2 prior and I’m not saying a middle/east team doesn’t win because like I said previously I think the division is WIDE open this year. Just seems like a bit of a stretch to say that the west is behind. Though, in most public divisions, the west is definitely lacking behind. Good luck to all teams. I think this could be a very fun playoff season.
  6. Hasn’t been much talk all year about the middle private school division. With the brackets out, how do we see this thing shaking out? Looks like we could be headed to a second round matchup of what going into the season appeared to be the 2 favorites with BGA traveling to Memphis to take on ECS. I haven’t seen much of the middle/east divisions this year. How good are CPA and Grace a 1 seeds in their respective regions? Lausanne has reeled off 3 in a row after struggling early on and now has to face the same team who they played last week. The division definitely appears to be more wide open than ever before. Could lead to some fun matchups in the coming weeks!
  7. ECS, and it’s probably not too close. Lausanne does have a couple players who are a threat to take it all the way whenever they touch it, which could help keep it a little closer. But overall I think ECS wears them down and ends up winning by 3-4 scores.
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