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  1. I think it's going to be a close game but unfortunately I think the Lady Jets win. Stone will have their way with the Lady Jets for the next several years if they do play each other but I'm afraid tomorrow night is a W for the regular season district champs.
  2. Was this game at Pickett?
  3. This is what it's all about. Classy move by both teams. The world is so much bigger than basketball. My heart goes out to the White County basketball program
  4. I figured there was some relation to the player on the team. So sad. Prayers for the whole community.
  5. Good call UpperCumberlandHoops. Lady Jets only won by 14.
  6. I never said CCHS would win but if they don't either Lamar has turned the Lady Buffaloes around or his cousins are calling the game.
  7. If the Lady Buffaloes can eke out a win at their place after the thrashing they took at CCHS, then they've either gotten a lot better or their home court advantage is nothing short of magical.
  8. Pickett is the real deal in my opinion. Clarkrange hasn't impressed me yet but I'm sure they can. Stone is a year away from beating Bradley but that year can't come quick enough for me!
  9. I for one am ready for Bobcat Nation to invade Stone Memorial Tuesday night. Should be a great game!
  10. Way to go Lady Panthers! They are going to be fun to watch for the next few years. Anticipating the matchup with the Lady Jets.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I agree typically a home court is good for 6-8 points but some home courts are worth a few more. 😳
  12. An 11 point loss at Pickett County is usually a win at home.
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