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  1. 13-AA POY - Patterson, 13-AA COY - Hudson- Irvin 14-AA POY - Transou, COY - Pipkin
  2. Don't know about the tournament format, but a 40 second shot-clock would be welcomed. Coaches usually use the stall technique when they feel there's little chance of victory by matching up and playing the other team. A clock would force players to play and coaches to coach, the entire game. I understand holding the ball the final couple minutes to secure victory, but not the whole four quarters. Just my opinion.
  3. This is the matchup everyone predicted at the start of the season and mow it's here! Good Luck to both teams, should be a good one!
  4. Good Luck to all the Weakley county teams (including 2A Westview). Unique that everyone is still playing this late in the season. Weakley county has an opportunity to try sending three teams to Murfreesboro. Says alot about the local talent and the coaches.
  5. pioneer42, it's not the Greenfield fans doing the talking. Zebra35 started all this. GC has one of the best coaches in the state with Wilkins and he'll have the girls ready! Everyone knows this will be a great game between two really good teams. No one with basketball knowledge would doubt GC.
  6. Is Huntland - Moore Co. a big rivalry?
  7. I don't think anyone is overlooking Huntingdon, it seems most people are picking Summertown to win the Region, but both teams will most likely get to state.
  8. Very good games tonight. I think the winners will be: Westview...complete team, enough said Southside...Crockett might make it interesting McNairy...too big, too strong Dyersburg...I'm almost 50/50 on this one
  9. Sorry fellas, I do know dad, but I'm not him. I can have an opinion though. Nothing wrong with liking one player's style over anothers. Both are very good at what they do, there's no denying that. Greenfieldfan, didn't you just recently state that Greenfield had the most talented team in the State...even though you admitted to not seeing every team play...was that fair to the other teams? Everybody on Coacht tosses out their opinions everyday (who will win, who will lose, the best players, etc.). Chloe and Tess have played together too long and are good friends and have the same goal - A STATE TITLE ! Awesome having 2 Miss Basketball finalists, but one will win and one will lose (even though both are winners). The panelists put them against each other, not me. People debate which is better all the time and it just shows how talented BOTH young ladies are. Why is it ok for others to debate it but not someone from their hometown? And the lakers have lots of fans. I also like OKC and Golden State too !
  10. This season Greenfield has beaten AA-Dyersburg (Darby 17pts), AA-Crockett Co ( Moore 29pts), AAA-Dyer Co (Moore 28pts). Darby plays AAU with a very good Tn Flight Silver team and Moore plays with the defending AAU state champion Lady Silver Foxes. As I've said before, Darby is very good, but Moore should be Miss Basketball.
  11. I agree Edie needs more playing time. What I meant is that next season Edie will be that third stud for us. She's still adjusting to the speed of the game right now, but Edie helps cut down on team turnovers. We have to limit our TOs to have a shot at winning it all. Next season, we'll be one of the few teams in the state to boast 3 D1 players in single A!
  12. Can anyone derail Westview during Regionals? Southside, Dyersburg, McNairy?
  13. More talent than any team in single A? I don't know about that! Chloe, Tess, and Edie ( next season ). The rest have to accept their role and that's the tricky part.
  14. It will be interesting to see where the Greenfield girls are mentally. In the first two games w/TCA, the starters were sitting midway through the 3rd quarter b/c they had 30 points leads. #22 Lee had decent numbers, but most of her points came against the Greenfield reserves. I think this game will be close for a while, but Greenfield will find it's rhythm and take it by at least 15.
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