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  1. BatmanDevil

    Dobyns Bennett

    Eastman gives millions to the locals and helps in many different areas, including DB (the school).However,I 100% agree about Eastman and the DB sports program.Maybe back before the playoff system and a different breed of animal was in control of both DB sports and Eastman ,but those are just unconfirmed rumors ,like another one I heard before moving to Kingsport.I heard if you worked for Eastman,the local police wouldn't even stop you no matter what you done.Well,I can 100% confirm that is horseshet.
  2. BatmanDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    100 percent agree.For coach to leave what he help build in Greeneville to be a part of what we have in Kingsport, would be laughable .That said,it's been tried before by a state winning football coach .
  3. BatmanDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    I'm just thankful for everything he done for our school and what it has meant to so many in this area.Someone ask if I was sad and I just said,"four state titles",how can I be sad.Thanks coach.Todd
  4. BatmanDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Whatever coach and this staff does in the future,the job they have done will be talked about long after Batman's time on this earth ......After that national championship game,we might want to compare to Clemson instead of Alabama.That was a beating they put on Bama.
  5. BatmanDevil

    Merry Christmas........

    Merry Christmas !!
  6. BatmanDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Brother , nice job .Means a lot to get some of the teams story that most would never see.Thanks again for thinking of me on the picture.
  7. BatmanDevil

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    I know you will track it down RR unless the address is located in the Bermuda Triangle.Folks in these parts call it NET.
  8. That takes me back a day or two.Freddy,Bobby and all my teammates when we were at Sunnyside.Undefeated Champs before I went my way and they went to SG.Somebody put up a steak dinner for who could take Freddy out of the game when we played the first ever game as 9th graders between GHS and SG.They were loaded but we went undefeated that year and beat them by about 4 or 5 touchdowns.Just remembered,there was a good picture in the Greeneville Sun of me and Freddy where I'm taking on a blocker before I tackled Freddy.I didn't try to hurt any of my friends but I gave them a rough time that day.
  9. BatmanDevil

    How does this year's Alcoa team rank all time?

    Yep,this was me when it came to the DB weight program a few years ago
  10. BatmanDevil

    How does this year's Alcoa team rank all time?

    I could tell reading a few things early that the folks were getting a little aggravated about that .That was what I was thinking about with some of the more dominate Alcoa teams that just killed everyone in the playoffs.Still a great year and yet another gold ball.There might be a school or two around the state that would have traded their results with Alcoa's.
  11. I remember myself or nobody would mess with him when we were in school and I guess he was sixty or so at the time.He was the teacher in DE or whatever is was when you could go work and one day he was checking on me at work .Ha Ha,just thinking about him saying he would kick my backside {maybe not that nice} for something there at Giant food market.You could say and do things back then that wouldn't go across to well in this messed up time.I told him I'd take his azz out any way I had to and he looked at me and started laughing. One of those he was joking to begain with but respected my toughness kind of things.
  12. I'm glad this thread isn't about what Devil team,coach or player was the toughest .A whole bunch of us might have an argument on the team but none of us reading this would stand a chance at being the toughest Devil to ever play or coach the Devils.All of the old timers know who hands down would be the man.
  13. BatmanDevil

    Best Team In The State

    I haven't changed my mind yet.If your team was defeated or even pushed to win by another state team this year,then they could be beat.That's a fact and leaves this IFL thead to never be solved.No doubt in my mind that my team could have beaten any team in the state .So I'm not going to say they were any less then other teams that I seen this year.At the same time, there were a handful of teams that could also beat any team in the state besides Greeneville this year.Other then the real 4A bracket we won,I'll just be happy with knowing what we all know about it.
  14. The second game in 2011 would be a hurt for that argument.Still a great year and super team.
  15. It was a special group and to think I had to pull against them when they were in the 7th grade on the football field and wrestling mat.Hope cousin forgives me for that one.I have liked watching Maryville for years except when they had to take care of business and it was mine or one of my kids team.Until the last several years,we have not had anything close to what you guys have in NET.I'm just glad it was my school that could finally put a team on the field that could be compared to that greatness atleast for a year.