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  1. This will no doubt bring more talk about Greeneville and Elizabethton but I see your point.My Devils are no longer part of NET going by many of the local writers .
  2. Just Batmans thoughts here .I mean Maryville and Alcoa are just a machine nearly every year since before the kids playing today were even thought about.My Devils are about as close as it gets for this area but both Maryville and Alcoa are what 99.9999 percent of the rest of east Tennessee teams wish they could be.That other .oooo1 or whatever is left, are either jealous or on something illegal.
  3. It was fun watching Malik play at DB.He was so fast when he broke loose that you could see he had turned off the jets but was still pulling away from defensive backs.
  4. It's rare that a Maryville coached team get's "out-coached "by anyone.DB was given a golden opportunity right out of the gate and said no sir ! ,take the ball back,we don't want it point blank at your goal line.When the Rebs make a mistake,you got to jump on it and DB didn't.No I'm not saying the game would have been won by DB had they scored but you will not get many gifts from the Rebs and every little thing matters.
  5. DB had a really good team in 2012 but the Maryville team that beat them was not the most powerful team that we have ever seen from the Rebs, but still better then most.I think they gave up a bunch of points in the semi's and then lost in OT in the finals.Shows that it takes a perfect year for most to take home the gold.In my opinion,the perfect year for DB could have been 2007 if you look back at how the playoffs went.There wasn't a super team in 5A that year and any number of schools had a chance.Oh,yes I know the semi-final teams before that had a great chance as well.I just remember DB had a slow start in 07 but a Bearden team they should have beat made it to the semi-finals and that Bearden team is probably still mad about that game .Could have went the other way for them but didn't.Smyrna then won the championship with no problem
  6. Yep,Maryville and Alcoa are in another football galaxy compared to most schools.It's been a very fun ride watching my Devils visit that galaxy over the last several years.
  7. I wonder besides the few times Alcoa has beat Maryville,how many east Tennessee teams have gotten the job done in the last twenty years.It's probably an easy number for RR and the guys but I'd bet it is a very small number of times.Point being, some schools have good athletes and some have good coaches but to put it all together nearly every year with great in place of good,that's something that is hard for everyone else to compete with .
  8. I actually found a couple of positive things in what you wrote .One is if Pals goes nation wide.It would be nice to get a Big Pal,fry and tea at the beach .
  9. The great thing about high school football is you just never know how a season is going to go.So many factors unless your talking about a power school that is always going to get their wins and go deep into the playoffs.Two schools in east Tennessee come to mind quick and have for decades now. I can remember when OR was the team you knew would be there every year.DB and Oak Ridge have had some great games.My first trip down to OR,I had to ask people on the street where to find the stadium.Without a doubt,one of the best places in the state to watch a football game.The pregame is one of the best anywhere for getting the home folks going.When they come down the hill with the train sound and smoke is hard to top.I like " the walk " at DB as well and when they come through those doors before a game is pretty cool .Maybe it's just from being an old football parent .Bottom line is all that stuff is fun for the kids and their family as well as old players and long time fans but if the team is not prepared and ready to play,the results will not be near as fun as the pregame.
  10. Reminds me of when Nick S. was running the ball for sevier middle and he was a hundred pounds bigger then his linemen blocking for him.
  11. That is flat out strong.I don't care who is holding the event ,doesn't matter if it's a raw lift or not either.Seen a guy drop just 500 pounds at a competition and it was close to a tragedy.700 plus pounds is a crap load of weight to be under on a benchpress
  12. Thanks Waco.He is in Los Angeles for now and every gym he put a resume in for personal training around the Hollywood and Beverly hills area offered him a good job .He took one of them but is on a quest for several different goals he set years ago. Maybe one day he will come back and go the phd route and teach some of the local coaches before they add to the cluster we already have.
  13. Just a thought here and "NO" Batman is in no way interested or qualified .Maybe there will be someone that can come in and help the kids with some exercises that will give them a jump on weight training in future years.I trained my kids at their request and started them on a few simple exercises that stuck with them .Remember looking at one of my boys workout planner a few years after the fact .Besides his weight training,he would also do atleast 100 pushups every night on his own because he just liked doing them.That was when he was 12 years old.Not everyone is qualified to coach or do strength training for their own kids or anyone else's for that matter.That's why before I went very far,I took my older son to see one of the best lifters in the world at the time who held several world records.He had him do a couple of reps on the bench with 135 and then looked at me and ask if I had trained him .I took a deep breath and said yes.He then just said "perfect".That was a long time ago and my son knows 10 times what I ever did or anyone that ever coached him when it comes to weight training.That's one thing that can always be better for not only DB but most schools this side of Greeneville.
  14. It took watching a few Maryville scrimmages to understand all coaches don't scrimmage for glory.I never get to high and try not to get very low by watching a spring or fall scrimmage.They should be used to see what all your players are capable of doing and give everyone a fair shot at playing time during the season.I didn't go but guarantee you there were some hard hits when Greeneville and DB got on the field.I'll never forget coming to Kingsport and we watched about fifty DB players walk past the bus and we all said," man they are not that big" but have a lot of players.Then about fifty more monsters walked past us.We beat DB like a drum that day on the scrimmage field .DB had a pretty nice season that year and when the smoke cleared,we won two games.A lot of things can change with injuries,depth and just the game of football.I hope the Tribe has a great season and I'm one of the few Greeneville boys that have ever said that before playoff time.I think most local fans pull for everyone to do good when the playoffs get here.That said,I know a lot of Greene county folks hate Greeneville and a lot of people in all of NET hate DB.
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