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  1. Couple of things for both teams tonight.SH was well prepared and it killed them when their back went down.The Greeneville staff going for the onside kick was just a monster move .At that time,you had a feeling SH may drive the field again.After that and a score,it was over.Only the third time the Devils have ever came back from 21 down.
  2. My goodness, that was ALL Balls by the Devil staff
  3. SH has a nice game plan tonight.Think their back may be out for the rest of the game.Going to take one heck of a finish for the Devils still yet.
  4. Devils needed that great run because it was just an azz kicking to that point . Now, play some defense.Going to have to tighten up on the pass
  5. Thought it might be a war.Devils are going to have to just forget what's happened and try to get going.
  6. I agree .Coming into the season a lot of people thought DB might win 3 or 4 games.Now ,with the way things are looking,most people think DB will win 7-8-9,who knows.Sure there is room for improvement but it's always good to be 3-0 while your working on those things.These coaches have earned their money.Can you imagine paying a coach and staff millions and being 0-2 right now ?
  7. This is a good game for the Devils.Science Hill is coming off a big win and this could be a war.
  8. Can't imagine anyone would do such a thing
  9. Well I'll throw my two cents into it even though I never played that position or coached it.I was a LB and some things I think were a little bit the same when it came to taking the right angles and so on..When you have speed like a couple of the coaches had in their playing days,you can take chances.I remember not that long ago at UT when one of DB's coaches went from goat to hero because of his great speed.When you don't have that superman speed and have Batman speed instead.I call it { oh shet speed }.You have to play smart,real smart when it comes to breaking on a ball or making one miss step.If a guy gets behind you and you have let's say 4.6 to 4.8 speed and he has the same speed and a couple of steps on you.Well you are beat.Now if the guy beats you and he has sub 4.6 speed ,then you are not only beat but he has time to get into the End zone and show his azz for a few seconds while your getting there.To me,it just seems like the better thing to do is to play smart and not let him behind you, even if you have to catch a bus before he gets there.
  10. Just a few plays from being about as good as it gets.Well prepared DB team by the staff.
  11. Yep.I would like to know as well . Guarantee the Ref would have cut off my radio ,had he heard what I said about it.
  12. Got to be kidding.Hate for guys like that to have anything to do with sports
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