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  1. I know several refs and they are straight up honest guys that try to be fair.Some guys just can't do the job very well.Anyone see the Florida touchdown run against SC today.The right tackle jumped before the play and there was half a football field worth of holding by one player alone and the score counted.Now if a ref is not honest nomatter where he is from,then he doesn't need to be out there.Shoot,myself and some of my friends were working the same ring at a martial arts event in Atlanta several years ago.We gave the victory to a kid from Georgia over one of our own local kids .Simply because it was the right thing to do.
  2. If I heard it correctly, Elizabethton didn't start a senior on the offensive line and the QB is a sophomore as well.Young man named Parker had a huge game and I think is a junior.Maupin was a difference maker last night and is a great senior talent that I seen play in the Kingsport system for years.That will probably cause a lot of other talented local players and their families to consider the same move going forward.Got to like where your program is for sure right now.
  3. Congratulations Elizabethton.Great game , it wouldn't shock me if we have a rematch.
  4. I was thinking before the play that it's risky but a touchdown would be huge.Would have been nice to get at least three.
  5. I'll take it.Betsy better get a few practice snaps quickly.
  6. Great game so far.What I expected but it's early and you never know.
  7. It's been a long time since I put much thought about what a few folks around the state who sometimes play favorites think.HOWEVER,there is one way the loser of the game will drop,drop,and really drop.60-0.Just a complete beat down by either team.Anyone worth their salt would be embarrassed to vote their own local team at the top if that were to happen.I don't think it will happen but if either team just shows up with their chest out and thinks it's a done deal.well it could happen but maybe not to that degree.
  8. That's a great question .The coaches for both teams have spent countless hours on each other and both teams have really good coaches and really good players.Like the old saying goes,I think it's simply the team in this game that doesn't turn the ball over and make stupid mistakes.In other words,it's to close in my mind to say it's a done deal for the Devils or Betsy.
  9. All of us who have wrote more then a few times on coacht could have worded a few things differently.Well,after thinking about it.There is a Maryville fan who has probably not made to many folks mad on coacht. I just call him Stars.I can't imagine how big headed most of us would be if we had a team like those guys or Alcoa have had for so many years now. The way Devilman writes would probably be the " voice of reason " for most teams in the state.
  10. OK,I'm up to date on everything in this thread.There were some real nice post including the one by gr8tplay and brother BVD.Two great local programs that are about the same size and have done well in many sports over the years.
  11. I'll go back later and read from the start .I know there will be a lot of junk talk from atleast one or two Devil fans and one or two fans from the Betsy side as well .I'll let the players from both sides take care of all that stuff Friday night.I've got nothing but good to say about Elizabethton and their program.Same for my Devils,both teams fans should be well pleased with what they have had for most of the last several years.As I said about AC on another thread,if not for where they have played and sometimes the Devils,I think Elizabethton would have brought home another state title or two.This should be a great game and when it's over,the players need to shake hands and get ready for a possible rematch in the playoffs.More then just a victory for the best teams,I want it to be a clean and injury free game for all the young men putting it on the line for both schools.
  12. There are a lot of factors .Injuries like a couple of years ago for AC at Greeneville during the game can be major.How teams matchup is always a question.I remember in 2009,there was no way South was going to beat TH in the playoffs.Boone upset TH and South went on to the semi's .
  13. Some things are the same this year when it comes to who are the best 4A teams in east Tennessee.The difference from last year is this.There was no question that the Devils were going to win state last year unless something went wrong.It's not just getting past AC and Elizabethton this year.You have to wonder who else around the state will bring it to the table.Also,this is a very strong Devil team but there is not nearly as much room for mistakes and they will have to play well against Elizabethton,AC and whoever to make it three in a row.As for Friday night,it would surprise me if the devils don't take care of business quickly.
  14. Well,you guys have had some good teams and anyone that looks past you this year doesn't know much about the game.
  15. I'd like to see DB do it before Batman dies and it would be well worth a couple hundred to see it happen. There are several east Tennessee teams that will have a shot this year but I'd say the first fan base to already have reservations is most likely in Alcoa.I think it's much more undecided for the Day that 4A and 6A have to play on. That's because there are multiple 4A teams in the east and I think a huge hurdle in the 6A semi finals for Maryville or whoever is good enough to challenge them.For myself,I always pull for the east and that is almost always Alcoa in 3A.Love those Rebels if they make it as well.In 4A,nomatter if its my Devils , Elizabethton , AC,or whoever comes out of the east, I'll pull for them as well.
  16. Yep,I wasn't going to post about it either.Outside of the game with you guys, there's really not a lot of games in the conference to get excited about this year for either team.A lot can happen however in games like these for both teams playing.Injuries is something you never want to see . That's all I hope for is a good safe game for both Central and Greeneville.
  17. I'll toss my two cents into this.For decades, Greeneville played against schools that had many times their students .When I played, there were three classifications and Greeneville was 3A.You didn't hear players pissing and moaning about schools beings three times our size .Players loved taking on the big guys even if it was a loss.One more thing,you didn't hear people outside of Greeneville crying about the Devils getting beat by a Jeff county either .It made a lot of folks happy.Now,when the Devils started playing where they should have and it became a level playing field for us,I didn't like it at first because I was old school.Well, I was wrong .A lot of folks say Greeneville has an unfair advantage .I will have to agree with those folks and here is why.Not every year but a lot of the time,If you turn something loose that is as mean as a Greeneville Greene Devil and expect that something the same size is going to stop it, well then that is just not a fair fight !
  18. It also looks like coach Christian might be doing one thing a little different .He has a couple guys on the staff that broke lifting records when they were in college.I know that back a few years ago it didn't matter if DB had Arnold Schwarzenegger on the staff ,he would have had to keep his opinion on lifting to himself.
  19. Couple of things for both teams tonight.SH was well prepared and it killed them when their back went down.The Greeneville staff going for the onside kick was just a monster move .At that time,you had a feeling SH may drive the field again.After that and a score,it was over.Only the third time the Devils have ever came back from 21 down.
  20. My goodness, that was ALL Balls by the Devil staff
  21. SH has a nice game plan tonight.Think their back may be out for the rest of the game.Going to take one heck of a finish for the Devils still yet.
  22. Devils needed that great run because it was just an azz kicking to that point . Now, play some defense.Going to have to tighten up on the pass
  23. Thought it might be a war.Devils are going to have to just forget what's happened and try to get going.
  24. I agree .Coming into the season a lot of people thought DB might win 3 or 4 games.Now ,with the way things are looking,most people think DB will win 7-8-9,who knows.Sure there is room for improvement but it's always good to be 3-0 while your working on those things.These coaches have earned their money.Can you imagine paying a coach and staff millions and being 0-2 right now ?
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