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  1. Mckenzie has the best boys team that I've seen from that District in 20 years, but they're from that district. It's a different type of basketball with 14A. McKenzie likes to run, but so does Humboldt. If you want to run with Humboldt, you'll be running to your defeat. I have our neighbors by 15. Good luck Humboldt!
  2. .....and something else interesting, Westview has made 9 of the last 11 state tournaments. They've got the best scorer from our area in years joining them from the jr high ranks this summer. Keep your head up in Martin....I don't think you guys are falling off the map anytime soon and I wished Coach W would take some pointers from your defensive shifts to use in the future. See y'all next season.
  3. We've got 3 Gold Balls and 1 Silver in the last 10 years at GC...we got a good thing going. Greenfield has made 2 back-to-back trips and have a Gold Ball and everyone back and probably have the best 2 pure players in the NorthWest. Our neighbors, Westview, have made 9 of the last 11 State Tournaments (the last 7 in a row) which is an amazing feat if you think about it and they've got the TMSAA Jr. High Champions joining them after this school year with a prolific scorer...to go along with their 2nd half season defense shifts. NorthWest Tennessee is home to some pretty good programs and it's going to be fun for several years. Hope everyone remains healthy during the upcoming AAU/team events and we'll get on here and do it again next year. We may not get along during the tournaments to get there, but after we make it...we pull for each other as long as we're not playing each other. Happy Hooping!! GC- Single A Champions 2019
  4. For the record, myself and all of Gibson County were pulling for Westview. But from a totally unbiased perspective,....the refs did not cost Westview that game. That game could've went either way and they were letting them play on both ends of the court. Johnson did not have her best game today, but Cheatham County just kept coming and they were some costly turnovers late in the game by both teams. CC capitalized where WV didn't. Those Douglas girls are players. When you hold a team about 26 points below their season average, you typically win. Another 3 here or there, and it's a different outcome. Congrats to Cheatham County on winning the Gold one, but proud of WV for bringing home the Silver.
  5. I'll chime back in around January 2020...too early to tell right now, but we have a lot of great players coming back next year and it's going to be wide open in Single A next year.
  6. Just got in and wanted to give some props to Loretto. Those girls will be around the Glass House again before it's over. Long, lanky, and Karly Weathers was the easy MVP for this tournament. She's a gifted athlete who can flat out ball. Hopefully, we will be back soon. 3 good games today. Very proud of this GC team and the way they've fought all year long and how hard they've played all year long. We got some good ones coming up to help what we have left over....we may be back again real soon.
  7. Good luck to the Westview Lady Chargers today! Play your D and go get it. Then hang around about 3 more hours or so and pull for us.
  8. We may be pulling for two different teams in the Championship as I am with Gibson County, but I must hand it to you. Your insightful and anlaytical post makes me like you already. You also see the game "inside" the game. I knew the Loretto starters played almost the entire game against Greenfield with that up and down game. I think this will be a good game. Summertown is a good team, Greenfield is a good team, Loretto is a good team, and we are a good team. If Loretto shoots the lights out, like they did in the first half yesterday, we could have some trouble. Expect a little different look than GReenfield gave you in the 1st quarter. Here's to hopefully a great championship game! At the point, it's who has the best day on "this" day. Good luck.
  9. Congrats to Houston. I got you winning by 15 tomorrow. Keep doing what you do.
  10. Should be a good one tomorrow. Who you got? I got us by 6. How about it???????
  11. Lucky guess....Now, I'm guessing we get Loretto by 6
  12. Hats off to the Midway girls, they fought and played hard.
  13. Congrats to Loretto on the win. On fire the first quarter shooting and Greenfield had a problem with those lanky defenders. Also, congrats to Greenfield on a great season. You're returning the entire cast next year, so we'll be battling again on the West side.
  14. Good luck to the Jackets! Get to Saturday and hopefully we'll make it and see what happens in Part 3!!!
  15. I think this will be a close one, but in close ones..I'm taking Westview by 5.
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