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  1. Where did that lineback #35 for WV come from? That cat was all over the field tonight. He must've had 14-17 tackles. He'd look good in black & gold! One stretch, it looked like he had like 6 tackles alone. Everywhere on the field.
  2. We plan on winning all of them.......whether it happens or not who knows, but that's our plan. Don't tell 'em.
  3. It wasn't a catch, but the WR sold it good. I saw the trap because I was on the fence at ground level over there and could see the ball on the ground underneath him. The official on the play at the catch location didn't make the call, it was the back judge about 20 yards away who ruled in a catch. I could not see from my vantage point about the WVs player's foot being down or not from where I was at. I don't know what the penalty distribution was for each team, but we had a lot fewer called on us. Good game and good luck the rest of the way. I hate to see games dictated by officials, but it happens.
  4. I didn't like the penalty when your receiver gave the 1st down sign after a catch either in the 1st quarter. He didn't stand over our player or taunt him. He just gave a first down sign. That was a bush league call and I saw one of our guys do it in the 4th. Great game and y'all have a good team. Good luck to y'all and hope you represent down the road. Appreciate both teams sportsmanship and respect for each other. Win or lose, that's how it should be.
  5. From a "semi-neutral" party, Peabody caught more breaks than WV tonight. I'm on your side on who I wanted to win, but I'm keeping it real. A horse collar happens from the back, not the front or side and it wasn't a horse collar. We also got fortunate with a football that was "trapped" by the receiver on our side around the 25 yard line on the South end of the field. Officiating was horrible (both ways). They should send a "real" crew to these types of games. Certainly, they had people available with the other games cancelled. Oh well, on to the next one up. Let's get it!
  6. I stand corrected on the margin. Wow, what a game! Much better ball game than I expected. As bad as I hate to say this, the Tide got away with 3 holding penalties on the last drive on 3 straight plays and right in front of the white hat...much less good break with a clock stoppage that shouldn't have occurred. I'm proud for Peabody for continuing to roll and glad for the W, but WV actually played a lot better than I thought they could. My apologies to your Martin folks for saying that about your line. They actually did better than I thought they could. Great sportsmanship between both teams and that comes from great coaching. I think both of these teams should do well in the playoffs. Note: Whomever is in charge of officiating needs to be fired though. The ref was out of his league for this type of game. Peabody should roll until we see Dyersburg, but hopefully that White Hat will not be on the field. #atrociousofficiating #rollTideroll
  7. ....Westview was a classification bigger. This is their first year back in our classification in years.
  8. I'm taking Peabody by 14 plus. Westview's line isn't that good and Peabody has an All-Star coaching staff and players to match up with the WV receivers. The streak continues......
  9. I want to say 3, but don't hold me to that. I think the short blonde guard is a senior, but she may be a junior.
  10. Very true, but it seems like everyone says that about them every year. I know they have an 8th grader, who is being recruited by many major D-1 schools for her pitching ability in softball, and she's a McElhiney(?)/Sims too. Several believe that she would've gotten major minutes this year on WV's team as an eighth grader. She should free up J. Harrison and WV will be a lot faster next year. I personally wish WV would've stayed up one level, but we should have some good battles between us. I'm looking forward to our matchup and I think we're set up to do well against them. I don't know if we could've gotten past Summertown or Loretto this year, but next year we're going to be a lot better. Glad we had the opportunity to get there. Let's do it again...
  11. Best outside performance that I've seen at State in many years. 70% from the 3 for Grainger and WV couldn't figure out where they were at when they shot. WV was front rimming it all week with that extra arc line. Grainger put on a high percentage clinic. They're a very good team, but I have a feeling WV might make it back another time or two. Looks like GC and WV will be battling next year...maybe it'll become a rivalry again. Congrats WV on a great season. You're appreciated and you have a class program/players/fans. Good luck to Grainger as well. Macon County looked pretty solid today.
  12. I don't see Grainger shooting 70% from the 3 tomorrow, but either way it should be a barn burner. That was the best long distance shooting I've seen and the basket must of looked like a garbage can to their guns today. I don't know who wins this one.....coin toss?
  13. Congrats to both Summertown and Loretto for making it to the Championship. Should be a great game and should come down to the last minute.
  14. Two great programs going at it! I enjoy getting to watch both SS and WV play and you know at this time of the year, they're going to bring it. SS's power, speed, depth, and full court game and WV's ability to focus (it seems) year in and year out to be playing great ball after Christmas. Hopeful that SS & WV both make it and get a Part 2 this season.
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