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  1. 6A, from top to bottom , is the strongest (Single A) district in the state. May not have the best team in the state but the strongest district for sure.
  2. BasketBro

    Next Year's Top Teams in Single A

    Livingston Acadamy has 2 Miss Basketball finalists in 1995 Tiffany Krantz & Sunday Watson
  3. BasketBro

    2017 Class A State Tournament

    Yes they are missing Lexie. Good thing they kept the other 3 transfers that are on the court.......
  4. BasketBro

    2017 Class A State Tournament

    Family, unselfish, etc etc...Don't make it anything it wasn't. SG is just deeper and more athletic. You have a great team & just won another championship. One quarter was the difference in the game. Those are the best 2 teams in the state. Range is a close/respectable 3rd, then a big ole gap to the field.
  5. BasketBro

    2017 Class A State Tournament

    Congrats to SG on winning another State Championship. Best 2 teams played a heck of a game. SG by 15 over a range Saturday night at 6. Rest of the field was weak....
  6. PC by double digits to win the disctrict finals in a good game for 3 quarters.... The ole ball coach has fired his bullets PC has lost 2 poorly played games to Crange With that said, Crange is a very good team Prediction that speed finally overcomes size
  7. BasketBro

    District 7A

    PC wins by 25 over Clarkrange.......
  8. BasketBro

    Congrats to two Upper Cumberland snipers

    Found it....Maynord anyway...Buck's not on the list.
  9. BasketBro

    Congrats to two Upper Cumberland snipers

    I still couldn't locate it. Found the state tournament records but nothing else. Can you share a link?
  10. BasketBro

    Congrats to two Upper Cumberland snipers

    Ya, I'd love to see the list as well. Curious who else is on it & who was passed. Where can I look this up?
  11. BasketBro

    District 7A

    Ya, bigger offers include TN Tech, Evansville, UT Martin..... Zero offers from any SEC schools, etc
  12. BasketBro

    Favorites in Class A in 2016-2017

    PC is really good. Very comparable to the 2 last years. SG should be real strong. C range is biigggg but slowwww. Haven't seen any west tn teams
  13. BasketBro

    Best Teams in Class AA

    Upperman should...as much recruiting as they do, they should go DII. Upper Cumberland High...if they don't get a title now, they aren't gonna. Their Jr high team might have 3 kids from Baxter. Levy is at her 3rd school.
  14. BasketBro


    PC or Clarkrange.....3rd is distant from these 2 teams quote name="UCSportsFan" post="3638932" timestamp="1481734239"] I've kept up with all of these programs as a lot of us have and i can say without a doubt that Pickett County has pulled ahead of everyone in 7A however only slightly over Clarkrange. Clay Co. has a very good group of 8th graders coming in and will be very good really soon with Coach Walker at the helm. Jackson Co. is a distant 3rd this year as bad as it pains me to say it and it hurts really BAD!!!