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Everything posted by FargoStrut

  1. Thats right, myself included. Probably should have been 14-14 with 9 minutes left in the first half with neither teams D able to stop either offense after 2 drives apiece.
  2. Anyone know the difference in yardage, not counting the 3 shotgun victory formation kneeldowns? Just guessing it was a bigger gap than the scoreboard suggests.
  3. BA wins 17-14 in a great game! BA's OL beats the WH front 7, gives both qb's plenty of time to find open recievers, opened enough holes for their rb's and IMO that's the difference in this game!
  4. 17-14 BA just scored on a 71 yd(+-) TD run. They've outplayed WH so far. 3:43 left in the game.
  5. Looks like both teams realized they couldn't wait til halftime to make some adjustments on D. 14-7 WH at the half
  6. After watching the first 15 min, gonna be ALOT more scoring than I think most expected!
  7. PV, WH havent been able to stop the BA offense yet.
  8. 14-7 WH, 8:51 left in the 2nd. Both O's looking good!
  9. 14-0 WH, 10:21 left in the first half. Neither D has had an answer for any of the 3 offensive drives.
  10. 7-0 WH, end of 1st with WH driving and at the BA 21.
  11. WH scores on opening drive. BA drives the ball all the way to the goal line on their opening possession and fumbles. One ref signals TD, one says he was down short of the goal line and one said it was a fumble with a WH recovery. They went with the fumble and WH recovery.
  12. Me too (seated on WH side), right beside BA seats on the top row. Come on up.
  13. Had to show up early myself and make sure I got a good seat. Where is the crow roosting?
  14. FB26, you're exactly right. They have always had the athletes, size and speed but over the last several years, it didn't always equate to a dominate football team. This yr, it looks like the pieces are in place to beat some good football teams. Not sayin they are back to their glory days yet, but they are DEF heading in that direction. And if they keep improving every week and stay hungry, ???
  15. Hey lil Buddy, stay under your bridge. We'll let you know when its your turn to speak. Thank you, Fans Everywhere of 4A Football
  16. Gary, you still sleeping it off under the bridge this morning? I know it must have been a rough night for ya knowing that defeat was staring these young Jackets in the face and they made the play and said... Not so fast lil Gary, we're keeping the "W" here in Springfield tonight, my friend!
  17. Looks like you should have taken the Jackets last night! It was a closer game than I expected but the scoreboard says the Jackets stung the Patriots on the hind end and sent em back down 76 with their first L of the season.
  18. Gary, looks like you're a little better at predicting Marshall Co and Livingston Academy games than you are predicting Springfield's scores. Hope you didn't take WHH AND the under (40.5) on this one.
  19. Can't wait till next Friday. I've had this game on my radar for abt 9 months now. It's back near the top and easy to find so no reason for the Haven/NLR board to get hijacked again.
  20. 49-14, Wave working the Burros like a rented mule! Running clock and mercifully this one will be over soon.
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