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Everything posted by FargoStrut

  1. FargoStrut

    NCAA Tournament Pick’em

    Looks like I'm not gonna be the only one who will have a busted bracket @ 184.
  2. FargoStrut

    NCAA Tournament Pick’em

    Yes sir, they are under the same e-mail. Thank you
  3. FargoStrut

    NCAA Tournament Pick’em

    Bump, I cant see my brackets for 125, 133 and 141 but I can for the other 7 wgt classes. Do you mind looking to see if those 3 wgt classes are there. Thank you
  4. FargoStrut

    NCAA Tournament Pick’em

    Bump, looks like there will be 3 of us.
  5. FargoStrut


    Momma finally unground you and return your new I-phone you got from Santa?
  6. FargoStrut

    2019 113lb Mock Grand Championship

    Spot on, agree 100%!!!
  7. FargoStrut

    2019 113lb Mock Grand Championship

    Bump, I usually agree with most of your posts and comments BUT Uhorchuk #4? I know your top 3 are all very even and it depends on the day as to who would win. Braman and Uhorchuk have a common opponent in Gavin Nix from GA. Guess who beat Nix? Im just saying that Uhorchuk might wrestle in the A/AA classification but that doesn't mean he cant run with the "big dawgs" from AAA or DII and if you're asking me, I think he LEADS THE PACK!
  8. FargoStrut

    Predictions for AAA finals

    106- McDaniel- I think we saw the finals 1 match too soon 113- Bradford- wins a very tight match similar to Borders title last season 120- Cannon- just better 126- Palmer- gotta go with him now that Fisak cant major him 132- Isbell- refer to 106 138- Pendley- may be a slight upset but he's DEF good enough to beat a defending champ 145- Pergande- in a very close match 152- Herron- will be biggest upset of the night if the "good" Jeremiah comes to wrestle 160- Fields- gets it done 170- Fowler- not against the opponent that I originally picked but hes the best 170 in the state not named Reiniche 182- Sacharczyk- another upset but practice partner above helps out tremendously come crunch time 195- Williams- picks up title #2 220- Coffey- too big, too strong, too quick, too athletic and too good on his feet 285- Kramer- I know that I picked a few upsets but I DEFINITELY HAVENT partaken in the late night festivities at the party with BigPopper so I'm not gonna pick against Kramer. Only question is does what period does Kramer win. I'll go with the 1st!
  9. FargoStrut

    Pin-tn.com AAA Wrestler of the year

  10. There are 6 returning medalists in A/AA 126 and IMO, none are the favorite to win it. Top half of this bracket is absolutely loaded!
  11. FargoStrut

    AAA 120 lb Preview and Picks

    Maybe someone can help me understand why Witt and his coaches would take bottom against Cannon going into the 2nd period. Witt is better on his feet and riding hard on top is what Cannon does best. That choice is ultimately what was the deciding factor in this match. There are times when you don't automatically take down after your opponent defers. This SHOULD have been one of them. I'm sure Cannon said THANK YOU as soon the choice was made. Great match to both wrestlers!
  12. FargoStrut

    A/AA Individual State preview, picks and upsets

    My little friend just came out from under the bridge
  13. FargoStrut

    AAA 170 lb Preview and Picks

    I like your two dark horse picks! Fowler beats Quinn( who gets revenge from last yrs loss in the semis to Diehl) in the finals. Diehl finishes 3rd this season. You heard it here first.
  14. FargoStrut

    State Duals Updates/Results

    Coach Pelky has a VERY solid team throughout their lineup. They did a good job against SH of not giving up "extra" bonus points in a few matches where they knew they were gonna lose. Makes me wonder if they would be in the finals if they were on the other side of the bracket.
  15. FargoStrut

    State Duals Updates/Results

    I wonder if Coach Smith and his crew have already mailed their Valentines Day cards to the SH coaching staff?
  16. FargoStrut

    AAA State Duals Brackets

    Looks like it's gone now. Anyone screenshot it to compare the "old" bracket versus the one that's gonna come out "tomorrow"? I dont believe the TN HS staff will object to redrawing the bracket!
  17. FargoStrut

    Halls Invitational Preview

    WG, Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Glad you are back. I enjoy looking at your previews. Thank you for taking the time and effort of going through the tournaments.
  18. FargoStrut

    Garstin/Maher Battle for Independence Preview

    I know they wrestle the matches for a reason but if Palmer is at 126, then it looks like everyone else is hoping to be on the other side of the bracket and finish in 2nd.
  19. FargoStrut

    TN Coach's Poll for 17 December

    PW, I thought you must have had a typo in the scoring with the QUARTERS carrying so much weight so I looked it up for myself. To my surprise, it looks like an exact copy and paste straight from the Stampede website. Surely this is a typo. If not, can someone please explain to me the reasoning behind this bc I'm not smart enough to figure this backward eff'd up scoring system out for myself.
  20. FargoStrut

    Style vs. Substance

    "This yr there was really just Oakland" bc after Oakland got beat by Mairvul in late Aug or whenever, they were a different team, especially in the playoffs when it really mattered. Their 'D' in the playoffs was one of the best, if not the best that I have ever seen in TN HS football. Mairvul couldn't even cross midfield at any meaningful point in the game and Da Haven couldn't even get a first down. What changed from the previous 14 weeks with these 2 great team's offenses??? They played a team with an excellent kicking game/special teams that didn't allow return yardage and then had to ATTEMPT to drive the length of the field against an elite defense that dominated the line of scrimmage, flew like madmen to the ball when you did complete a pass to the flats, didn't give up big plays to your 2nd, 3rd and 4th options in the pass game bc your "#1" receiver was almost completely taken out of the gameplan. When you shut out Mairvul AND Whitehaven back to back in the semis and championship game, YOU'RE AUTOMATICALLY IN THE CONVERSATION OF BEST TN HS DEFENSES EVER!!!...And I'm not an Oakland Fan.
  21. FargoStrut

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    I'm agreeing with you 100% on everything. I virtually said the EXACT same thing on pg1 of this thread when I quoted @Southtowner.
  22. FargoStrut

    Why in the He double hockey sticks?

    GW88, and this is with 5 of the 6 DII schools being from the Nashville area (an hour and a half drive). Imagine how bad the turnout would be if East and/or West TN dominated DII football!
  23. FargoStrut

    Ravenwood at Whitehaven

    I agree on everything except I think DII should be on Thurs (they've already had a bye week) so they should play the first games ( that way all the championships are the same weekend). But very few people care abt the DII games, so the TSSAA is hoping they can get better gate$ for these 3 games. IMO, this is why they have "sammiched" the 3 games that very few care abt in between the 6 games that will have very good turnouts.