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  1. If your talking about when the individual state was D1 and D2 none have I don’t think. My senior year at pigeon forge (2011) we finished 4th in the D1 traditional. Which besides Notre Dame taking 3rd in 2006 is the highest any small school has finished when it was combined at least to my knowledge. We didn’t win the dual tournament that year either Chat central beat us in the finals and then finished 20th in traditional.
  2. Who do you think would have won AAA titles? I think they only have 2 state champs ever.
  3. Actually I remember CAK had a couple of A/AA champs a couple of years ago and a guy win DII this past year but not sure if they ever had a AAA champ
  4. Is Notre Dame the only team to compete in all 3?
  5. I would have to agree with you on your list Scott. To say UWW, Fargo, and Ironman aren't the three top tournaments in the country tells me that a person doesn't watch a lot of top level wrestling. Super 32 is really high up there but with the lack of talent in the upper weights it drops down a few notches
  6. Congrats to cooper he looked awesome this weekend!!! Impressive for another Tennessee club to have 2 guys place but there was another club do it first. Wolfpack had 2 guys place In 2016 Cooper Flynn and Matheson Meade
  7. You can watch them. Just because they wrestle at schools out of the state doesn't mean you cant watch them online. Every tournament both hit threw the year is on Flo or Track. Both will be competing at high level tournaments threw out there high school seasons and I'm sure they will represent Tennessee very well.
  8. Thats awesome!!! Forgot about Tommy in 2018 that is the only one not on the website. Great group for Coop to join with Bracket and Keller. Hope to see a lot more Tennessee names joining this list over the next few years. Especially with the group of cadets that are moving up next year
  9. I was looking threw past results and really hate to state something if its not facts. I believe Cooper Flynn is the first wrestler from Tennessee to double up at Fargo in the Junior division. I think Matt Keller and Tommy Brackett both have 2 Junior All American honors (Tommy with both of his in Greco and Keller with both of his in freestyle) but from what I can find Cooper is the first to get 2 in one year.
  10. Scott, I understand that and agree that Don and AAU wrestling have helped tremendously with the growth of Tennessee wrestling along with my growth as a coach. I wouldn't be in the spot i'm in today without them. They were the ones to first see my potential as a coach and give me the opportunity to coach a national team and work with some of the best wrestlers in the state. We are talking about USA wrestling though and they don't have much, if any, involvement in USA to my knowledge. With the number of wrestlers Tennessee has you need both AAU and USA working together not competing against each other.
  11. Isn't one of his responsibilities to bring the best coaches and athletes from the state together for the team? Or did i forget something and we just pull them out of a hat? As someone who has coached the Junior team the last two years I can tell you he is definitely not a coach but he did give us the freedom of making our line ups and giving us the freedom to do what we saw fit with the team on the mat. As for the funds, ref pay,and coaches pay I have no clue.
  12. Not true.. While I don't agree with everything the man does he does have a lot of traits that are useful for a chairman. I think, and i have told him this face to face, if he wasn't so controlling and let the people put around him do more he actually wouldn't be doing that bad. The Junior team has had success the past couple years, we have had multiple Fargo AA's, I think the sportsmanship award a couple times at the duals and all this while a man, who apparently everyone hates, is the chairman. I think this could all be solved if just a couple guys would sack up an apologize to each other. So all though i don't always agree with Bowers I do believe if him and a couple other people would get there #### together Tennessee would take people by storm this summer
  13. Alright this is getting about stupid y'all are all going to run the state into the ground because you cant work together and actually come up with ideas to help. You would much rather come on a forum and complain. While I definitely don't agree with everything Bowers does I don't see some of y'all stepping to the plate to try to deal with all he has to put up with. If he has upset you to the point you cant have a conversation with him you don't have to talk to him. All the other board members names are on here give them a call and tell them your ideas you think would help. Better yet just jump on the conference calls I Live in Maryland and I have still been on more conference calls then most of you probably have and he does post when they will be so no one can use the excuse i didn't know there was one. This talking trash about each other is not helping just hurting the state more.
  14. hahaha you really going to call someone fat that's kind of childish not to mention the fact your not in the best of shape yourself bud. One man calling another a fat purple dinosaur though probably shouldn't be molding the minds of our future men.
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