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  1. First, I think the safety and health of everyone involved is the first priority. BUT.. In a culture where the media over hypes anything they can to get you to watch their broadcasts and everything said has political overtones, do you really think anyone will take a chance on being the one to make a call and put themselves in the crosshairs if someone were to bring a case of the common cold into the arena much less an over hyped flu? No way. Instead you will probably find them in the line at the General Dollar loading up on toilet paper.
  2. HardinCo/Dyer Co are very even. On any given night just depends on who is hitting shots and the turnover numbers. Guard play leans toward DC while with Gill inside Hardin Co has definite advantage. Both squads are going to have trouble at Arlington. I understand Arlington not as big as in past inside but quickness at guard spots is very good and can shoot ok. If DC shoots well and gets the point guard to limit turn overs could be a good game. HC needs inside game to open up some 3s for shooters.
  3. Yes turnovers hurt especially late in the game when DC opened up a lead, up until then I thought was anyone game. UC is one good ball handler or floor general from being really good.
  4. Was extremely impressed by the young lady that lit DC up for 30 something Friday night. She was a pleasure to watch.
  5. Boliver did look tired in the 2nd half. They had a lead into the 3rd quarter but then shots seemed to be a little short. DC had more legs this time with the footballs boys back and playing.
  6. Agreed. a school with 1200 students playing one with 2400 is too big of a gap. Especially as Warmachince has made the case for a rural schools not being as competitive in basketball. I would make case the major sports such as baseball, basketball and football.
  7. How does one become considered traditionally strong? I think a major measurement in making that sometimes arguable judgment is consistently sending a representative to the Glass house and looking at least at the Sub State match ups. The large rural schools compete very well within themselves especially in their districts. But again in match up with, lets say, larger urban schools it gets to be a numbers game with the occasional break through from " rural" schools. More often than not, the substate will be dominated by the district with larger schools because of a larger talent pool. Its not that talent does not exist in rural areas but there just a greater abundance just by number of students in urban areas. Using DC and based on 2018 student enrollment numbers for basketball, DC has 1216 students which is right in the middle of their district of student enrollment. In order to advance to be able to championship level, they constantly have to face schools the have as much as 104% greater student population which would be Bartlett with 2513 students. Its not unique to DC or a rural thing, but its a numbers game also. I think you can back that up by looking who consistently comes out of the regions to Sub State and State Finals. Not taking into account the former Penny Hardaway factor and an break through from a District 13 little brother, more often than not, its the big boys in Shelby like Bartlett, White Station, Houston and others. If fair competition is what you looking for then you should be able to more closely pair schools up in basketball and other sports as you do football. Its kind of like if you have a choice between a good big man and a good little guard, who is the coach usually going to go with? The big guy. Just my thoughts.
  8. DC took Boliver by 15. Boliver lead going into 3rd and looked like that got winded. DC had guys back from football but you could it will take few games to gell. Lots of fouls called but seems to be common theme in the games I've attended.
  9. True. DC didnt have a problem and was highly competitive when were in a classification with schools closer to their current size. With a move up to AAA and being one of the smaller In classification they can be competitive but not as successful year end year out competing with schools double the student population. As is the case with other schools who are or have been just above the cut offs. It isnt a issue only DC faces. I didnt say anyone's district has schools has schools double the size, although there are schools who do as referenced by previous post, but referred to the Regional when the tournament starts. Although Memphis has schools that choose to play up classifications. But you can not really judge based on the ridiculous way players can transfer from school to school every year so a school of 500 students can have a collection of players were 15 players in the senior class go on to play college ball.
  10. Round 2 of the DC- Boliver series this year is tomorrow. Not sure if DC gets the guys back from football yet since just finished up Friday night but after the first game at Boliver being a close one with some iffy calls during the stretch run, I'm thinking DC takes this one by 6 to 10 points.
  11. I've seen them schedule that way for years. I agree would be good to harden the team for the tourney run they always are expected to make. Sometimes during the regular season its hard to get the boys and girls coach on the same page as to teams to schedule but if you doing it for your own holiday tournament, why not go for it when you are a strong program, which they are year end and year out.
  12. After much meditating and studying the teams ..... The Orangeguru predicts: DC 27 Summitt 21 In a hard fought battle with both teams having big plays on defense but DC makes enough plays on the offensive side in the 4th quarter to survive and advance.
  13. I thought biggest play of the night was the 4th and 1 when DC stopped HC. That seemed to take the air out of HC until DC had those 2 bad snaps and HC had a shot to tie it up.
  14. Well I had the 31 right. How bout the Choctaws !!!
  15. Classification is only for a district. It doesn't mean not to go out and schedule a good competitive season to get ready for tournament. There's always going to be a school barely in and at very top but you can narrow it down. Playing a school in a district tournament twice you student population size is just too wide a gap in my thinking.
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