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  1. I was thinking Greeneville was down because the only beat a not very good McMinn Co team 62-20
  2. Greeneville only beat a bad McMinn Co team 62-60 and I would have Cumberland Co ahead of some of those teams.
  3. Central looks to be head and shoulders better than everyone in the district. Meigs is really struggling right now and I haven’t seen the other’s.
  4. By this comment show’s you know nothing about football. This same ER team came to Meigs last year and they were not very good, a new coach comes in and puts the players in position to be successful and they win the region and have a 10-2 season, and everyone that knows anything about football knew that Tyner was the best team in the East in 2A by a wide margin. ER did not have the talent to beat Tyner unless Tyner had a bad game. It’s no different than when Meigs played Peabody in the championship, Peabody was the better team, the only way Meigs was going to win was if Peabody played really bad and Meigs got some lucky break’s.
  5. They’ve never made it to the third round before and more than likely they would have never made it that far without the new coach’s.
  6. My theory is that he has ties to the old coaching staff or family on the team and the new coach isn’t playing them much. The success the new coach is having is killing him.
  7. I’m not a Tyner fan, but if you watched that game and thought ER had as much talent as Tyner then you know nothing about football and no one will take you seriously.
  8. Not a fan of ether, but Cumberland Co looked really good to me.
  9. I’ve seen White Co and Cumberland Co and I would have to go with Cumberland right now, they looked really good.
  10. You could be right. Meigs has some good players, one that could be the best player on the floor most nights. He’s really good.
  11. Yes they are, the only difference is Tyner’s bigger, faster, stronger, and about 5 TD’s better then your Indians.
  12. Red Bank is 4A so 1A could probably win 4A this year.
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