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  1. I think you are spot on, GB has to much firepower for OS, I’m sticking with my earlier prediction 35-7 GB.
  2. He’s little brother is out for the year, he got hurt Thursday and had surgery yesterday on his elbow.
  3. Terrible call, he was going to make a tackle and the runner was hit from behind at the same time as Rogers went in for the hit, and he hit the runner as he was going down. I would say that this one will be overturned when they see the video.
  4. I saw it on Facebook, I don’t know if I can share it on here or not.
  5. I watched it, that’s was a terrible call.
  6. I heard Bledsoe had 3 of there best players out.
  7. GB by a lot. Unless OS has improved a lot since they scrimmaged Meigs. GB 35 OS 7
  8. No I was not there, but Bledsoe will probably finish right behind Tyner in their region, Bledsoe can probably stay with everyone in the top 10 except probably Peabody for about 3 quarters. That’s why I put them in the top 10. I know there a lot better than the South Greene team that came to Meigs last year. IMO
  9. Peabody Tyner Meigs Trousdale Fairley Lewis County Watertown Oneida Bledsoe Forrest
  10. I think Tyner wins but I think this game will be closer than most think, from what I heard Bledsoe has improved a lot.
  11. If Meigs and Peabody played each other, Peabody would definitely be the favorite, but I don’t see them being able to shut Swafford down. If you remember last year TC had a very good defense and most said that Meigs would struggle to score, and they put up 28 points at TC, that same defense held Peabody to 17 in the championship. Also Meigs was missing one of their best receivers in the Greenback game, it’s hard to replace those in 1A and 2A. But there’s a long way to go before that could happen.
  12. I know they score. I meant Sweetwater would win 21-7.
  13. I think Sweetwater will take this one, they beat a pretty good Rockwood team last week. 21-7
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