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  1. Dadof2

    6AAA 2018-19

    That’s what I’m saying. I say BC and Stone in the championship.
  2. Dadof2

    6AAA 2018-19

    I think there’s little chance that McMinn beats Stone at home. If it works out the way you say then that means district 6 is way down this year.
  3. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    I’m going with 1 Sweetwater vs 4 East Ridge, Sweetwater wins 2 Sequoyah vs 3 Howard, Howard wins 1 Tyner vs 4 Polk County, Tyner wins 2 Brainerd vs Loudon, Brainerd wins in a close one.
  4. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    I agree, I think all four games tonight will be one sided, with the higher seeds winning easily.
  5. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    I thought it was a ugly game. And I believe Meigs boys are going to have a rough time the next couple years.
  6. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    I didn’t see that coming, I thought Central would take care of business.
  7. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    Well we didn’t start out to good on our picks. We are both 0-1
  8. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    Baker is a really good Baseball player.
  9. Dadof2

    Early Class AA Predictions

    I don’t think Red Bank has anything for Meigs our Central, but Signal Mountain has a good PG and a big post player, if Meigs and Central speed the game up Signal will struggle, but if Signal can somehow slow it down, they could be a matchup problem. I think Meigs is a little more equipped to guard the big post player with Crowder and Bales. But she is hard to handle inside. She looks to be around 6.2, but I’m going with Meigs and Central #1 and #2 in the district and region. To mine good guards on both teams.
  10. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    If I remember correctly they played man to man. Polk tried to box and one him Thursday night but it didn’t work to will. Polk doesn’t have anymore that can match up with Newman. Should be some good games.
  11. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    You could be right, but if Baker plays like he did Friday night against McMinn County, I think Meigs wins vs Polk, he had 39 points. But I think Meigs and Central will be playing for 3rd and 4th.
  12. They should win the district because it’s really weak. But winning the region will be tough. I don’t see them winning a sectional game. Most of the teams on there schedule are below 500 and not very good. But next year they should have a better chance to get there.
  13. Dadof2

    District 5aa

    I agree with everything but I think Meigs over Polk, Meigs beat Polk Pretty good Thursday and McMinn County last night. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Loudon gets upset. Just a feeling.
  14. Dadof2

    2018-2019 8AA

    Wow, Upperman Macon and Meigs all three have no seniors, and all three are top teams in 2A, that’s a lot of young talent.
  15. Dadof2

    2018-2019 8AA

    That’s very impressive what Macon is doing with no seniors, Meigs County is the same way, no seniors. Both teams will be even better next year.