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  1. Ok, I was not told that, I made it up.
  2. I heard Meigs scored on all 5 positions, and OS scored on the last position with most of the starters out. But that’s just what I was told.
  3. Meigs scrimmaged Oliver Spring a couple weeks ago, I heard it was one sided. I say Oneida gets the win.
  4. Greenback/Oliver Springs tie, I find that hard to believe.
  5. 1 Bradley. McMinn, Cleveland, East Hamilton, will battle for second, Walker Valley will struggle again this year and finish last. IMO How many seniors did Bradley lose?
  6. I thought Brackett was a senior last year.
  7. The guy simply has a opinion. And most Meigs fans would agree, and most will disagree with your opinion. But everyone is entitled to one.
  8. Meigs has a good team but there really not that deep. He will play 7 girls which all have started, against good competition.
  9. I don’t think Meigs will be playing for a title ether, but I think they can win the district because they can score a lot of runs, if they can develop the two freshman pictures they should have a good year.
  10. http://www.tssaasports.com/basketball/live-audio.cfm
  11. I think Meigs will have a good chance to get there, just need to take care of business and pay substate at home. what did Dekalb loose?
  12. I said that because I watched both teams play my Meigs Lady Tigers, we played Bradley at their place back in the summer and played Oak Ridge at home the first game of the season. I thought those two teams were very close, and on a neutral floor it could go ether way. I haven’t seen Stone play but it seems you can throw them in there to.
  13. That’s interesting Meigs played Sweetwater 5 times last year and beat them with a combined run total of 50 to 1. It looks like pitching did it’s job but to give up 50 runs in 5 games ether the defense is not very good or Meigs has some good hitters.
  14. I’ve not seen her quite any game this year, and I don’t know what was going on, but I do know one thing, if you want kids to play till the end you have to coach till the end. That’s all I’m saying and I will leave it at that.
  15. Agree just pointing out that the bottom bracket might be closer than most people think.
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