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  1. Are you saying that Fulton is going to win the gold ball in 2A girls?
  2. Looks like you were right, Summertown is really good, I just hope the girls can get a win or two, that will make the experience a lot better.
  3. They played a few teams out of district this year but most were cancelled, but they definitely got a tough draw. I would put them in the same category as Sale Creek for comparison But regardless of what happens they have really done good just in 3 years of playing.
  4. This is just the 3rd year that they have had a Volleyball team. They will play all seniors except for one, they are really athletic with two big girls that have really improved. The district is really bad, Van Buren and North Greene are the two best teams they have played this year. I think they can compete with some of the teams there but Summertown will definitely be a challenge,
  5. That would stink for Meigs, every region game would be over an hour and a half away, and half the region 3 teams are 45 minutes away from Meigs.
  6. I would throw 15 in there, he’s the number one receiver, he had a TD and an interception last night. He’s the one that had the big catch against TC last year late in the game that led to the go ahead score. He broke his foot on the play and had to set out of the championship game.
  7. Meigs will get the loser of this game and Tellico will get the winner.
  8. I’m sure someone has answered this question Will this game be live streamed?
  9. South Greene or Gatlinburg-Pittman probably. Meigs plays all seniors and they have two that have developed into really good hitters, both around 5.11 and the others are really athletic, but we will see when they get to play some teams that are actually good.
  10. Meigs might have a chance this year, they are undefeated and they have improved a lot just in their third year.
  11. You can watch it on McMinn County Schools on FB
  12. The weather I looked at said calm and 67 at kickoff.
  13. I think Howard will be the only freshman that will see playing time, they will need help in the post, and she’s very athletic and can give them some minutes, I also think Lawson will play a lot coming of the bench to give the guards a break, after that it’s a question of who steps up.
  14. Polk should have a good year, but the rest will probably be down. IMO there’s a big gap between Meigs/Center and the rest of the district.
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