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  1. Dadof2

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    I thought Brackett was a senior last year.
  2. The guy simply has a opinion. And most Meigs fans would agree, and most will disagree with your opinion. But everyone is entitled to one.
  3. Meigs has a good team but there really not that deep. He will play 7 girls which all have started, against good competition.
  4. Dadof2

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    I don’t think Meigs will be playing for a title ether, but I think they can win the district because they can score a lot of runs, if they can develop the two freshman pictures they should have a good year.
  5. http://www.tssaasports.com/basketball/live-audio.cfm
  6. I think Meigs will have a good chance to get there, just need to take care of business and pay substate at home. what did Dekalb loose?
  7. Dadof2

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    I said that because I watched both teams play my Meigs Lady Tigers, we played Bradley at their place back in the summer and played Oak Ridge at home the first game of the season. I thought those two teams were very close, and on a neutral floor it could go ether way. I haven’t seen Stone play but it seems you can throw them in there to.
  8. Dadof2

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    That’s interesting Meigs played Sweetwater 5 times last year and beat them with a combined run total of 50 to 1. It looks like pitching did it’s job but to give up 50 runs in 5 games ether the defense is not very good or Meigs has some good hitters.
  9. Dadof2

    Macon vs. Meigs

    I’ve not seen her quite any game this year, and I don’t know what was going on, but I do know one thing, if you want kids to play till the end you have to coach till the end. That’s all I’m saying and I will leave it at that.
  10. Dadof2

    AA State Predictions

    Agree just pointing out that the bottom bracket might be closer than most people think.
  11. Dadof2

    AA State Predictions

    I think Macon wins it all, I want to say South Greene will play them in the Ship, but South Greene only beat Gatliburg by 5 at home, McMinn Central also beat Gatliburg by 5, so that tells me if South Greene can get past Westview and Dekalb can win it’s first round game, they have a chance to beat South Greene, and play in the ship. Playing Macon Upperman and Cumberland multiple times might help them. IMO
  12. Dadof2

    Macon vs. Meigs

    Yes they were down 24-8 in the first half, they battled back and he started coaching again. Macon and Oak Ridge are the best two teams we have played this year. Macon IMO is the best team in AA.
  13. Dadof2

    Macon vs. Meigs

    No she didn’t get hurt. She’s the best offensive player on the team. Meigs has a lot of talent but you ask any fan, the coach will quit if they get behind, he struggles to make end game changes.
  14. Dadof2

    AA State Predictions

    I’m going with Macon County.
  15. Dadof2

    Macon vs. Meigs

    Meigs played hard but to beat Macon on there home floor they had to play perfect. The Macon coach did a really good job by pulling the press off at time. Both teams had a few turnovers but both teams have really good PGs, and Meigs stayed in it and Macon shot a lot of layups. Meigs is good enough to beat Macon but not in that investment on their home court. I was impressed by the support that Macon had their. Meigs should have taken care of business and I believe they would be going next week to Glass house. Congratulations to Macon and I believe they win it all.