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  1. Daniel Boone - Tammy Larkey(UT/ETSU, 1st Team Parade All-American plus another A-A team I can't remember right now.), Rachel Glass(ETSU), Jennifer Beckelhimer(ETSU), Nicky Jessen (Milligan) Jefferson County - Carolyn Peck(Vandy), Mary Kinnik(sp) Science Hill - Melissa McCray (UT)
  2. Mitchell, NC 74, Cherokee 57 Mitchell only had 4 FG and 17 points in 1st half and then exploded in 2nd half. Blevins had all her 25 in 2nd half for Mitchell and Norris had 21 of her 26 in 2nd half to led Mitchell. Maybe Caldwell and Mainer should team up and play Blevins and Norris in a 2 on 2 game tomorrow.
  3. 1440 Suncrest Dr, Gray, TN 37615 or the easiest thing Take I-81 north to exit 57A (I-26 east) and follow I-26 east to exit 13 (Gray-Suncrest Dr). At top of ramp turn left and follow about 2 miles to school.
  4. After tonight's 19-6 Boone win, Daniel Boone now leads the series 26-11.
  5. After tonight's 19-6 Boone win, Daniel Boone now leads the series 26-11.
  6. Teams submit an entry list of up to 10 runners to the regional meet. Seven of those ten may run in the region. If the team qualifies for state any seven of those 10 runners may run at the state meet for that team. The other 3 runners will not run at state or any runners they have more than 10 will not run either. In addition the top ten places at the region qualify for the state as individuals. If for example all of the top 10 happen to be on one of the top 3 teams then there would be no other individual qualifiers
  7. I believe he went to Tusculum also but from what I remember he quit before classes even started.
  8. I use Digital Scout. It can be used with A Palm or Laptop. I use the laptop as I feel more comfortable with it doing the game. I really like the program as both game and season stats can be generated anytime. It is great during the game or right after to be able to give everything to media and coaches without having to wait for me to calculate by hand. I believe it costs around $125. I research a lot before picking this program and I am very happy.
  9. Volunteer HS is not really that far from Bell County. Take Hwy 25 into Tennessee and go south until you get to Bean Station and then pick up Hwy 11W and follow it towards Rogersville. Volunteer is located on the outskirts of Church Hill between Rogersville and Kingsport. They have about 1200 students and play in the Five Rivers Conference (Region 2-4A) in football. That conference includes Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Greeneville, Cherokee, Cocke County, Morristown West and Morristown East. Last year their record was 5-6. They started slow but came on late in the season. They will be a team to watch this season.
  10. My old high school saves money by backpacking to the meet and sleeping in tents. They get food by going through the dumpsters at the meet. You would be surprised at what folks throw away. If some kind soul will let them set up camp in their backyard the cost per athlete comes to $1.27 per day. Under the previous coach you had to watch for change as you hiked to the meet and sometimes you would find enough to come home with some pennies.
  11. Eleven records total that were broken. Excellent race by Coniglio in the 3200. Congrats on the state berth.
  12. 3:15 is pretty good but just who are your boys? So far this year I have not heard of anyone in the state running that fast just yet.
  13. 10.3! I do not think so. I'll guarantee that 10.3 is the result of MAGIC fingers with hand timing. There is not a HS kid in Tennessee running that kind of time.
  14. I wonder if Greeneville will put in artificial turf to match the beautiful rug at AC Reynolds.
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