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  1. Who. Cares. You keep missing the main point. There is more important things in life than keeping money in TNUSA Wrestling's bank account. If they choose to cancel that's their prerogative and you don't get to tell them they still have to pay the entire fee.
  2. So what is to happen if they say they want to send their kid, say at the end of the wrestling season. Because that was the scenario proposed. A lot can happen between Feb and June. A lot can change. The suggestion is that if they pay half and then have to back out, for any reason what so ever, they lose their deposit and still are required to pay the other half is a load of crap. Like i said, there is lots more important things in this world than making sure TNUSA wrestling has money in the bank.
  3. Negative, but does it really matter what their reasons are? Their reasons are their reasons and its not anybody else's business. There's more important things in life than wrestling.
  4. There is 0 way to enforce that. None. Nunca. Nada. You're telling people they should prioritize TNUSA Wrestling over their own bills and daily expenses because they entered a "verbal contract". That's horsecrap. Hot, steamy, smelly horsecrap. Things change. Life happens. Not everybody is as well off as others. And some people agree to some things when money is good and life is ok and have to change plans when life gets tough. Maybe its just me, idk, but I could give two craps about TNUSA Wrestling's feelings when it comes to keeping food on the table. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. Gas prices are up, inflation is at a 50 year high, the middle class is almost non existent anymore and families are struggling to keep food on the table but yeah, if they back out lets demand they pay for the entire trip still.
  6. So you had to plug that you've known for two weeks to sound more important than the rest of us... but couldn't spell his last name right. Its spelled Leen btw.
  7. I hope he enjoys mediocrity
  8. You guys are all way too ambitious. It will never happen. We'll be lucky if they ever fix the scheduling issue they had this year. We may be stuck with that for the next foreseeable future.
  9. You can rationalize it all you want in your head but I'm telling you, it will NEVER happen. Never.
  10. Go ahead and tell them... Hey, if you do all the work of organizing and finding a venue and convince the kids to cut weight and train again after the season has ended for one maybe two matches that have zero implications, ill watch it. See how that works out.
  11. It will never happen. Ever.
  12. Not sure, i dont live in chattanooga.
  13. Chatt Wrestling has been and will always be mediocre. We may sneak a few to the blood rounds at ncaa's but thats likely going to be about it. I don't think id throw all the blame on Kyle. You work with what you got. Sure he's gotta get some for not attempting to recruit anybody in state but its gotta be hard to believe in a program as a coaching staff when the university itself clearly doesn't care either.
  14. Rocky didnt AA while at a top 5 program in the country. I doubt he magically finds it here..
  15. and your implication is that in MidTn kids dont take wrestling seriously?
  16. Girls wrestling has been sanctioned in TN since 2015.
  17. Final Results 106- Antonio Mills (GA) tech fall Chase Walker (TN) 14-2 113- Bryson Tyrell (TN) fall Hunter McCullough (GA) 2:02 120- Cole Hunt (GA) tech fall Jarvis Little (TN) 16-3 126- Cason Roark (TN) tech fall Cole McCullough (GA) 21-10 132- Hunter Sturgill (TN) dec Amantee Mills (GA) 11-5 138- Sammy Shires (TN) tech fall Art Martinez (GA) 18-7 145- Max Norman (TN) fall Sam Harris (GA) 2:58 152- Latrelle Schaffer (GA) fall Ian McGee (TN) 13-3 160- Colby Dalon (TN) dec Tyler Secoy (GA) 9-6 170- Kodiak Cannedy (TN) tech fall Connor McClowski (GA) 10-0 182- no match 195- no match 220- Gabe Fisher (TN) tech fall Logan Webster (GA) 14-2 285- Caleb Pruitt (GA) dec Ryan Smith (TN) 9-1 Final Score TN 36 GA 20
  18. GA was gassed. It looked like in more than one match they were charging a comeback and just gassed out.
  19. Breaking, AppState.. not Chatt...can't blame him.
  20. Coaches announced The best dressed coach in the southeast Coach Holmes vs Shane Turner
  21. We're not talking about medaling at the SoCon tournament, clearly. The SoCon is the weakest conference in the ncaa. We're very clearly talking about medaling at the NCAA tournament. You know, the one that matters...
  22. literally cant find anything on this. just that hes transferring.. HOWEVER, he hasnt AA'd in tOSU and IF he is leaving that room for chatt's room i cant imagine it'll happen there either. it doesnt mean anything if at the end of the year they're not on the podium
  23. Sammy Shires finishes 7th at 138 Brayden Ivy finishes 3rd at 145 Anthony Pyron finishes 8th at 170
  24. Bryson Terrell finishes 3rd at 106 Caleb Uhorchuk finishes 3rd at 113 Gabe Fisher finishes 4th at 220
  25. Jacob Bond finishes 8th at 106 Max Norman finishes 5th at 152
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