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  1. I usually, never agree with H2O man but calling a team thuggish with black kids on the team that you don't know personally isn't a good looK.
  2. I don't think either team can hold the other under 30 points. Both sides will have a hard time stopping each other.
  3. Lol, you're on the wrong message board then.
  4. All I want to know is who will be coming to the creek bank in 4 weeks for 1st round of the playoffs.
  5. Keep thinking that the scoreboard said otherwise. If you haven't notice TC doesn't really care about junior high football. That's why the assistant coach never has played football in his life and is a basketball coach. We win where it actually matters in high school. That's why Gordonsville starters couldn't score against TC freshmen. The starting QB right now is a sophomore from Gordonsville where he played junior high football one of TC best lineman is sophomore the kid has the same about of TD’s as Gordonsville does wins lol. The difference is our player's developer over time while you'll players leave and dream of putting the TC uniform on. If the classes were even we would have a losing record too.
  6. Of course, it's for academic reasons and if it benefits the football them well that's just a cherry on top.
  7. My mistake they still are struggling no matter their classification with numbers of kids on the team and on the field as well:
  8. This will be a good game ER can't stop the wing t that will be a issue. I think Westmoreland will get enough stops to win in a high scoring game. 42-35 Also Westmoreland watch out for the inside kicks ER is very good at onside kicks.
  9. I never accuse H2O of anything. If it's your school policy to have open enrollment than it's your school policy. This is different you have to meet specific academic standards and behavior standards and pay $1500 a semester if you don't live in TC. This is more for academic purposes than athletics.
  10. Yea they do because Macon numbers are very low for a 3a school. But Macon doesn't need to move up in classification they are struggling in 3a right now.
  11. Hope TC gets all the kids in and leave the game healthy heading into the bye week.
  12. Just a family member that would rather play for TC than Gordonsville. He is a lineman in junior high that will be a freshman next year anda very good lineman that has a nice size already 6’1 he will be a very good player for TC. Nah the region is still just as weak as it was when TC left. With the Sophomores already on TC, nobody will be able to take the region over TC. Plus with the skill position players coming up from junior high and a WR that already 6’2 just trust me the best is yet to come from TC the future is very bright. Plus TC is the inky team that has too notch kids on a consistent basis. TC starting QB right now came from Gordy lol.
  13. I don't think Peabody will leave 2A. With Watertown moving to either 3A or 4a, TC leaving 2A, Watertown going to 3A or 4A and Meigs talent level dropping some 2A would belong to Peabody for years to come.
  14. Even in a down year, TC will dominate the region. With TC going to open enrollment next year talent will come to TC and pay 1500 to play in TC. TC already have two kids from Lebanon one from Gordonsville with another kid coming next year also a QB that came back to TC from FC. TC talent level will be fine and good enough to dominate the region.
  15. Wow I hope there nothing seriously wrong with the young man he is a good solid player but he wasn't really hurting TC defense at all I still think the final score would have been the same even if he played the second half.
  16. The weather kept this game from being a running clock. Also, I wonder why Portland QB didn't play in the second half I hope the kid is ok and injury-free.
  17. This is why I love Peabody posters. You'll make the general look like the idiot that he is.
  18. Keep your mouth shut until your team actually beats a top team it's that simple.
  19. If you feel this way then all your team has to do is best Peabody in playoffs. Then you would get all this respect that you think your team deserves for some reason. If you want respect than your team needs to earn it. Beat one of the big boys in 2A this year not 3 years ago beat a top 5 team this year in playoffs and you will have your respect. I'm sure Peabody would love to welcome you to their field in the playoffs and shut your mouth.
  20. TT Harper played RB for U of Chattanooga.
  21. Dwayne Harper I think went to NFL training camp with Giants but was cut early.
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