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  1. According to Max prep week 2 and 9.
  2. That's a great point I have always wanted to go check Oakland out especially now that they are getting that new turf field. Plus always nice to get to see some future SEC players.
  3. I just wish some team will step up and just give TC another home game.
  4. Playing one less game than everyone else.
  5. Nah two different games TC just had their best player come back after being suspended for 7 or 8 games and one best lineman that just returned after missing 5 games. Baines didn't cone of the field he was starting QB, CB, K, and P he ran out of gas. TC had a chance to win the game on a field goal but Baines was out of shape and couldn't get the field goal.
  6. I thought you'll handle UC. That's kind of funny TC fans thought they would never shutout Tyner we heard more talk about how good Tyner was and how they will steamroll TC then Meigs and Peabody but that was coming from Tyner fans. Those are some good stats for Peabody you'll have been the top defense. I know Meigs, Friendship Christian and Watertown killed TC defensive stats.
  7. Well, Watertown has never been there so of course, they don't know how to act.
  8. You'll play the same type of offense as Watertown. But Meigs can actually throw the ball. I know Watertown put up some very good #. You'll have a very good QB he was a pain in TC butt that whole game and he ran the ball hard. I would say Meigs had the best offense I seen last year.
  9. Yes, he graduated. TC won't have a problem at the QB position coaches were grooming the next starter all season last year doing Baines suspension. Everyone is back except for 2 D-Lineman, RB, 3 OL. Last year starter at RB is back after being kick off the team after the 3rd game last season. With the new offense and the new OC, the offense will be very different than last season and better.
  10. You're right maybe the new coach is holding out for a big game. I really don't have a clue what's going on but I would take a 6th away game. All of TC away games are less than an hour away so one long road trip wouldn't be that bad.
  11. Meigs and TC went at it hard that game I loved the back and forth with Meigs great offense ca TC great defense. You'll QB put on a show both QB’s put on a show just in different ways. This year if TC plays Meigs I think a total of 80 points will be put up on the scoreboard.
  12. QB, with a dislocated shoulder and the backup QB starting FB/LB with dislocated elbow CB with torn ACL. It was a good game still I just think it would have been. classic if both teams were healthy.
  13. TC CB that was hurt on that great catch by Peabody WR in the corner of the endzone will miss this upcoming season he was a starting CB/WR. This year I don't think he would have been a starter on offense with TC complete change on the offensive side of the ball.
  14. They handled their injuries better than what we did and their offense just made more plays. I would have loved to have seen both teams healthy in that game. That's why it should be a week off before the blue cross game. Both teams came limping into that game. No way the game should be played less than a week after the semifinal.
  15. We should get one more than 2A belongs to Meigs and Peabody.
  16. You'll are right but the way it's going it would be an away game. I think the new coach is fine with just 9 games if he can't get the right home game. TC needs the money with the possible renovations to the creek bank in the upcoming years.
  17. I rather they face each other next year in college as a TC fan.
  18. I don’t think Lewis Co would bring out the TC fans you need a bigger name or school. IMO that is a big game but TC needs a big money game we don’t have one on schedule right now at all that is a home game.
  19. It seems like TC will just have 9 games this season.
  20. Yea but Lewis Co would bring more people when it's TC turn to host next season.
  21. That would be a very interesting game but would Maplewood travel to Trousdale. What classification is Maplewood 4a?
  22. Just have to find a QB to fit the new offense.
  23. We have to beat Meigs in semifinals just to get to Cookville to play Peabody. I hope we get a chance to play you'll again I think this will be last time TC will be in this classification.
  24. You'll play all your games at 7:30
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