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  1. Prolific??? I’ll take that bet too. He’s got some great wins, but beating 113 HS kids is a tad different that D1 Collegiate Wrestling.
  2. Set the match up….rumor is there might be a opportunity soon. Let’s go Durdon…. how confident are you? and i don’t care about previous success. Corday is not the same wrestler as even a year ago. Corday vs Terrell Ill take the TN kid
  3. Danny Coleman…. Personally i thought Borneman or Usary could have got it that year….. but Meredith was a bad dude too.
  4. Same advantages as Bradley of the early 2000s huh…staff, move ins and facilities
  5. Fowler’s been in Cleveland for 3 years…. Curious how long a kid needs to be involved in that schools program (club, MS,HS)…. before their points start to count. What about the SH 126? He’s tough, but moved in from NY…. erase his points What about the varsity Bradley 106? He’s not great but moved in and will help them in the future. They had a kid from oregon move in 2 years ago(moved in, placed, moved back) What about Noah Todd(Siegel) and James Hicks(Blackman WC)? Points don’t count? What about Finley Jameson? Moved in 2 years ago Bottom Line….. everyone has kids move in. Get over it. Cleveland doesn’t start winning in High School. Go look at the Club State Dual results the last 10 years. I don’t even live in TN anymore but if you follow the sport any, you have to see the dominance on all levels. Stop creating crazy hypothetical situations or making excuses. Cleveland won’t be at the top forever. There are a few programs that do it right and will take over the top 3 soon.
  6. Slingshot….. Cleveland has had THREE kids in the last ten years that wrestled for the HS and never attended Cleveland MS…. that’s pretty impressive. Bradley has had 2 in the last 5 years….. one this year…. but nobody wants to talk about that.If you want to look further back i’m sure we can find a few more. I would be willing to bet most HS don’t have a full line up of kids that went to one MS. Cleveland dominates at the youth level, MS level, and High School with kids in thier school system.
  7. It won’t. Not for long long time. If you really follow wrestling at all levels, you will know that.
  8. I’m pretty confident none of those stats are correct
  9. I think the confusion is: Who is the best wrestler? Ashton Who had the best tournament? Sammy Who had the toughest bracket? Bradford Every State Champion has an argument to be OW… Coaches have no idea what they are voting on….
  10. Fowler pinned a returning Fargo Finalist actually…… and defeated Maggie 2x in the last year….. i it’s because she is a freshman
  11. Pretty sure Maggie went 145 because Piper beat her this year. Maybe we can get them in the same weight next year.
  12. My thinking it’s the BEST WRESTLER in that division….. not who had the best tournament 1A- Kodiak is a very appropriate vote….But Hunter is the best wrestler 2A- Sammy is a great vote….. Ashton is best wrestler in that division Girls- Anyone who doesn’t vote Piper Fowler is crazy.
  13. popularity contest
  14. Rasslinking


    Who were the OW for each division
  15. Can’t argue with that. But I think the coaching staff Cleveland has, can get dropped off anywhere in the State, and within a short period of time be winning State Championships. If you follow wrestling in TN, they seemed to have figured out a system to winning…… consistently. From what i’ve seen they have at the kids level, and it’s been like this for a while now, they may not be losing anytime in the future. Maybe that happens in the future???
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