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  1. Rasslinking

    Club Rankings

    http://www.pin-tn.com/?page_id=956 Looks like Wilson Central has a strong group running through and will continue their success. Wildcats Wrestling – Region 3 (+0) Higher Calling – Region 2 (+0) Blackman – Region 3 (+0) Clarksville – Region 4 (+0) Hammer Wrestling – Region 1 (+0) Cookeville Wrestling – Region 3 (+1) Buccaneers Wrestling – Region 2 (+2) Nolensville Wrestling – Region 4 (-2) Jackets Youth Wrestling – Region 4 (+1) Soddy Daisy – Region 2 (-2)
  2. Rasslinking

    CK'S Top Teams: week 1/14/19

    Interested to see your head to head match ups for: CB vs Baylor and CB vs Cleveland
  3. Rasslinking

    Youth Wrestling Team Rankings

    Very interesting dialogue used about certain teams. Thoughts? http://www.pin-tn.com/?page_id=956
  4. Rasslinking

    TN USA Wrestling Annual Meeting

    Any insight what will be on the agenda?
  5. Trae McDaniel got big, wrestling 113 lbs and all. Mr. Durdon must have had a long day. Seems like a lot of these AA are from 1 place. Kudos
  6. Rasslinking

    Fargo Wrestlers

    What kids do we have wrestling at Fargo next weekend?
  7. Rasslinking

    2018 TWF Best of the Best Duals

    More that the Memphis tournament drew. Crazy
  8. Rasslinking

    2018 TWF Best of the Best Duals

    Haha crickets
  9. Rasslinking

    2018 TWF Best of the Best Duals

    Let's see these rosters. I'm sure all are finalized. You know Coach Smith will post the Chattanooga team, what about others?
  10. Rasslinking

    Fargo Qualification

    What tourneys have been certified by the state? Could they not just attend the Keller Classic?
  11. Rasslinking

    Fargo Qualification

    Would need a special exemption from the board, doesn't matter if we had a kid ranked #1 in the country.
  12. Rasslinking

    Fargo Qualification

    I think that's the issue......hes making it HIS position. He seems very personal. Maybe not, maybe he's got good intentions. Just CALL HIM for goodness sake.
  13. Rasslinking

    Fargo Qualification

    Per a local coach, a few local TN guys have received automatic bids to Fargo for winning Northeast Regionals. Cody Chittum- Both Logan Whiteside - Greco Cooper Flynn- Greco Congrats guys.
  14. Rasslinking

    2018 TWF Best of the Best Duals

    Who is on the Chattanooga team? Hopefully the tournament is ran better than the last 2 years ha. Good luck to all.
  15. Rasslinking

    FARGO Qualifications

    Ok this helps out ALOT. Word on the street was you had to be given PERMISSION to wrestle in a regionals. Thought that was odd Thank Durden for clearing that up. Seems to be a lot of control issues with TWF. I'm with cbg, could we get a list if the current board members....... without having to call someone.