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  1. Hahahah oh Durden That’s EXACTLY was recruiting is. Nothing wrong with it. It’s with in their rules. But ONLY 3 kids ever wrestled in thier kids club... hartline Duffy and chambers( possibly radpour, never heard of him though) Harper....Chattanooga...haha get out of here. Just bc his parents moved doesn’t mean he wasn’t recruited. Alvarez is from Dalton Georgia Dendy is from Lafayette Georgia Bond is from Chattooga Georgia And when you say Gunner showed up for academics shows your ignorance. They put Dendy’s dad on staff bc he would recruit these kids for them. It’s OK, you guys are allowed to recruit. It’s all with in the rules, just don’t try and make it sound like they are developing talent. Makes you look stupid.
  2. mike had a huge club at Baylor, but you could prob count on one hand how many kids actually ended up going to Baylor.......so that has NOTHING to do with Baylor’s success, but more to do with other programs getting petty good kids.
  3. Understand what your saying but at the end of the day these kids at Baylor are not from TN. So you have kids who grow up in TN, training to be a state champ their entire life, just for a school to go to GA, IL, etc, scoop up a nationally ranked kid, maybe not even live in TN, and win a TN state title. It’s all within the rules, but to say private school and public school should be combined for the individual tournament is non sense. We aren’t talking about a national tournament or prep nationals. Now combining small school and large school for individual makes more sense.
  4. Let’s be real....there are 7 divisions with 16 man brackets....Brookwood being the 3rd best team in CH division. You better be placing 11. CH from back in the day.....most definitely could have competed, maybe beat Baylor..... no way they compete this year though.
  5. Lol not sure if this is we meant to be a joke. D-2 can recruit kids from all over the country freely...... combining an individual state tournament will not improve this outcome. D-2 SHOULD have kids that are better, if not they either don’t care or trying to create a program that they develop talent.
  6. Dabears you have been around awhile.... you do understand the rankings are done by someone completely unattached from the TSSAA?
  7. Let’s be real.... if he has any problems with those kids as a senior at 106, he shouldn’t be in the finals anyways....... I think he pins/techs to the finals. This weight is weak outside Ethan and Bentley
  8. Looks like Cleveland High School has passionate fans, little kids that love wrestling and a great following to me....if that’s recruiting....guilty I guess
  9. haha How do you think programs are built? Cleveland, along with Wilson Central, and many other programs develop their own talent, they don’t wait until HS to recruit kids in.
  10. Run through their line up. Every single kid came through the MS and kids club I would guess. ill wait
  11. Best at what? They are separated for a reason. Baylor has an All Star team, so they won the division that is allowed to recruit. Cleveland won the division that has to develop their own talent, along with Pigeon Forge. Congrats to all 3 teams.
  12. Weren’t you at full strength at the first meeting ?
  13. Does Boom Ranch have a branch in Nashville? Or do they just take credit for others clubs kids. Pretty sure she trains full time with Williamson County?
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