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  1. Agree. But I would say a great coach DEVELOPS the kids in his program. Not saying a coach who recruits can't be a great coach, but it is a lot harder to determine.
  2. So there can’t be any good coaches since the split? What are the qualifications of a good coach? A lot of the schools inherit very good kids once they get into HS. Good coaches build dominate programs from top to bottom and keep that success over long periods of time. Anyone involved in wrestling at the younger ages know which programs build programs, and which inherit them.
  3. Dont think we will see Bradford vs Belcher, from what I hear but I’m sure he will have a touch match regardless.
  4. Word on the street is Bowers “resigned”. If this is true, I’m interested to see who takes over and excited for the future of TWF. Anyone care to elaborate??
  5. Hmm it’ says ALL wrestlers MUST attend those two events or receive a waiver. I believe it was posted by the state chairman. I guess rules are flexible for certain people or waivers are given out to anyone.
  6. All Wrestlers must have attended TNUSA State and Southeast Regional or received a waiver Curious if this is accurate?? A lot of our states best kids did not go to SE Regionals.
  7. Can you post dates of tournament? Training camp? Approximate cost?
  8. Silver kitty fox lol Hmm joined coach march 7 and have only posted on TNUSA wrestling posts, always defending Bowers. geez can you get any more obvious.
  9. Sounds to good to be true. What is the current cost to attend Fargo this year? I would think that should be addressed so kids and their families can make plans to attend state/SE regionals. If it’s not affordable, doesn’t make much sense to attend the required tournaments for Fargo. Any board members please feel free to elaborate on the current cost of Fargo?
  10. By the looks of it, Cleveland just hosted a tournament with 115 kids. It was said to run very smooth. No other tournament across the state, yet some of the local schools chose not to participate, any insight as to why Pride chose not to send their kids? What tournaments are going on next Saturday?
  11. Word on the street is that the duals have been post-poned.
  12. I’m confident with this being the first USA tournament of the year, it’s going to be a great event. Look forward to seeing what TNUSAW has lined up!
  13. This for some reason hasn't been put out to the public. Hmmmmm For goodness sake, EVERYONE get your program chartered. JIII will you keep the forum up to date with meetings coming up?
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