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  1. Well come introduce yourself . You know who I am or anybody can tell you who I am
  2. If you don't have a dog in the hunt shut your mouth eat your popcorn in the stands and come watch a good game. Then after the game come shake my hand. Lol
  3. Question is your team playing? Or are you sitting on the sideline eating popcorn?
  4. Yeah I prove you can run your mouth, why you so worried about what is going on with my son?
  5. You ain't man enough to make me stay off this site. Believe that
  6. I guess before he transferred he was good now he isn't. It is a shame how a coach try to damage a kid, that has nothing to do with why he tranfered. A real man or coach wouldn't do this. but like I said before I don't play childish game if you have any thing bad to say about my son come to me and we can get this strait. Be a man and not a boy. Furthermore learn how to coach and quit using Madden plays.
  7. Don't get over confident. Always stay humble. Anybody can get beat any giving day
  8. Well I know Parker from pearl and James from Fairview who is the other one?
  9. That's baby talk awwwww him got a butt hurt. Poor boo boo. Lol
  10. Anger where did that come from all I said was come talk to me about it so you can get your facts together you know people can lie about this and lie about that, but before you make judgement get your information strait from the horses mouth don't go what others say get it from the source. If you want to talk about it call me you have my number. Otherwise keep my family name out your mouth
  11. Not guilty at all for what? Because of my current situation naw believe me I am a real man I don't worry about the next man like little old gossiping ladies
  12. If you want to talk about it be a man and come talk if they are so worried. don't put false information out there if you don't know the facts. A real Coach or man don't gossip like little women get facts shoe me facts
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