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  1. Lol I was just curious I didn’t see them last week either and I just remembered you always put them up and I appreciate you doing that.
  2. Where has Sonny Moore’s rankings been for 1a ?? @croz6110
  3. They look like they fly to the ball on d really well and come hit ya hard. I think our D should match up with there offense pretty good
  4. I’ll definitely be tuned in !!! Thanks
  5. Haha I know. Trust me I would much rather be there!!! Y’all hold it down for me !! If they play together like they did last night I like our chances. Really starting to click
  6. Appreciate guys. I was hoping they would be there. I’ll be working 2-10 Friday and gonna hate to miss this one. Guess I’ll be listening to it on the radio
  7. Glad to see our boys play together as a team. I was really impressed with how they came out last night. Our D as a whole got a lot better last night. We definitely benefited from a tough hard fought game. Oneida is a good ball club and I love to here lambert over there chewing on them boys lol he don’t cut em any slack. Reminds me of my old ball coach lol
  8. Does any of the OS guys know if bbtv12 will be broadcasting this game ???
  9. I always looked forward to this game when I was playing. It’s a great rivalry game. Both communities show a lot of support for there teams. Always a fun atmosphere and usually a hard hitting game. Hopefully it continues tonight and the Cherokees come out on top. Safe travels for them injun fans.
  10. It’s actually working good now. I had too clear it out and restart it all over but it’s actually clear now.
  11. Check cw20 I’m pretty sure it will be aired on that channel this evening
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