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  1. I’m ready for season to start. We are gonna be challenged big time the first 4 games. I’ve never been down to meigs looking forward to checking it out
  2. It will be a great match up to see which teams DB’s are ready for a challenge. Y’all’s qb is a stud , don’t know much about your receivers but I’m sure the qb will make plays happen
  3. Bahahaha bahahaha good grief y’all sure are jealous!!! The atmosphere and program recruits itself here:)
  4. He is an absolute monster... just looking at him you wouldn’t know he was a freshman. I’d be willing to bet he’s gonna have every school in the country after him before he’s a senior.
  5. Yeah you gotta watch out for ole muskox man!! He has been stocking up on Red Bull’s and fudge rounds to lure that goat back in.
  6. Dang bass I don’t know how we are gonna be able to compete against you guys. You’ve been talking out both sides of your mouth !! Smh all that talent and trying to pull the wool over chief Ryan like this ... Roy’s goat has been busy I see
  7. They had Nathan bracket as there tailback then. He was a great athlete.
  8. What is going on up there for cloudland not to have a program in the future. I remember back in the day they fielded mountain men and hard nose football players ? I hope y’all can get it back in the right direction up that way !!
  9. He was the starter at maryville last year
  10. What was the first year of the chiefs ?
  11. Creed is a great one to be giving lessons to the next leg of the Cherokees. We are gonna miss him but hopefully his replacement takes his notes!!!
  12. Don’t you put that evil on us Ricky Bobby
  13. Y’all will be just fine. We are just hoping to make the playoffs this year.
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