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  1. I’ve never been a fan of anything in Florida... but looks like things have changed now and I will be a USF/Holden fan... congrats!!!! I know you will go represent well for the geeenback community @Gbnation @ladykee @cherokee23
  2. Just asked my friend google about him WOW!! He must eat dumbbells for breakfast,lunch and dinner !! Read a good article on him as well
  3. He must’ve been special then !! That’s back when I was playing,but without actually playing against them you hardly heard about other kids outside the area much. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to keep up with having social media
  4. Eddie Moore is one that comes to mind for me !!
  5. Congratulations to Tanner Snyder on committing to UTM !! I will definitely continue keeping up with him !!
  6. I don’t know how many more times you need to be told good job or patted on the back BUT THIS oNEs FOR you congratulations on the WIN you all have a good team. Will this hold you over ?
  7. You’re gonna say that and we could say how about the 4th down pass that scored and he was out of bounds ... how bout the fumble that we got but didn’t get and you went and scored to take the lead. Come on just enjoy your win and stop with the other crap.
  8. I would really hate to think you was raising me smh !!! What’s childish is all the accusations you’ve made on no facts at all this whole entire year. So look who’s being childish
  9. Well don’t get on the greenback thread being negative about a young man you know nothing about. Go to your on championship thread. Oh wait yeah you didn’t go !!!
  10. You’re like a pecker nat that won’t leave just keep buzzzing bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzz
  11. We know what he is !! They’re just jealous... They have nothing better to do than talk about a young man .. it shows there character!! Wasting time replying
  12. Fence jumpin sissy !!! It figures when you can’t make it you jump ship!! Ride the apple cart till ya fall off and become another bad apple
  13. Dang!!! Thanks for the response yeti. And good luck hope they keep laying it to em. I’m just following the T for updates. I’m at work
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