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  1. The biggest omission from this list is Memphis Juniors. They had 7 girls in the 2020 class go D1. (although some of those kids did play HS in Arkansas) Memphis Metro usually signs 1-2 a year D-1. I can't remember any from A5 Chattanooga, but several from Atlanta A5 yearly C2 Attack had a girl from Station Camp sign a D1 beach scholarship a couple years ago + small handful of other D2, D3 & NAIA players. It's been a few years, but MIDTN has signed a couple of D1 players in the past...most recently Alia Logoleo had multiple D1offers, but chose softball. Also probably been 5 years, but Ethos has signed some D1 players. Had 3-4 D2s this past season.
  2. So how is everyone that attended Single A state feeling? I saw on the news last night that Stewarts Creek is shut down for cleaning due to a Covid outbreak...yikes!
  3. We have barely put the ball down from the school season and most clubs have already extended offers and/or begun having try-outs. For those that played in state, thats a quick turnaround. No rest for the weary! I wish there was a little more of a break, but I realize too that there is organization/planning that needs to be done before practices *actually* begin. Will be interesting to see what a club/travel season looks like in the Covid era. I know some saw a glimpse of one this past year, but I think the majority of kids had very little of a season.
  4. From what I hear it went to Starck who had some 30+ digs in the championship game. I do think Fulton led the team thru the tourney in kills. I am sure there is no doubt that she will end up on the TSWA All-State list at the end of the year.
  5. Wow, Not cool. I have seen that before from another coach in AA that I will leave unnamed. I have seen him instead of signing a serving zone yell out loud ‘Serve it to number 5, we’re in her head.’ Or ‘Number 5 doesn’t want the ball.’ Stuff like that. Maybe you say that on the bench during a time out etc, but not out loud where the whole gym can hear. He doesn’t have a lot of success which makes it all the more interesting with that one.
  6. Congrats to Brentwood...the dynasty continues! I guess the Siegel home court was a non-factor. I wasnt able to watch, but the scores indicate there were no problems at all. I hope everyone has a great off season!
  7. Congrats to Nolensville who is once again state champions in AA! Will be interesting to see them move up and compete in AAA next year. Congrats to Anderson County for a great tournament as well.
  8. Oh I am sure...You guys seem to be growing great volleyball players in that part of TN... tough to lose a senior libero on such a good defense, as well as the top OH (who was absolutely killing it this week in all the matches I saw). I am sure they will do their darndest, though! Do any of the S'Town girls have collegiate volleyball aspirations? Let 'em rest up/move on to bball and softball and see everyone next fall!!!!
  9. Congrats to Summertown for winning back to back state championships in single A! They really manhandled Loretto this morning. I was expecting more from Loretto, but after the battles they had yesterday just ran out of gas I guess. Summertown loses 2-3 good players to graduation while Loretto loses NONE. So next year we could see Loretto right back here. Good luck to all and congrats on a great season!
  10. It looks like 6 across several divisions. Single A, Double A, and now Div ll-A: 2020, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012. They have been runner ups a few times too, including when A/AA were still lumped together in early 2000s. Great program!
  11. I agree Brentwood will win, but just interesting that Siegel gets to play at home. Totally shocking actually. I hope TSSAA gets the ticketing in order and everything is fair and square from that perspective today. Will def. be watching.
  12. The State Championship is set: Siegel vs. Brentwood on Siegel's home floor! These two teams have played at least 3-4 times this season and the match at Siegel was a 3-2 win for the Stars... could things turn interesting tomorrow?
  13. Its a Nolensville / Anderson County rematch in the state championship for all the marbles! Congrats to Murfreesboro Central on a great season to finish 3rd. They are a much improved team in the last couple of years!
  14. Congrats to Loretto for fighting past a scrappy Sale Creek to earn a 7th match vs. Summertown for the state championship! Sale Creek really surprised me today. They played super hard! They are to be commended. Definitely most improved. Last year they made it to the tourney, but bowed out quickly and werent that impressive. Not so this year...they came to battle and make some noise. Congrats on a great season! NO REASON to hang their heads. Loretto is not to be left unmentioned either. A close 5 set loss against Summertown, and a 5 set win vs. Sale Creek. Both all out battles. Once again, Karly Weathers was the difference. I would like to see the stats, but I'm guessing she had close to 20 kills again in each match. Will expect another close match tomorrow!
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