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  1. Well Tue-Thur if you go all the way. State is an 8 team Double elimination tourney. We plan on being there all 3 days
  2. I’ll be there and will keep my eye out. 11 times is impressive. This is only the 2nd time Harpeth has been to the state tourney. (First time was 2014 in AA) We have 5 very focused Seniors having fun and ready to make a run! I’m looking forward to a great week of games!
  3. South Greene vs Halls Sale Creek vs Summertown Harpeth vs Watertown Gat-Pittman vs. Memphis East In my opinion it’s who shows up, and when, against who. I think there are 5 teams that can compete: Harpeth, Summertown, Watertown, Sale Creek and South Greene. A couple of tough matchups in that first round.
  4. State Tourney brackets are in! https://tssaasports.com/sports/volleyball/
  5. Nolensville got a GREAT draw. That Anderson vs East matchup is a tough round 1. I agree Portland vs. Nolensville but will go with Nolensville!
  6. State Tournament Brackets are up... https://tssaasports.com/sports/volleyball/
  7. State Tournament Brackets are up... https://tssaasports.com/sports/volleyball/
  8. Harpeth sweeps Loretto 3-0. Besides one run Loretto made early in set 2 Harpeth was in control the whole match. Summertown easily beats Hickman Co 3-0. Looking for other scores....
  9. I'm gonna go with these 8 winning sectionals and heading to state: Gibbs Anderson Co. East Hamilton Livingston Academy Nolensville Portland Lexington Covington
  10. Didn't know if there were injuries to Loretto or what not. Since they lost at home in such dramatic fashion. I'm gonna pick these 8 to win sectionals & qualify for state: South Greene Sale Creek Van Buren Co. Watertown Harpeth Summertown Halls BT Washington
  11. I have every single same team except I'm going with Station Camp upending Ravenwood. Out on a limb, maybe, but fun to pick 'em.
  12. But what was different last night as opposed to 5 days ago when Stown lost 3-0?
  13. Someone give the lowdown on the Summertown/Loretto game. How do these teams trade 3-0 wins back and forth? And how does Loretto lose Region at home when they just beat Summertown 3-0 at home last week in District?
  14. Harpeth wins Region 5-A Championship defeating Waverly 3-0 & Hickman County 3-1. They will host sub state game next week.
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