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  1. Here's to a great off-season! It's been a blast talking ball with you all. My high schooler almost immediately started prepping for travel ball with tryouts this weekend and college kiddo still has just shy of a month left in the season. But we'll be back talking HS vball again before we know it!
  2. Who got lectured? And where did this lecture take place? SG made it extremely hard on themselves by getting waxed in game two only to come back and mount an epic comeback to win it all by beating the consensus pre-tourney two best teams in single A. I call that success. Congrats!
  3. They came to play and besides that first Loretto game owned it! Congrats! Lots of fight in those kids.
  4. Congrats to Nolensville for winning it all!!!
  5. Yes and its crazy the whole double elimination thing...EXCEPT in the finals. WIth both teams with one loss in tourney shouldn't they play again? I *think* they do in softball?
  6. Congrats to Hume Fogg for battling through the elimination round to win the whole thing! WoW!
  7. WOW! Congrats to South Greene who upsets Summertown to win their first ever State Championship after 13 straight trips to the tournament. Jr. Jordan Roderick is the MVP with 22 kills and a number of aces and digs. Summertown made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes, but there is no doubt that South Greene deserves this win. They weren't content to just show up...they played to win after facing the gauntlet and playing 3 games yesterday. Congrats Rebels! And congrats to Summetown on a great season and great run the last several years! They are a great team as well!
  8. 2015 (GOODPASTURE when they were Single A) was the last time that a team lost on day one, played 3 games on day two to advance to the finals, then won it all. Will Nolensville have the legs to do it today? South Greene did it today in A!
  9. I’m wrong all the time brother! I’m sure y’all are happy to play someone else besides Loretto since this would have been the umpteenth time you guys have played this year
  10. Hume Fogg vs East Hamilton for the big trophy tomorrow! Should be a great match! Is this the first time a MNPS has played for a volleyball state title?
  11. Nolensville gets revenge on Cleveland to set up a state championship game vs an all too familiar foe in Ravenwood! Let’s see if Nolensville has enough left in the tank. Today had to be exhausting.
  12. Hey it was a fair statement at the time since hours before Loretto had handily beaten SG 3-0 But there’s a reason you play the games…congrats on the reverse sweep against Eagleville and a win in the rematch vs Loretto. Summertown vs South Greene for all the marbles tomorrow!!!
  13. Summertown punches the first ticket to the finals with a 3-2 win over Loretto. 5th set was 16-14. Loretto was very impressive. Of course if you remember last year Summertown won in 5 in the final four and then won again in finals 3-0. We’ll see what happens this year because I believe it will be these two in the finals again tomorrow!
  14. Anderson County defeats Sullivan East and joins Hume Fogg, East Hamilton and Dyer Co in the final four. The 5p matchup with Hume Fogg and Anderson Co. will be another war I am sure!
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