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  1. Starting a discussion area for small school teams... Loretto lost a couple of players from a tough state championship team, but were deep and they will be expected to compete again. Sale Creek were runners up in 2018 only losing to Loretto twice in the tourney, and should compete again as well. To my knowledge, Hickman Co. doesn’t have many year round players, but are scrappy and athletic. With experience at state last year, they should not be counted out. I have already seen Harpeth, Summertown, and 2018 Final 4 team, Watertown at play days. All 3 are looking poised for a potential run at State. Teams like perennial state attendees South Greene should Be around as well. Anyone else?
  2. Many teams start tomorrow (19th)...most at least sometime this week.
  3. Small potatoes to the rest of the conversation, but there was a small school play day at McEwen yesterday and for those of you following the small school scene, the 3 best teams there were easily Harpeth, Summertown and Watertown. All three traded sets with each other and if you were to play to best of 5 it would have been anyone's match. Harpeth is strong at middle, Summertown is a big team with a couple of good hitters and Watertown is even, but seems to have lost a lot from the scrappy team that made the single A final 4 a year ago.
  4. The Club season is complete and now that dead period is over many teams are practicing, attending camps, and I even know of a few play days kicking off in the next few weeks. For most teams, school (and the season) begins in a month! Incredible! I look forward to the back and forth, and will start some division level threads like we did last year once the season gets moving!
  5. As another volleyball dad, I hear all the talk as well. The 'choosing a club/invite/tryout' process has been very stressful for my family in the past. It is an ever-evolving process. Clubs come and clubs go. What is hot one day will be ice cold the next. Just wait. In another 5 years TPV will have split into 2-3 other 'new' clubs. I honestly haven't heard many gushing things about them except the rumors from high-level players that are getting perks. From the people I know who went there it seems like it's a little much for the young/developing player. People are flocking there cause it's the new/hot thing, but when it cools down the numbers will fall, coaches will separate...its all good...like you said, Everybody just needs to do what is best for their own kid. I would love to send my kid to Alliance but I live 40+ miles away and I don't want my teenager making that drive 3-4 days a week. Not to mention the cost. My oldest is not a D1 prospect or I might reconsider. She has been contacted by DIII and NAIA schools and so we are just fine at the smaller club we have chosen where we get lots of personal attention and she will have fun and continue to learn and improve.
  6. Not much of a surprise, Brentwood rolls in 3. Only lost 1 set all tourney.
  7. Congrats to Portland who left no doubt they were the best team in AA!
  8. Congrats to state champs Loretto. I have thought for the last month or so they were the best team in single A, and they proved it in this tournament. After getting torched in set one by Sale Creeks very good middle hitting, they re-adjusted, put the block on her and spread the ball around themselves getting 4 hitters into double-digit kills.
  9. Clifford you were right about the Sale Creek middle. Little, but effective. Super quick swing!
  10. That sounds AWESOME. Love hearing stories like that. East Hamilton played their hearts out and beat a good Camden team twice. CONGRATS!
  11. I admit it would be a cool thing to see someone else win one now and again, but I don't think its not gonna happen this year. Bruins in 3 is my prediction.
  12. Especially after they have done so very well in much of the sports scene. I know they have won state titles in like 5 or 6 sports.
  13. Yes Div II. Not sure of classification. Grace Christian Franklin also moving for 2019. Columbia Academy and Trinity Christian (Jackson) probably won't be far behind. I think these are the last 4 private holdouts left in Div 1.
  14. I saw Sale Creek play at the Mid TN Classic back in Aug? early Sept? and don't remember anyone really standing out, but completely understand that most teams are LIGHT years away from what they were at the beginning of the season. I know a friend at Hickman Co. said she indeed absolutely torched them today. As I said above, since losing in round 1 they really have seemed to come alive.
  15. Well, I think everyone (including Camden themselves) thought they would do better in this tourney than they did. East Hamilton really had their number, and I for one, really under-estimated them. (EH) Portland and Knoxville Cath seem to easily be the two best teams in the AA tourney... and what a classic they had earlier today that sets up an epic final tomorrow! It's gonna be a battle...Can't wait to watch that one! Since this is the last year for Knoxville Cath in Division 1-AA I am assuming they are gonna be ALL IN for this - their last shot at a state title in this division. Portland would love nothing more than to spoil that party!
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