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  1. Congrats to these ladies for being recognized as ALL-STATE by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association. CLASS A OH: Natalie Fountain, Watertown, Jr. OH: Mercedes Collins, South Greene, Sr. OH: Ivy Bales, Gatlinburg-Pittman, Sr. OH: Laynee Dew, Halls, Sr. OH: Hailey Jones, Summertown, Jr. MH: Ann Elise Jackson, Harpeth, Sr. MH: Karly Weathers, Loretto, So. MH: Katie Burdette, Summertown, So. S: Olivia Cox, Harpeth, Sr. S: Sydney Gentry, South Greene, So. S: Caiti Beth Gallaher, Summertown, Jr. S: Brookelyn Davis, Watertown, Jr. LIB: Allison Smith, Sale Creek, Jr. LIB: Sydney Murrell, Watertown, Sr. LIB: Baylee McDowell, Gatlinburg-Pittman, Sr.
  2. Congrats to these ladies for being recognized as ALL-STATE by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association. CLASS AA OH: Katie Crutchfield, Portland, Sr. OH: Morgan McMurray, Anderson County, Jr. OH: Sydney Owens, Lexington, Sr. OH: Madison Hayes, East Hamilton, Sr. OH: Avery Young, Nolensville, So. OH: Abby Rector, Hixson, Sr. OH: Abbey Jayne, Sullivan South, Sr. MH: Savanah Pippin, Portland, Jr. MH: Raegan Holyfield, Crockett County, Sr. S: Hillary English, East Hamilton, Sr. S: Madison Hughes, Milan, Sr. S: Hannah Freeman, Anderson County, Jr. LIB: Megan Turner, Gibbs, Sr. LIB: Lauren Starcke, Nolensville, Jr. LIB: Emily Rogers, Portland, Sr.
  3. Congrats to these ladies for being recognized as ALL-STATE by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association. CLASS AAA OH: Shaye Eggleston, Brentwood, Jr. OH: Ashllyn King, Blackman, Jr. OH: Joy Douglass, Cleveland, Sr. OH: Staley Humphries, Dobyns-Bennett, Sr. OH: Jaycie Jenkins, Daniel Boone, Sr. OH: Kennedy Shaw, Germantown Houston, Sr. MH: Jillian Amsler, Franklin, Sr. MH: Hannah Watson, Dobyns-Bennett, Sr. MH: Jordan Jones, Germantown Houston, Sr. S: Sophia Bossong, Siegel, Sr. S: Piper Drazek, Brentwood, Sr. S: Rachel McCollum, Collierville, So. S: Carly Cooper, Ravenwood, Sr. LIB: Haley Sanders, Brentwood, Jr. LIB: Erica South, Cookeville, Sr.
  4. Jay, who was the MVP of championship game?
  5. Now that the season is over...are there awards given out for All-State Tournament teams, or do we just wait for the Tennessee Sports Writers Awards which are usually around the new year?
  6. Yep, that was August 18. And I had tabbed 5 of the top 8 at that time. It’s a shame that the way the Regions/sectionals shake out that several good teams get left behind...while several weak teams get through. Memphis East brought a 17-1 record into the state tourney, and while they were athletic, they had kids serving underhand. Not a good volleyball team. I’m like what do the 17 teams they beat look like?!?! Meanwhile, Loretto, Hickman Co and other decent teams folks have mentioned here sit at home. It’s a shame. it was a great season. Good luck with club. My kid actually starts tomorrow. No rest for the weary!
  7. I feel bad for Portland not getting the 3-peat, but congrats to Nolensville (which I picked way back at the beginning of the season!)
  8. Congrats Jay. You definitely proved to be the best team in the tourney. I wanted Harpeth to give you guys a try. I think we matched up better with you guys than we did with Watertown. Maybe next year!
  9. Watertown beats Harpeth 3-1 to advance to championship vs Summertown. Harpeth, playing in their 3rd match of the day (including a 5 set match vs South Greene), just ran out of gas. Summertown is playing super-well and should be the champions. We shall see tomorrow!
  10. Harpeth eliminates Halls 3-0 to force a rematch with Watertown. Winner gets Summertown in the final tomorrow.
  11. Summertown manhandles Watertown 3-0 to be the first team to punch a ticket to the single A final.
  12. The Final Four is set....Harpeth eliminates South Greene in 5 to set up a match vs. Halls. Watertown and Summertown taking the court now for a marquee matchup.
  13. Gatlinburg-Pittman is eliminated. Halls moves on to the final 4. Harpeth and South Greene are next.
  14. Rockstar89

    Dear TSSAA

    It’s been fine at Blackman and siegel...
  15. The 2nd Single A team eliminated is Memphis East who fell to Harpeth 3-0. We’re down to 6! Halls vs. Gatlinburg-Pittman Harpeth vs. South Greene Summertown vs. Watertown I’ve seen them all and I would say Summertown has the best shot, but they haven’t really been tested yet. Watertown should do just that. That game is gonna be rockin’. Both have great, fun fan bases. While Watertown has been fairly solid, if you look at the scores, they played a lot of very close sets all day. A few plays here and there and they could easily be on the outside looking in. If they don’t play perfect against Summertown, they could get blown out. That said, if they can keep Summertown out of system and keep the ball away from their OH, it could be a long day for Summertown. It’s why we play the game!!! Harpeth hasn’t given anyone near their best yet...still waiting for the team that mauled Loretto last week to show up. I wasn’t really impressed by Gatlinburg, Halls or South Greene, but would say South Greene is the better of the 3. Tomorrow will be a great day of ball!
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