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  1. I'm pretty sure the jamboree is with Monterey on the 13th
  2. The Tennessean had this as best 2A game of week 1. I mentioned in another thread this game will tell us a lot about what to expect for both teams and both the regions that they represent.
  3. I think this will be a two team race for 1st (Marion and Meigs). I just don't believe Tyner and Bledsoe can play with either of the other two. That first week matchup between York and Bledsoe will tell us a lot.
  4. Honestly, no one stood out and I think a lot of the teams were playing younger guys. It was very humid.... Most of the teams went home after pool play and I left as well. McMinn County stood out amongst most. Their QB had a good arm
  5. Rockwood, Midway, and Kingston were at Cumberland County today. Not sure who else
  6. Yeah, Region 2 absolutely no love except for Monterey and they are coming up from 1A. No Red Boiling Springs or Pickett County anymore.
  7. Stateoftennesseehsfb.com 2A Preseason Top 15 Team Rankings 1. Meigs County 2. Westview 3. Watertown 4. Trousdale County 5. Marion County 6. MAHS 7. Riverside 8. Lewis County 9. South Greene 10. Huntingdon 11. Bledsoe County 12. Monterey 13. Fairley 14. Tyner Academy 15. East Robertson
  8. No, McCoin did not coach last year and he is not coaching this year. You have bad intel
  9. what position does he play?
  10. McCoin did not coach last year and I'm pretty sure since Lamb is not the head that he is done for good.
  11. even if they are coached by high school coaches?
  12. Dead period is to officially begin tomorrow (Monday 28th). I just heard an assistant coach at a school say they were in a 7 on 7 in the Cookeville area. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  13. I'm pretty sure Walker Valley lost quite a bit from last year
  14. With small rural communities the head coaches are usually stuck with whoever was there before. They don't get to bring in their staff. That is one reason hiring former alumni is usually a good thing. They will kind of know who in the community might be a good volunteer coach where is an outsider is truly at the mercy of whoever gets to them first and recommendations of people they don't know. It is a tough situation for smaller schools with limited funds.
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