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  1. What did you think about Coalfield? Do they look like 1A contenders?
  2. Anybody with any info? Who, where, and when? Getting eager to see some football and hear some pads popping.
  3. No love for region 2 I see, not even Monterey? They have everybody returning
  4. Did anyone happen to see how they fared in the 7 on 7? Not sure what other teams were involved.
  5. I've heard that Maynard has been at workouts this summer. Any word on that?
  6. Where did Hennigan coach last season?
  7. Clarkrange is the same way. I think they could field a fairly competitive team in 1A.
  8. that doesn't sound promising if your a MC fan does it?
  9. Why isn't their head coach running practice?
  10. looks like they are all Memphis or Memphis area schools. Nobody wants to go there...lol
  11. who are the new coaches and what are they coaching?
  12. can you provide that link? I couldn't find it.
  13. that would be my guess on what has happened in the past. York admin has been a mess since they let Brannon go three or four years ago.
  14. with 4 minutes to go 16 fouls against York and 4 against WV. Just keeping up since that has been such a hot topic
  15. yep, steps down when they are gonna be down and wants it back when they are ready to make a run. Did the same thing to Samber who has been successful at Stone.
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