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  1. South Gibson is coming to Covington Friday night. Both teams are coming off a bye week giving them a extra week to prepare. The game in 2018 was great and came down to a one point win by Covington. SG beat MIlan 10-7 earlier in the season. Covington lost to Milan 2 weeks ago 14-7. A win by either team will give them a opportunity to win the region. I expect a really good ball game Friday night. Who do you guys pick to win this one ?
  2. If Covington and Milan win the next two region games how will they go by picking the 1 spot? South Gibson, Covington ad Milan will have the same region record.
  3. Great ball game. Covington had its chances but didn't capitalize on them. Congratulations to Milan.
  4. I was at the Ripley vs. Covington game and I can say Ripley has improved a bunch since last season but I don't think they can handle Haywood. I say Haywood by 21+
  5. Haven't seen Milan this year but I have been to see Covington since week 0. I'm just going off of what I have seen on here. My prediction is 21-7 Covington and thats if Milan's D is as tough as people say. I still think it will be hard to stop Covington's run game. They have to many weapons. You will have to be very disciplined to stop them. Hope it's a great injury free game.
  6. I was in attendance at that game when Darren went the other way for 99 yards! Amazing play! I'm ready to the the stud quarterback over at Westview. Wondering how the different styles of play will come in to play Friday night with Covington been a dominant running team and Westview passing. Should be a good one. Is Westview the best team Covington has faced this year ?
  7. Westview is making some noise! I'm not looking past Brighton but I can honestly say I very interested in the Westview vs. Covington game next week! Hopefully they both will still be in the top 10 !
  8. Most definitely agree. Great all around D. Plenty of experience. Maybe one or two young guys but so far they have stepped up to the table!
  9. From what I hear they are balanced run and pass. They will spread you out and run some double heavy formations as well. Very disciplined ball team. Ranked 14th in 4A.
  10. I hope it goes this way ! Do you know how they are on offense? Pretty Balanced? Just wondering since we really haven't faced a passing team yet.
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