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  1. You would think they would bring 100 people to dance to that “all brass band” ! Lol
  2. Dang! Was looking forward to the visiting side to be full.
  3. The guys have really stepped up with AC going out. I think he would have given us a big help with stopping the pass this week. Our DB’s have to be ready!
  4. It could be. I haven’t seen Pearl in a few years since they moved up to 4A but I know they always have plenty of athletes. I think this one will come down to coaching and Smith and his staff is pretty dang good!
  5. I think Pearl will be able to match the athletes that Haywood have. Charger fan but I’m pulling for the Tomcats in this one!
  6. I would have to agree with you. I think Dyersburg will play a much better game. I still don’t think it will be enough to win. Go Chargers!
  7. I know the Trojans will be fired up to knock the Chargers off. I hope we are focused and ready to go from kickoff. Go Chargers!
  8. I hope the Chargers are focused! Get this W and take the playoffs one game at a time.
  9. Good luck to both teams! Hope Haywood Bring the Gold home this year! Go Chargers!
  10. What do the tomcat fans think about the Chargers?
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