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  1. Coach K will have them ready I'm sure ! Great defensive coordinator.
  2. Great game Pearl. Covington made to many mistakes but still had a chance to win the ballgame. Two fumbles both when we were driving the ball good down the field and the special teams break down killed us. The extra point wouldn't have mattered I dont think if we would have cut the mistakes. Good luck to PC next week. Hopefully we see you guys next year on the west side. Maybe we want have to skip a year this time around.
  3. How big is the visitors side of the stadium? I know Covington will bring a big crowd. Just wondering how many hours early I need to show up. lol
  4. That's just crazy if it's not in any better shape. Plus the rain today didn't help it any.
  5. That turf can get slick too. I remember a few weeks ago our guy slipped a few times down at Melrose.
  6. If moved will it be on turf or another grass field?
  7. I look forward to making the trip to Nashville Friday. Should be a great game. It was the last time we made the trip. Hope the Chargers leave with the W. GO CHARGERS!
  8. I have done a little digging and from what I have seen Wooddale has some great skill players that can move out in space and you have to wrap them up or they will break some for long gains or even a TD. I believe Covington has some good skill players on defense too that can play with just about anyone. I have been checking the weather also and its suppose to rain some Thursday and Friday and I think that will play in Covington's favor in the style they play.
  9. Great ball game! SG played a heck of a game! Go Chargers!
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