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  1. fanoffootball2013

    Covington Chargers 2019

    JR Kirby was named head coach this morning! I think he will do a great job.
  2. fanoffootball2013

    Covington Chargers 2019

    Any word on the head coaching job?
  3. fanoffootball2013

    Covington Chargers 2019

    I think Kirby will get the job. I don't see him not wanting it. Really dont think they will go outside the program. Covington has good community support and a great gridiron to back the team up. That's a situation any coach would love to be in.
  4. fanoffootball2013

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Think Kirby is up next ?
  5. fanoffootball2013

    The Refs are winning Cookeville!!!

    I am a Covington fan and was at the game. I think the officials missed some calls on BOTH teams.They are not perfect. Overall they called a great ball game yesterday.
  6. fanoffootball2013

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    Great season Chargers. We played toe to toe with one of the best teams in the state today. Congratulations to Alcoa. Covington gained much respect tonight.
  7. fanoffootball2013

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    That is exactly what mine is saying.
  8. fanoffootball2013

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    I think Haywood will have to throw deep or just throw period to keep Greeneville D honest. Really would like to see if they can cover Haywood deep.
  9. fanoffootball2013

    Big Games in Memphis 2018 - Championship Weekend

    Covington plays Saturday 3pm. Thanks for adding us, seem like we can't get any news time in Memphis. lol ! I'm sure its because THE HAVEN Football team is on the news every week lol. Very much respect to yall program. Best of luck to you guys . Bring the gold ball back to West Tennessee AGAIN !
  10. fanoffootball2013

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    #7. I'm sure you guys are pretty balanced but who is the big rusher for Alcoa? How many passing yards does Mr. Football have ?
  11. fanoffootball2013

    Mr. Football Winners! 2018

    Will he play RB for the Vols ? Or are they looking to move him to another position?
  12. fanoffootball2013

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    It was a ballgame last year untill late in the 3rd quarter. Hopefully the Chargers will pull it out this year. It will be tough though. GO CHARGERS!
  13. fanoffootball2013

    Stratford @ Covington

    No . Covington 93.5 fm
  14. fanoffootball2013

    Stratford @ Covington

    I doubt it
  15. fanoffootball2013

    Stratford @ Covington

    Firebird I'm sure our coaching staff is not looking past this team. Heck they made it this far some kinda way and you don't make it to the state semi's being God awful. I know the coaching staff will be preaching to the kids all week the same thing. Teams like this are the ones that can break you because they do things you wouldn't think, like you said line up wrong sometimes. I do think though our special teams will be a big factor. From what I seen that is a huge weakness for them. Go Chargers!