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  1. Any thoughts on the game this week? Upperman should take the win this week since Coach Hayworth doesn’t know anything about defense, special teams, or offense. Most people like to blame Grundy’s offense as the problem, but people fail to mention all of the points that have been scored on the defense. Coach Hayworth needs to fix the defense, but he doesn’t know how. He thought he could fix the offense by changing the OC in the middle of the season.... maybe he could fix everything by quitting and going home and take the new OC with him. They are not good for the kids. They are only there for the money and to be seen on Friday nights. They do no work in between Friday nights and take their frustrations out on the kids. Parents and players need to speak up and stand up for themselves.
  2. Yes, he is still on the team. He had an injury and the Bledsoe game was his first game back. Yes, he was good in middle school, but we all know high school is a different ballgame.
  3. You would think someone would investigate it..... The investigation should have started months ago..... no spring scrimmages, no pre-season scrimmages, and spring and summer workouts were not consistent. I really think the reason they don’t practice like every high school in Tennessee is because he is out of his league coaching. He might have played the game years ago, but coaching the game is different. He doesn’t know enough to be coaching. Watch the defense.....something he can’t fix because he is lost and he surely won’t ask for help.
  4. Just to show the lack of effort from the HC ..... yesterday’s practice was called off because the electricity was out. Now I am not a rocket scientist, but you could have practiced outside in the sunlight where the game of football is normally played!
  5. Yes, it is crazy! You would think someone would try a little harder considering how much money her makes!
  6. I have heard about the same thing. It is hard to get any better if you don’t practice. I would think that if the HC wanted to keep his job next year he try a little harder, unless coaching high school football at Grundy County is beneath him.
  7. Any thoughts on this week’s game?
  8. Yep....that is what I am hearing. Maybe 2 practices a week. No pre-season scrimmages, no spring scrimmages. All that will catch up with the team. They need a new D-line and O-line coach to show those kids something. There is a great group of athletic kids on the team, they just don’t have a HC that gives a crap. The HC likes to look the part, but that is about all you will get out of him. I hope the county taxpayers are satisfied with their $60k employee.
  9. Unfortunately, they have not gotten rid of the terrible AD. I am not sure what other proof they are wanting to have before they send him back to his while in Gruetli. Has anyone heard the status of them getting a middle school head coach? Or heck just other coaches to help out at the high school level?
  10. The middle school program is made up of 6-8 graders that are in the area elementary schools. The middle school program plays at the high school. Hopefully the HS Head Coach will get back with you soon.
  11. Yes, you are spot on. The kids in the area need sports, but usually quit playing because of small town politics. These small town politicians (the AD) like to run around and feel powerful probably because they are missing something in other areas of their life. The AD needs to go play in the dirt back at his playground at his house and take his buddies with him — especially if they are in it for the power or the money and not in it 100% for the kids — your actions speak louder than your words.
  12. Yes, people in the area are grumbling—just not loud enough yet. The parents, players, and the community need to voice their concerns loud enough so the right people can hear them.
  13. For one the AD likes to cause drama and has his little soldiers to help spread his lies. This only causes problems within the athletic programs and the kids are the ones who end up suffering. Again, the KIDS are the ones that suffer.
  14. Does anyone know when the high school will be having summer workouts? Or the status of when a middle school coach will be hired? Or when more coaches will be hired at the high school to help? I hope they know not to wait until school starts back to do this. If the administration doesn’t open their eyes and do something soon then the program is going to be in trouble. They need to get rid of the AD (they should have done this weeks ago). Then someone needs to tell the head coach what is expected of him and if he can’t do that then he needs to go back to his other line of work.
  15. Yes, you are correct. The field does need work. The board has already had to fix one mess the AD and the head coach made of the field. I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks to see what other messes those two will make and will have to be cleaned up and fixed.
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