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  1. Unfortunately, they have not gotten rid of the terrible AD. I am not sure what other proof they are wanting to have before they send him back to his while in Gruetli. Has anyone heard the status of them getting a middle school head coach? Or heck just other coaches to help out at the high school level?
  2. The middle school program is made up of 6-8 graders that are in the area elementary schools. The middle school program plays at the high school. Hopefully the HS Head Coach will get back with you soon.
  3. Yes, you are spot on. The kids in the area need sports, but usually quit playing because of small town politics. These small town politicians (the AD) like to run around and feel powerful probably because they are missing something in other areas of their life. The AD needs to go play in the dirt back at his playground at his house and take his buddies with him — especially if they are in it for the power or the money and not in it 100% for the kids — your actions speak louder than your words.
  4. Yes, people in the area are grumbling—just not loud enough yet. The parents, players, and the community need to voice their concerns loud enough so the right people can hear them.
  5. For one the AD likes to cause drama and has his little soldiers to help spread his lies. This only causes problems within the athletic programs and the kids are the ones who end up suffering. Again, the KIDS are the ones that suffer.
  6. Does anyone know when the high school will be having summer workouts? Or the status of when a middle school coach will be hired? Or when more coaches will be hired at the high school to help? I hope they know not to wait until school starts back to do this. If the administration doesn’t open their eyes and do something soon then the program is going to be in trouble. They need to get rid of the AD (they should have done this weeks ago). Then someone needs to tell the head coach what is expected of him and if he can’t do that then he needs to go back to his other line of work.
  7. Yes, you are correct. The field does need work. The board has already had to fix one mess the AD and the head coach made of the field. I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks to see what other messes those two will make and will have to be cleaned up and fixed.
  8. Yes, he does need to go back to the hole he crawled out of in Gruetli. He has done nothing to improve any of the sports programs in Grundy. I don’t know why they haven’t already fired him. He must have some people brainwashed with the lies that he tells.
  9. The players are working hard, but the head coach and the AD didn’t schedule any spring scrimmages for them. They are in need of a middle school coach and more coaches to also help out with the high school program.
  10. Volsrock (aka Scott Smith) — you have already lied to the people of Grundy County by saying you were not going to be the coach here—- all I am going to say is don’t expect a warm welcome. The director of schools and the principal at the high school have just killed the football program. I guess the surrounding football programs can send them a thank you letter since all of the players will be looking to go somewhere else now. I hate it for the players and coaches that have tried to keep the program together. I hope you all find somewhere else to go to that will appreciate your talents as an athlete or a coach.
  11. Who knows with this administration. It sure seemed last night during the public interviews that were conducted that volsrock, aka Scott Smith, seemed pretty confident that he had aced the interview, even though on here he said he was “not taking the Grundy County head coach position”. He is full of it and everyone seems to know it, except for the principal, the director, and one of the board members (Melton). I guess they have already worked out a deal between themselves and Mr. Smith which probably involves Mr. Melton being able to continue running the concession stand and also being on the sidelines with the headsets on where he can tell Smith to run it up the middle 15 times then try to pass it every once in a while. Parents/Guardians/anyone that still loves Grundy football: show up to the meeting tonight and show your support for the players. They have made it clear who they want as a coach. (and it isn’t you, volsrock. Stay where you are at—or somewheres close to there in case you don’t get hired back this year at Morristown).
  12. So on Wednesday, February 7 the school board athletic committee is supposed to meet at the high school. Wonder if the head football candidates will be there for the board and the public to meet? Does anyone know if Scott Smith officially took his name out of that hat?
  13. He resigned from Glencliff after being there for only 5 months (February - beginning of June 2017). They lost player interest. Supposedly there were only 12-15 players that wanted to play for him. The rest of the team quit. I wonder what the administration at Glencliff would have to say about him? And he quit in June....terrible time to quit as the head football coach.
  14. Thank you, Scott Smith (aka volsrock) for the confirmation.
  15. Thoughts from tonight’s school board meeting..... Why is the director keeping the final two candidates for the head football coach a secret? Everyone knows who the final two candidates are. She needs to stop playing games. She sure is showing that her concerns are not the kids.....she just wants to keep playing games with the board members.
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