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  1. So since some folks “booking” the future of high school kids... who does TC have coming back next year. With #5 playing on Saturday’s is there a horse in the barn to replace him? I think one of the things that goes understated about TC is their LB play. Fast and strong to the ball. What’s it looking like next year for TC?
  2. Pulling for TC. Haven’t seen Meigs this year, but #5 for TC is just a force of nature.
  3. No doubt. #3 no slouch either. But #5 is a man playing a boys game. Really impressive. Even if you “stop” him he falls forward for 3 or 4 yards.
  4. Our DC was out for “Contact Tracing”. And our head coach his an issue with time management.... and finishing inside the 10.... and adjusting to what is happening from series to series.... etc, etc. Heath Price isn’t walking through that door. He saved that man’s bacon more times than I care to remember. But TC was perfect tonight. No penalties, great game management. That’s why you guys are who you are and why we keep trying. Congrats man.
  5. Great job TC. #5 is a bad bad young man. Good Lord he is something special. NOW GO WIN STATE!! I’ll be there to cheer you on. Congrats.
  6. Good Lord. Who did they say was downfield? Every lineman was behind the line of scrimmage. Unreal.
  7. Still, I was impressed the Marion’s effort the whole game. They’ll be a team to contend with next year. A lot of returning starters. One suggestion. If you only throw the ball when you think you “have to” throw the ball, you’ll never be very good at throwing the ball.
  8. TC is our white whale. They should be favored until we prove we can beat them in November. I feel good about our chances this year. But TC has shown they know how to win at this time of year. Should be yet another classic.
  9. Wow that’s a ton of of returning starters. That’s awesome. Yeah, safe to say Marion is on the road back.
  10. There was no quit in Marion. Both teams got chippy at the end. It was an emotional hard fought game. Hard to blame kids for doing a little pushing and shoving. Glad to see it was brought under control quickly and cooler heads prevailed. Some very large young men on that line. And #9 in the back field... Good Lord, that’s almost unfair.
  11. #3 is the best pound for pound player I’ve seen in many years. He makes runs that defy explanation. #7 usually isn’t like that... well not as pronounced as it was tonight. I think he was just particularly hyped tonight. Cost us 15 yards at one point. He’s a good kid, he’ll learn.
  12. He’s pretty special. Runs the ball hard and has good vision. Every time I thought we had him down he got another 2 or 3 yards.
  13. Yup. Like I said earlier this week. We go up early, lose focus and a good team will punch you in mouth. 2nd half awaits.
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