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  1. Oh wow, this program is lucky the penalties wasn’t more severe
  2. too many kitty cats and not enough dogs.
  3. A lot of these coaches don't bother with a JV game at all due to the fact they'll have to coach a JV game on monday or tuesday, a freshman game on thursday, and then have a varsity game prepared for friday. It's simply asking too much of coaching staffs when over half of them are inadequate of coaching young men.
  4. coaching definitely has something to do with these records as well, i have seen a lot of coaches refuse to change there play calling/style to fit the players that they have. Doing the same thing every week when you lose only causes more losing and lose of morale. Who wants to be a loser every week? i don't blame kids seeking better coaching and better teams.
  5. All im saying is i better see a good game from these teams. Good Luck to boffum
  6. That’s interesting why did they decline?
  7. Seems like people are upset because it says “ex NFL Player” if the coach that caused the injury didn’t play in the NFL or college is this really a big issue? I’d say no because coaches simulate players from other teams all the time in practice.
  8. Im praying something can be done for glencliff in the future I’m looking at 65/0
  9. I’m hoping these teams have started to turn there seasons around now.
  10. Come on whitehaven I know yal can pull it off
  11. Had Bartlett actually become semi decent again? ( I don’t live in Shelby county anymore )
  12. Congrats you stopped Wilson County from winning their super bowl.
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