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  1. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rankings

    Who does PC have for spring ball?
  2. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

    hopefully they didn't just give it to anybody since its getting late
  3. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

  4. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

  5. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

    lol oh nevermind i see that he is East Nashville (wasn't paying attention), cant trust his thoughts on PC
  6. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

    cant fault that if the situation is better
  7. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

    Assistants leaving to pursue head coaching jobs? or the school is in shambles?
  8. Fballfan1978

    Metro Rumors

    Real question on my end why would he leave PC?
  9. Fballfan1978

    Brentwood Academy vs Whitehaven 2019

    thats is a good experience for the kids to get to do all of that traveling.
  10. Fballfan1978

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    whitehaven will more than likely be back in the semis next year.
  11. Fballfan1978

    Field conditions at CPA last night

    lol i guess so then huh?
  12. Fballfan1978

    Field conditions at CPA last night

    all i said was its no secret that teams will do that, and it seems like yal just got offended for no reason. Peace and Blessings my brother
  13. Fballfan1978

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I’m sure Gallatin will get right eventually.
  14. Fballfan1978

    Field conditions at CPA last night

    Say less, I won’t argue with grown women and men that I’ll never meet.
  15. Fballfan1978

    Field conditions at CPA last night

    I think its no secret that teams will sometime wet the field just to slow down a team that is more athletic or faster than them. Reading is fundamental