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  1. will any of these games be televised? (if so can you point me in the right direction??) I wont be able to make it to the games this week.
  2. All this talk about HB ( whose overrated at times) being one of the better teams in 5A and Gallatin is doing this to champions sounds very good for them going forward.
  3. Yea now that sounds like very good match-ups, im interested to see what HB will do this year and will Cane Ridge finally get over the hump for a championship.
  4. Im sure this is not the thread, but i haven't really seen any talk about it Whats potentially the best week 1 match up for metro? Currently deciding what game i would like to attend.
  5. that schedule looks pretty lackluster, compared to some of the match ups when have in the city. Weeks 5-7 look very promising
  6. cant find a coach? and who will they co-op with?
  7. Caught a couple games last season, don't think this is hurting MJ at all.
  8. If the admin has your back things can be easier.
  9. Says the guy who goes into hibernation after being eliminated every year and never can back up his talk.
  10. Soooo i guess thats a zero on how many state titles they have.
  11. MJ GoldenBear makes it seems as if MJ should have a few state titles under its belt
  12. Lmao!! whats the schedule like this year?
  13. Who does PC have for spring ball?
  14. hopefully they didn't just give it to anybody since its getting late
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