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  1. Hey all the line and r 2 tbs and qb have won this region the last 3 years they ready to make it 4 in a roll
  2. I guess u will.jus see friday night. He said if we stopped the run then y'all would pass for 500 plus. Y'alls line wouldn't hold up.long enough to throw that much. I'm glad y'all r having a good season again this year . But as if now y'all r the same ole Houston county team as last year . Started off like this then faded.
  3. That little line that HC has won't hold up
  4. Mcewen should win this one by as much as they want
  5. I would like to know wh3n this running clock was . Cuz the last time yall.beat Waverly it was 2012 and it was 28 to 14. So yea the only running clocks was the ones Waverly put on Houston county
  6. Yea man they made a change at rb last week and if they keep.it and run behind r line too think we win by a couple scores but if not it could be a long night for sure
  7. If Waverly comes to play the way we know they can . Then Waverly wins this one. Also hope they keep doc as the starting rb
  8. Y'all started off like this last year as well. Yes in 2 weeks we will see if y'all can beat Waverly. Till then Waverly is still the favs
  9. Congrats on the win i was wrong with my pick. See y'all in 2 weeks
  10. I got riverside winning 35 to 21
  11. No one post for east Hickman So no point
  12. I was jus telling him today we don't have a leader on the team yo take control. That has to change .
  13. Waverly has east Hickman this week. So can't really tell by who we play
  14. I'm going to.eat my crow. Hats off to.mcewen on y'alls win. Time for us to get bck to the drawing board and get things figured out. Again congrats mcewen on y'alls win
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