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  1. I'm not sure how it will work out. It's not a given that Meigs will win region this year albeit I think we have a really good shot. Oneida nearly always and Rockwood most of the time field some good teams. I would probably give us a nod though since we have both of them at home. But it's definitely not a given considering we graduated some great talent. We will see what we reload with.
  2. I could tell pretty much how good Meigs was gonna be after first scrimmage last year. This is what I said after our scrimmage against Loudon last year. Posted August 3, 2019 I'm not sure what the final score was, but if someone called it 7-4 Loudon I wouldn't dispute it. Meigs had flashes of greatness running the ball and our run defense looked really good. Our passing offense looked suspect somewhat. We had 2 interceptions, one of which was a pick 6. We just aren't hitting on all cylinders yet which is evident from preseason and some inexperience on the field. Final analysis for Meigs after scrimmage 01 this team could easily be better than last years team with some reps. We field some great talent just missed a few assignments from what I saw is what hindered us from doing well on all fronts be it blocking, running routes or coverage. all of which that can be adjusted. We seem to field better athletes than last year. Our defense was getting to the ball quick on a run play which was nice to see I could see our run defense this year being easily better than last years defense. I dont see alot of teams running up alot of yards against us. Our pass defense was a little suspect. Loudon managed most of their positive plays on passing plays against us on the starters. Something that will have to be adjusted before we can be a top team again. We have the athletes to do it easily, we just didnt get it done this scrimmage. Offensively our run game looked really good for the most part we were getting decent gains every play unless someone missed an assignment and was hit in the backfield. Our qb wasnt allowed to run the ball so saying we were handled is really questionable considering we had a handicap. Not taking anything away from Loudon they were a much better Loudon team then the one we scrimmaged last year. I could easily see them battling Red Bank for first spot this year barring injuries. Thank you, good day! Edited August 3, 2019 by Imthayeti ---------------------------------------------------------------- I can normally gauge a team pretty good after a scrimmage. Loudon played and beat Redbank twice last year and won region. Loudon was eventually put out by soon to be Champion Alcoa. Meigs ended up with 3000 yards shared rushing.
  3. Would be hard to get away with it nowadays. Too many readily available cameras with phones etc.
  4. Rockwood returns 16 kids but lose the best QB they have had in a long while a 4 year starter. Oneida lost most of their team the way I understand it. They return 6 players.
  5. Anyone knowing anything about the status of scrimmages, and Jamborees and those type things? I'd imagine they will cancel all of them due to covid, but I'd like to hear it from someone that knows one way or the other. I imagine there will be alot of different kind of seating this year implemented one way or the other.
  6. Haha, who knows I guess at this point. I will know alot when I see that first snap. Cant happen soon enough.
  7. Perry sure for the most part things are in place to make sure minority's get their shot when possible. Even if they dont qualify
  8. Yep I knew about that and have spoken about that incident alot recently . Truth be told I wish they were to make it equally racist for a person of color to have a crime against a caucasian individual. Wonder who would suffer from that the most between the two. I'm not racist in any shape form or fashion, however I would be the person protecting my business from looters and arsonist and all the hate that entails by any means necessary. Some of those folks having their businesses looted or burned now have no way to produce an income or provide for their family.... hows that not hate?
  9. The issue not spoken here is that it should be JUST as much an abomination to the looters and rioters for a person of color to kill another person of color. Not just an abomination when a white person kills a person of color. Why is it s much more of an atrocity when a random person of color is killed by a white individual? That is also racist friends. although some may not see it that way.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. And it's kinda funny those kinda blue will try and blame Trump for it.
  11. Found this persons highlight on sports illustrated. Kid is special no doubt. Some of his highlights were against Peabody, I didnt recognize the other teams. https://www.si.com/college/tennessee/recruiting/kody-jones-update-5-29-20 http://www.hudl.com/v/2Bg0SN Hard to defend players like that consistently. Just thought this was an interesting read. I hope he goes to Tennessee.
  12. Seems one thing Peabody knows how to do besides win is hire coaches that can get it done as well. Great winning %'s from those coaches.
  13. Agree fully. Some years the turnout of mules is stronger than others.
  14. That's what I had been told from a few people. I really didnt follow Meigs until one of my stepsons played and that was about the time Fitz and his crew showed up. Pretty good hire I'd say.
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