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  1. Sure, would like to get us more exposure out there. I feel like I'm the only one talking on our threads 95 % of the time.
  2. Sounds pretty decent King think Sullivan North and Happy Valley both won yesterday as well. Hampton had a tough opponent in Gatlinburg Pittman from what I read but also doesnt mean they are bad. When and who against is your first region game? Also did you manage to get those Videos converted?
  3. Afraid not bud, there were 3 listings on youtube yesterday for a live feed though. Not sure if the same people will be doing it again if you want to look it up later.
  4. Appreciate it, Hopefully it will be an exciting game with no injuries.
  5. Wartburg was more of a challenge for us last year then they normally were. We kinda started slow and pulled away late. They had a athletic qb last year, but I think hes graduated.
  6. Be good to have you both. Would have watched your game had I known we would get rained out. I may sit on the Sweetwater side this evening. Last night it was 1/2 empty and the sun isnt in your face on that side.
  7. 7:30 I believe. Small chance of rain today 20% all day which is normally pretty good.
  8. Just wanted to tip a hat at the teams that were underdogs and somehow managed to pull out a victory. For me this is The Tellico Plains Bears. They beat Sequoyah yesterday in the first game of the season with both teams having a new head coach. Tellico had a decent offensive showing in the Jamboree as well against Loudon scoring on the first drive. It's been a long time since I've seen them look good. And I think it's been since 2009 since they beat Sequoyah. They may not ever see this but a congratulations are in order to the new coach and the team. 2A Tellico 28 4A Sequoyah 0
  9. Our game was rescheduled for today for any that is just interested in a football game.
  10. Hard fought game, hate losing tight games like that. But congrats Oneida.
  11. Hate to say it, but my analysis of Loudon was spot on. Their offense is really impressive. Grats to the winners. It's very hard to stop a team like that consistently that has that much firepower.
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