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  1. South Greenes qb is suppose to be back and playing from what I'm hearing. We may not let them out do us.
  2. I'm very confident, but anything can happen. This team is gonna come in feeling like they can get a win at our field. Last team to do that this season was most likely Greenback. Cant wait.
  3. Never know, they are obviously as confident as we are about that. Should be a dandy.
  4. That's quite an amount for 4 years. I've nothing to compare, just yours really want your kid to go there to pay that.
  5. 1500 per year? So 6k for the full 4 years?
  6. Its probably pretty accurate. If Hamptons defense lives up to their hype and Oneida plays as they normally do on D this could be a low scoring affair. A turnover could decide this game honestly. I'd be surprised if anyone scored over 21.
  7. Hes is ok from what I'm hearing, but may not be in our next game. Right now its undecided. From what I'm hearing we will start the backup and possibly use Swafford if hes able/if REALLY needed.
  8. Probably right, but if your behind its go big or go home. I'll either lose worse, or take a step ahead.
  9. So what's everyone predicting for this game?
  10. @sgrebelyell Come on back and talk football. Dont let me run you off with my opinion as you have yours as well.
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