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  1. I haven't heard anything. I'm not in the loop though either.
  2. I assume he means at Wayne Turner Field which is the name of Tyner field.
  3. Appreciate it man, lineman for Meigs seems to always be the big question. Our coach was a lineman for Auburn when they were good as far as I know. If anyone has something good to teach them its him.
  4. @TynerRamFan and @Ram4Life If anyone knows about Tyner these two fellows would. I've met them both, and they are some good people.
  5. Everyone always does. But if they are the same caliber of players no one will touch you next year. Thats what seperated you from the rest of 2A these last 2 years mostly.
  6. @wpasi is a Rockwood guru and I think maybe @Jet Pride Im not sure myself about them. In 20 though I think they returned more than any team in region 2. So I doubt they will be so fortunate two years in a row. If #1 returns for them though they will definitely give some teams some problems.
  7. I'm no coach and I couldn't have done better myself. I just wish we had tried something different before we were down 21 points down going into the half. The stat difference speaks for itself. We could definitely hold our own against you. Just not running right at those really good lineman you had. Im proud of what we accomplished and think we have the best coaches and players in 2A East TN. That said we will try again this coming year lol. I will say that I think you will miss those lineman alot more than you think you will. Its not often to have that many great players on one team. You were very fortunate.
  8. Hey man how it going? I believe your qb is pretty good. I dont believe from what I saw he is a dual threat qb, but he is an accurate passer and has a great touch on the ball. Considering his youth and how he played in our game you will have great QB either next year or the year after. He did really good as a sophomore though. To answer your other question the reason I believe we lost the state game is because your line was just much better than ours as a whole. We had 2 maybe 3 players that were maybe as good as most of the rest of your line on offense and defense. I believe we could easily match you in every position except your line. The first half we tried to run between the tackles and just like last year we weren't able to get it done. This year you had the same line on both sides of the ball pretty much so I'm not sure why we took that approach again. If we had started the game like we started the second half the game could have went either way I believe. At least that's my opinion anyhow. Hope that answered tour question sir. And I will gladly talk football with you anytime.
  9. My post said he was fine at replacing Swafford and I stand by it. He didn't have to be better than Swafford just assume the role and di what a qb should do and he did. I will say in 13 games we played I didn't see a better qb take the field on the opposing teams.
  10. It will definitely be a good game man. We return probably 70% of the starters from the 20 team. Im only trying to say we have been really good at reloading year to year lately. We lost some great players no doubt. But we had great players in waiting too. Didn't mean to say anything to make your team less by any means.
  11. I wont dispute what you're saying about Marion. I did watch them in person at the Tyner game though so I know something of what talent they might have. If you read any of my preseason posts I sang the praises of our up and coming qb and how talented he was. I also said he would be fine replacing Swafford and he clearly was. I say that to say this. Meigs in 21 season will have athletes of our current qbs caliber all over the field. Lineman like #57 Malachai Hayden and #60 Hunter Brown don't come around often but if we replace them with anything close to what we had just in the other lineman we will be absolutely fine. The one thing I hoped to be able to do on coacht since I joined is build a reputation that would sway readers to believe what I say about Meigs to be the truth or at the very least maybe make people believe my opinions aren't just of a homer. I try to at the very least be honest . If I'm not believable now I probably never will be lol. That being said I think Meigs will do OK replacing what lineman we lost and linebackers. If #8 Ben Smith gets a chance at running back and manages to get just a tad more of field awareness and field vision he could possibly be one of the best runners we have seen. Ofcourse thats speculation but he is definitely the kind of athlete that could do it.
  12. On the 2021 thread I've spoken about Meigs a few times. We will have a senior loaded team with alot of the best players at their positions that have come through Meigs in a very long time. We lose 17, 28, 51, and 52 on defense. And on offense we lose 34, 51, 52, 57, and 60. There may be a few more but those guys were impact players. Meigs will be good again if we get some lineman to step up and try to replace 57 and 60. Easier said than done. Im curious to see who we put at RB this season. I know #5 wants it and he's a talented player but doesn't have the size to play rb full time. He's a great receiver though. Probably the best reciever we have at catching the pass on the run. Rb #23 Kraskous will be a Sohpomore next year. He's talented but I believe we need someone with a little more age and experience toting the rock imo. Im not a coach though so we will see. We won't be an easy out for anyone this upcoming season.
  13. 21 to me is not much of a concern as far as just being a competitive team. For the most part the last 4-5 years I knew who was gonna replace who and how good they were. In 22 There will be alot new starters to take the helm. I've enjoyed it while its lasted for sure. Not saying we wont be good then, just alot of the team in 21 will have been 2 and 3 year starters when they graduate.
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