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  1. Appreciate ya both. Been a busy end of year and really busy at work. Still.
  2. Take the first shot lol. I'd be surprised if we passed half as much as we did last season. And that wasn't very much.
  3. Meigs will be decent this year should contend for the region, but I'm not sure we will be deep playoff team. We should have a better overall line this year the way I understand it. We have alot of skill players still around but this is the first time I'm not sure who will be playing where. I expect alot of position changes this year and we will likely be more run heavy than normal.
  4. Lol well deserved post.
  5. Nice to have met you all tonight.
  6. Congrats TC. Good luck going forward.
  7. Great game guys. 85 bears probably going home. For the year.
  8. Trousdale 16 Meigs 8. 4 mins to go.
  9. We will have to want it bad to win this now.
  10. Quit getting penalties then lol facemask etc what you expect
  11. They aren't exactly on our side lol.
  12. Been a defensive game for both teams. Neither offense having much success.
  13. Not sure why we keep trying the middle. It's not there.
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