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  1. Just looked at pools. They seem imbalanced to me, particularly pool C. a very good team is going to be left out of gold. I think Siegel is healthier than they have been, but I still think they are missing some kids. TT can comment on Brentwood, but the box score suggests they rolled out a full squad vs. Indy. Also says they hit .423, so if they aren't 100 percent, I can't imagine what that would look like.
  2. Ouch, Page got killed by Ravenwood. Also, Siegel took down Cookeville in 4. The real teams are starting to separate themselves.
  3. Rockstar, I saw Franklin at one of the play days, and I agree, there isn't much there. I was still surprised they were winning games, but figured that was a combination of an easy schedule and some smoke and mirrors. They dropped another to Summit the other day, so maybe they're back to reality. In fact, the whole district is down, same with 7. Made the point in the other thread (and I still believe it) that Brentwood isn't Brentwood-As-Usual this year, but maybe they / you don't have to be.
  4. I'm surprised, partly because I had (have still) high expectations of Siegel, though the injury bug runs strong in that program right now. But I am also surprised because I saw Blackman a number of times during the preseason in multiple contexts, and while impressed with their potential, was surprised at how many errors they were making. Dumb errors, not physical ones, but sometimes those are harder to fix. Good for them. 2019 could be a real shakeup year.
  5. TT, good luck in Knoxville this weekend. (Anybody else here playing... ? Same wishes to you.) How did it go with Harpeth Hall yesterday? Big, dangerous team, they'll make noise in the private school bracket, but I imagine you had an easy time.
  6. Heard you swept, but that's all. How did it go? How many walking boots were on their bench?
  7. If TPV really was against whatever this person is doing, they should be clear about that. Otherwise, they get to reap the benefits of that person agitating on their behalf, getting kids in their gym and keeping the bills paid, without having to own the reality that this does, indeed, undermine local high school programs. "We aren't suggesting kids skip high school seasons, it's That Guy!" Plausible deniability again, just like with their Rick Butler relationship. Play the card when it suits you, but disavow it when it doesn't. Savvy.
  8. This got dark. So you are saying that the Puppetmaster (Wizard) is suggesting kids skip high school seasons and train with TPV instead, but she is not officially (or at least publicly) affiliated with the club?
  9. Pressure is: "If you don't skip your high school season and train in our gym, you will fall behind and someone else is going to take your spot next year." I don't think anyone is suggesting this is happening. But this is subtle pressure as well: "So, are you playing for your high school team this fall?" Those conversations happened. As a result, some number of kids (even for some of the top high school programs in the area) are skipping out on their high school seasons in order to "train". I'll say again: simply asking the question means that there is an acceptable answer other than "Yes, I am playing for my high school team." No kid, no parent should have to defend that choice. @SummaryJudgment ... you have confused me. You say that you know who is making kids skip their high school seasons in order to train with TPV, and that this person isn't a TPV person. This makes no sense to me. Who has that kind of influence on these kids and their families? In the one case I know about (and summarized above), the conversation was initiated by TPV.
  10. You and I saw the same Blackman team. I actually think pretty highly of both pins, and they have a halfway decent setter. They should be better than they are, but they're trying to hit home runs on every serve and every attack. You don't win in high school that way. On skipping high school and doing TPV training instead... We agree that is a dumb move. There is more to volleyball than training. I'm having a hard time believing that TPV management is against it, though. A very good friend whose daughter is a key cog on a potential state caliber team told me she was asked what her plans were: was she is going to play for her high school, or do that TPV fall training? If I were a lawyer, I would say there is plausible deniability in the phrasing of the question. You could defensibly say TPV is not "endorsing" kids skipping the high school season and training in their gym instead. However, simply asking that question would make me, as a TPV player or parent, consider that maybe there is an answer other than "I am going to help my high school compete for state." I'm really, really surprised a Brentwood player would do that.
  11. Saw a little bit of a lot teams at A-Game this weekend. Siegel may make a liar out of me after all... 3 kids in boots on the bench, their superstar setter just got out of hers, and one other potential starter is supposed to get checked out this week and could miss the season. I did not see the Libero we were talking about earlier, and couldn't get a straight answer from anyone as to why. "She's not playing high school" was all. Nobody seemed too bothered by it, their backup is a decent player. Libero is the least of their worries. Was not expecting to be impressed with Stewart's Creek, but I was. Did any of you see them? They might make it out of that district after all... Blackman wasn't as crisp as I expected. Nolensville looked really good, They'll be in the AA mix. But they were also missing 2 or 3 kids. One of their parents told me those players are not playing high school, and instead will play in the TPV fall league or some such. These are state-championship caliber teams, and kids are skipping their high school seasons in order to "train" (yes they used the air quotes). Somebody please explain this mentality to me. I get it if you are a National-team caliber player, and playing high school would present a safety issue to you, teammates, or opponents. But this is not that.
  12. Thanks. Congrats to you guys on a great start. I know Houston returns a lot of size and production from last year, but I am still surprised they were able to take a set off you guys. Was Barb playing some of the younger kids?
  13. Thanks, Rockstar! TT, did you guys play this weekend?
  14. Good luck this weekend to all teams playing at A-Game. Seems like just yesterday the kids were in Orlando. TT, is there anybody coming who is good enough to test you guys?
  15. Maybe if she played at Brentwood, but mark Apostle's list: every 12AAA team lost both a libero and a DS except Franklin (?). She'd be in the mix to start for pretty much any of those. On paper, Siegel needs to replace a 900+ dig libero, and you'd think that would be a tall order (and if I were the coach, I'd be saying as much to anyone who'd listen). But this is high school, not the Big 10. She's plenty good enough.
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