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  1. Osage

    2018 Season

    Did Brentwood win their Florida tournament? Strength of east and west TN is in the private schools this year. Briarcrest and Webb, and maybe Baylor are all better than their Middle TN counterparts. I think the private school state brackets are going to be a lot more interesting to watch this year than the public school ones. Dobyns-Bennett and Houston will probably make it to Murfreesboro, and have a chance to win a game or 2, but Brentwood is in their own class.
  2. Osage

    Dickson County

    Dickson County won the Knoxville event this weekend, and according to AES, they beat some real teams along the way. Williamson County is used to sending 2 teams to the State Tournament every year, because the District Winner and Runner-Up roll through Region and Sectional rounds. That's no longer a certain thing.
  3. Osage

    2018 Season

    I take clifford's point. Truth is, the high school season is sprint, not a marathon, and 40 matches over the course of 2+ months is probably too many. TT, I had also forgotten the 3 (only 3?) play days before the season, so wow, that plus 4 tournaments plus regular season, plus your eventual playoff run, that is a lot. The reason why this is potentially problematic is that kids this age don't (and shouldn't) train for this kind of volume of activity. But also, if the body does start to break down, the athlete / family / coach usually don't realize it in the moment. Instead, you get things like stress fractures and shoulder issues that manifest themselves gradually, and only become real problems after the fact. I'm glad to hear everyone is healthy.
  4. Osage

    2018 Season

    TT, how many matches is Brentwood going to play before the year is out, do you think? That seems like an awfully busy schedule.
  5. Osage

    2018 Season

    Heaven only knows what is going on in that district, with the exception of Brentwood's continued dominance. (In other news, the sun rose today...) I just hope for Brentwood's sake their out of town play keeps them sharp. The in-district schedule seems monotonously easy for them.
  6. Osage

    New club team

    But there was an important point VBDad615 made, and because he was subtle about it, I won't be: those rules only pertain to clubs who abide by USA Volleyball rules (and their Regional Presence, SRVA). Because the Sports Performance club director was banned for life from USA Volleyball, they do not register with USA Volleyball. Neither, therefore, does TPV. They could try out tomorrow if they wanted.
  7. Osage

    AA Teams to Watch 2018

  8. Osage

    2018 Season

    As I recall, the Summit coach is not well-liked. Which means nothing, of course. Russ Rose and John Cook are not well-liked either, but I don't think they, nor their administration, nor even the players care much. That said, this will be a telling season for him. He has (arguably) one of the top players in the state and a very, very good supporting cast.
  9. Osage

    New club team

    Did Club West close their doors? Heard their director is now an Alliance coach.
  10. Osage

    2018 Season

    Rough Day 1 for Williamson County... Independence lost to Dickson County, Summit lost to Lebanon... Franklin played up in White House, but I can't find a result for that. I think Brentwood and Siegel play tomorrow, that could be fun. Based on preseason play (and they played a lot), I would be surprised if Page is in the mix to advance out of District in October. They were pretty one-dimensional in their preseason tournaments. They have some good pieces to work with in addition to their workhorse: very good libero, good setting, good second middle. I think Ravenwood joins Brentwood again this year. They have maybe 10 kids who would start for any other team in the District, a lot of mix and match / plug and play pieces, and an outstanding coach. If not Ravenwood, it wouldn't surprise me if Indy comes out next, they have good size, 2 or 3 D1 kids, including an outstanding libero. Avri is good enough to win games all by herself for Summit, which makes them good enough to win on any given night.
  11. Osage

    2018 Season

    I can't believe there was another preseason event this weekend. Some teams have played entire an entire season's worth of matches already, with the official start of the season slated for tomorrow. That said, anything interesting in the Brentwood Blastoff yesterday?
  12. Osage

    2018 Season

    Blackman looked REALLY good. Given the earlier conversation about Siegel's injury issues, I think they may have a shot at that District. Lebanon will challenge for their region. I think Williamson County teams have regressed a bit back towards the pack. This is probably temporary... perhaps a factor of the 2019 and 2020 classes not quite as strong as previous years. Younger Williamson County kids (like those at Brentwood) are getting a lot of good, early experience at the varsity level.
  13. Osage

    2018 Season

    Baylor has a 2020 middle who is the real deal.
  14. Osage

    New club team

    It is surprisingly difficult to compare how Alliance and TPV did at AAU. Turns out there is not a single AAU age / division combination in which both clubs entered teams. So maybe the best way to compare them is to look at how they did against the targets they assigned themselves. The clubs are their own best judges in terms of their teams' competitiveness. Alliance, as I understand it, does not make any decisions in terms of where to enter its teams. Mizuno teams always play Open, Molten always play the next level down (Premiere, at AAU), and 3rd level teams play Club. Alliance does not enter teams in the lowest divisions (Aspire and Classic, respectively). The Sports Performance model means you enter teams in divisions where you expect them to win. For this reason, even the Mother Ship in Chicago does not enter younger teams in Open divisions, theory being the training model takes a few years to make the kids competitive. So long story short: Alliance entered teams in top divisions, TPV did not, and (though there were exceptions, as Clifford points out above), it was mostly a rough tournament for both clubs: less than half of Alliance (6 of 14) and TPV (8 of 18) finished in the top half of their divisions. Of those that did, there were some pretty good results: TPV placed 9th and 25th out of 75 in 13 Club, and 33rd out of 125 in 13 Classic TPV 18's finished 13th of 74 in 18 Club Alliance 15's and 16's (as mentioned above) had very good results Alliance 18's teams also finished strong (10th of 20 in Open and 13th of 37 in Premiere) What stands out the most is Alliance weakness in the 13's and 14's, and strength in the 15's and 16's. 9th out of 59 in 16 Open is really, really good for that Alliance 16's teams, placing them ahead of some outstanding teams. The exact opposite is true for TPV, with great results younger, and next to nothing in the middle age groups. If I were TPV, I would be trying hard to poach some kids off those 15's and 16's teams, so keep the illusion of competitiveness alive while those 13's evolve. I would have liked to have seen how those TPV 13's did against better competition, but back to the SPRI model: we'll have to wait a year or 2 to find out. There is certainly open-level potential there.
  15. The main pro I see is a matter of injury prevention. There could be a secondary benefit of playing more freely, slightly (but not completely) free of the worry that somebody is going to end your season by taking your knees out. Lots of cons, tho... cost, discomfort, restricted movement chief among them. But if you go to an SEC game (or similar), most or all of the interior linemen are wearing external knee braces. So there must be value there somewhere. Discuss please. If you your kid is (or was, or theoretically would be) a high school varsity center, guard, or tackle, would he be wearing knee braces?