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  1. Is anyone else just loving the smack talk because I’m loving it honestly lol
  2. I looked back at the page and you had us winning my bad lol
  3. Didn’t week 1 vs g-ville you had Watertown losing? Lol I don’t think you thought Watertown was a contender early on in the season
  4. This Friday is going to be a great game both teams are really good and I think both defenses are gonna play really good close game and a low scoring game but H2o wins trousdale too much one dimensional in my opinion
  5. I know that’s what I’m saying like everyone thinks that but I want them to tell me who they are bc I don’t have a clue lol
  6. Alright I’m behind alittle bit but this got brought up earlier in the page can anyone tell me what players are from Lebanon that are good on Watertown’s team yes we have grown a lot since the new school but not a lot of them play football I just wanna know since “that’s the only reason they are good”
  7. Is there anyway I could listen to the game or something like that?
  8. I believe y’all can go to the semis but good gosh man your skipping over two really good teams. I mean you gotta beat them first
  9. Another game Watertown’s starters are done by half too many weapons 49-7
  10. 1st round game lets here what y’all got
  11. That’s true we suck. Everyone might as well quit and play 1 on 11 bc price is the only player who’s any good lol
  12. That’s true but I’m talking about turn over not how far we made it lol
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