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  1. If you are who I think you are you know I am not hard to find. I can explain what really happened to you since you obviously don’t know or I can screenshot some texts and show the ppl on coacht what they are really getting. Prob best to leave it here though. Not going to respond again and hijack this thread.
  2. That is NOT the hire you ppl were talking about I hope. 10-11 no playoff wins. Hilarious
  3. Teams look at the actual record not what you want it to be. 10-11 in two yrs. Whether you like it or not, that is what the record is.
  4. Does it matter how competetive you are if the wins don't count at the end of the year? The title of best coach not in the playoffs is kind of a dubious honor.
  5. Paperwork and knowing the rules are not important, got it. I am glad you clarified that for everyone.
  6. Be really difficult to hire someone coming off a scandal like they had this season. Don’t see it happening but I have been wrong before. Definitely an awkard interview question that’s for sure.
  7. The least surprising hire of all time. They will continue to get wrecked in and out of district but nice guy I hear so good for them.
  8. Yeah not playing on a fancy turf field, your playing on a Metro grass field. Grass will be about 6 inches high. Not willing to make a prediction and I still think Greeneville wins but think it will be closer than you guys think.
  9. Maplewood and Greeneville will be a solid game too I think. Closer than people think. Maplewood will have more speed than most teams Greeneville plays. I saw Elizabethton beat Greeneville deep more than once which tells me Maplewood will be able to score. Now I don't think they can stop Greeneville running the ball but you never know, that is why they play the games.
  10. If I can slip away from the wife the day after thanksgiving without getting a divorce, I will surely be there. Although Oakland and Maryville is tempting.
  11. Absolutely, so is their football, basketball and wrestling coach. Rossview has an embarassment of riches when it comes to coaching.
  12. Football wizard, I like that. Can I steal that and use it as my screen name? I think common sense tells you that teams throw screens to get CB's to play up so they can beat them deep. I would rather him have to run through half the defense like 23 did on last play than just outrun one CB to score which he does pretty much ALWAYS. I didn't realize I was telling people how to do stuff on here. I explained the triple option to someone one time but other than that. Anyway I def don't know it all, hope I don't come off like that. I never said Northside was faster than SS, I said they were faster than you. I have never saw SS play, on film or in person but they obviously had a strong defense. You are right about fullback being injured, he was breaking off 8-10 yards a carry. He def would have gotten the ball on that 2 point conversion at the end of the game. Then we got to OT and who knows, Central had figured out JNS offense by that point. Anyways, I look forward to the game Friday and I am pulling for the local team although I cannot bring myself to say Go Jackets and mean it.
  13. It was the same thing with you though when it came to Central running for over 300 yards on your defense. It wasn't what a really good team and a great game, it was the officials fault. Was it bad coaching that night on Springfields part when Central threw that RB wheel pattern at end of game? No, of course not. Guess the DB's were just standing around looking lost then too. Since you pride yourself on your football knowledge, please enlighten us on how you would guard 23 if you were coaching against him. What in game adjustment do you think teams have available to them against a kid like that, who is the best athlete most of these kids will ever share the field with. Don't say put safety over the top because several teams have tried that. Don't say Cover 4 because teams have tried that. 2 Man hIgh-been tried. I would love to hear your game plan.
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