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  1. Davis has done some good things for MJC. They will be over powered by Hillsboro but it’s the jamboree I don’t believe any metro team will leave their first team out there the whole game. Look forward to seeing Mc vs PC . Last year the game was called for foolishness outside the game but PC scored on the first play . Wondering how good Mcg is , their numbers are down from what I’ve heard . That program use to be a power on the 80s/90s
  2. This week 1 classic at TSU between Hillsboro and Maplewood then Cane Ridge vs Pearl will be epic! 4 great programs ! This will be great for the community and metro ... This will be some good football
  3. From this week I heard : Maplewood and CPA went at it and CPA won 5-2 Hillsboro beat Indy 5-2 CR got beat by Ensworth 34-12 East dismantled Springfield Stratford and Antioch scrimmaged but no score was relayed Anyone have any other updates ? These updates may be inaccurate just going off what I was informed . Would like to hear about Mcgavock , Overton, PC, Hillwood, etc .
  4. I was looking forward to catching somof your scrimmage but as soon as I got there it was over . Will y'all reschedule or move on ?
  5. MJ is gonna be MJ. The Td came from a kid losing his footing and a prayer ball thrown in the air . If that's dominant than you're correct good luck on your season. How did Maplewood, East, Mcgavock, CR do? Any other good metro scrimmages this coming week?
  6. Hold your horse Mj , from my seat that definitely didn’t happen . The game seemed evenly matched with the 1st team both defenses looked pretty good. I didn’t stay the whole scrimmage I wanted to catch some of the PC & BA which was over with by the time I arrived cause of lightning but mj did not dominate the way you exaggerate. Now maybe the 2nd team did but I wasn’t there to see that.
  7. That is 3 coaches out of how many? Carlton Flatt, Marshall County coaches, Giles County coaches, but I'm not getting into all that but they are great coaches right . E Woods, A. Broome, M. Fitzgerald, T. Brunetti, and the others to name are not all cheaters. Speculations are all you hear but no sanctions like the previous listed. I guess the Coach that won state in Knoxville cheats as well. I'm pretty sure a lot of the guys on here complaining about cheating and racism cant coach themselves out of a wet paper bag or get steamrolled vs the coaches they complain about so they hide behind the names and talk junk.
  8. There is no way you believe the BS you're saying. Bleacher said the exact truth but you never seem to see that . You claim the better hire was made and there is no way he is a better hire, he knows , we know, you know as well as everyone else know why he was selected . If it was just hillwood the Bellevue community wouldn't have got involved like they haven't recently but now since the school is moving to Bellevue they want a particular look that fits the bill in their community. Some people don't want to admit the truth especially when they benefit from it
  9. Tom Moore. Came from Warren County which hasn't won more than 3 games a year in his whole time there but a few guys in here stated he was the better option.
  10. I thought I was the only one that felt this way but I digress. It definitely wasn't about resume comparisons
  11. Sounds like you have all the answers already . So you tell me how you would fix it
  12. Demographics are no where near similar to Murfreesboro / Clarksville. On the other hand I think the mentioned counties school system make up and structure is way better than metro . I don't anyone in metro board of Ed has a clue
  13. This wardummy guy is in over his head. He must be at a school that can't or haven't beat a metro school. He knows so much about it for someone who doesn't care . This guy just made up a son that he doesn't have or can't play dead in a western . Pearl Cohn Cane Ridge , Hillsboro, and Maplewood all have had state appearances in the past 10 years please name another county with this many appearances better yet name the school you're with and see how they came out in the last 10 year
  14. Heck yeah there is some issues we all know that , but their playing field is alot different then the surrounding counties . I just don't like the down play of metro coaching . Metro has some good coaches there .
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