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  1. That is 3 coaches out of how many? Carlton Flatt, Marshall County coaches, Giles County coaches, but I'm not getting into all that but they are great coaches right . E Woods, A. Broome, M. Fitzgerald, T. Brunetti, and the others to name are not all cheaters. Speculations are all you hear but no sanctions like the previous listed. I guess the Coach that won state in Knoxville cheats as well. I'm pretty sure a lot of the guys on here complaining about cheating and racism cant coach themselves out of a wet paper bag or get steamrolled vs the coaches they complain about so they hide behind the names and talk junk.
  2. There is no way you believe the BS you're saying. Bleacher said the exact truth but you never seem to see that . You claim the better hire was made and there is no way he is a better hire, he knows , we know, you know as well as everyone else know why he was selected . If it was just hillwood the Bellevue community wouldn't have got involved like they haven't recently but now since the school is moving to Bellevue they want a particular look that fits the bill in their community. Some people don't want to admit the truth especially when they benefit from it
  3. Tom Moore. Came from Warren County which hasn't won more than 3 games a year in his whole time there but a few guys in here stated he was the better option.
  4. I thought I was the only one that felt this way but I digress. It definitely wasn't about resume comparisons
  5. Sounds like you have all the answers already . So you tell me how you would fix it
  6. Demographics are no where near similar to Murfreesboro / Clarksville. On the other hand I think the mentioned counties school system make up and structure is way better than metro . I don't anyone in metro board of Ed has a clue
  7. This wardummy guy is in over his head. He must be at a school that can't or haven't beat a metro school. He knows so much about it for someone who doesn't care . This guy just made up a son that he doesn't have or can't play dead in a western . Pearl Cohn Cane Ridge , Hillsboro, and Maplewood all have had state appearances in the past 10 years please name another county with this many appearances better yet name the school you're with and see how they came out in the last 10 year
  8. Heck yeah there is some issues we all know that , but their playing field is alot different then the surrounding counties . I just don't like the down play of metro coaching . Metro has some good coaches there .
  9. You just stayed the issue come from predominantly African American areas . Typical . But they are not the only ones . An all out brawl occurred is East TN twice and I guess that doesn't register . Not a scuffle , not a altercation but a brawl
  10. You don't have to watch you can leave or close your eyes. You don't know what goes on in these inner city kids lives. There were several county School fights as well . Heck your on coach t I know you saw the suspensions. Metro just gets the black eye . Once again you are point at the African American communities which is comical . Yes it is wrong and shouldn't happen but when fighting is a survival defense for some kids that's all they know . But you don't have that problem living where you live . You can't judge someone when you're not from their upbringing. You actually sound real racist
  11. People have a problem with the facts . If Eddie woods or Brunetti can't get the job then it has to be that . And the race card is how some keep or get jobs so you use it as well.
  12. Yet you cared enough to type all that. First off racial backlash is the only reason some coaches wouldnt get a job in another county , metro has some good coaches and outsiders would touch a metro job due to the demographics. Metro face a lot more adversity so what you're saying is invalid . Everybody has controversy, siegal loses coaches every year , Blackman back stabs their coach each time they get a new one , Gallatin didn't get who they wanted , Stewart's Creek had internal issues and hired a mediocre coach, so don't act like outsiders are perfect . Metro has had more state appearances in the last 10 years than any other county or close to it . You're just an outsider guy that runs his trap on here constantly about metro for someone who is in the country . If you line your county schools / area schools up against CR PC HB MW EN I guarantee you wouldn't disrespect metro coaching . Woods, Brunetti, Fitzgerald, Broome, Gore, Williams, Waite , are all good metro coaches . There isn't any one you think highly of that come in and do any better than some of these coaches . Metro is dealt a different hand and I commend these guys for what they do. They don't have the luxury of teaching drivers Ed and leadership and relax in the field house til practice , the deal with real kids with alot of real issues every day . So how bout you zip it and move to another page
  13. Work I like Your enthusiasm but there is no way Brunetti leaves PC for Hillwood. Gore could be a good hire at Overton but I see that as a long shot as well.
  14. We seem to always lose focus on the topic at hand . Antioch? Hillwood? Overton? Any more openings possibly in the future?
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