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  1. This is the toughest region top to bottom on the west side of the bracket this year. Region 6 is down except for Hardin county. Lexington is ok, but after them it drops waaaaay off. Region 7 has Haywood, who is probably the team to beat to get out of the west this year, and Dyersburg who is good. They too drop off after the top two. Region 8 is, well......region 8, not very good at all, with Fayette Ware being the exception in that region. Any of the teams in region 5-4A would be a playoff team in any of the other regions on the west side this year.
  2. Imho one of, if not the, toughest game of the regular season. Not knocking any of the top teams in our region, but Marshall county is always a beast of a team year and year out.
  3. I like getting the win, but I hate sloppy play. The next 6 weeks is going to be the meat grinder of the regular season. Got to get more crisp on both sides of the ball, they only get tougher from here on out.
  4. I know you didn’t say they weren’t fast. My point is simple, you’re wrong. Just because they don’t have Fat Cat doesn’t mean they don’t have playmarkers the can carry it the house from anywhere on the field. Watch and you shall see........
  5. keep thinking that! If your team does, they’ll get their doors blowed off worse than they did last year....... I don’t really buy into the whole,”you only beat this team by x amount of points and we beat them by this amount of points, so we should do this against you”. You play who you play. But to think Springfield doesn’t have speedy play makers, is ridiculous. They ARE the fastest team WH will play the rest of the season, I can promise you that.
  6. I like his prediction. I’m hoping for at least a 2 score Yellow Jacket win, but I’ll take a win anyway it comes. Idk where The Connection guy gets his facts, but it seems like these two teams have played more than 31 times over the years. Several times they’ve played twice in a year. Once in regular season and once in playoffs. Does anyone have hard facts of how many times these two have met over the years?
  7. Yes you are correct, the old line if my memory serves me correct on the west side of I-65 was around the cross roads store west of the current WHH school now. Idk how far the zone went on the Sumner county side. East Robertson and greenbrier high zones all merged with the old White House zone somewhere along those lines. Yes it effected other schools when Heritage was built but White House High suffered the worst. Another thing the agreement allowed, since Robertson county students attended White House high, was a few good athletes were able to take advantage of the counties loose open zone policies of the 80’s and 90’s allowing them travel across Robertson county and attend White House high and play sports......
  8. I’ll help you out since you’re clearly talking out of your backside. Robertson and Sumner counties had a 50 year agreement that allowed Robertson county to educate the elementary students in White House either side of the county line and the junior high and high school students were educated on Sumner county side. That ended and White House heritage was built like 15 years ago, therefore dividing the talent between the school’s. Now you know
  9. True......but getting waxed in week 5 isn’t either........just sayin you play who you play true. Does a tough non-region schedule help? Of course. We can play the cupcake game all week, the proof will show up Friday night.
  10. I agree with the crowd size. I’m more or less referring to the level of competion when both sides are mid state powerhouses. Its been a LONG time since both teams were two of the best around on a consistent basis. It’s been more or less one sided lately......
  11. Springifeld keeps improving every week and I see this game to be more of the same. I wasn’t at the game last week, but from what I heard Springfield rotated a lot of young players in on both sides of the ball, gaining valuable experience as the season grinds into the meat of region play. I think Springfield wins this one by a couple of scores. I do however wish these games would be battles again the way they were 15-20 years ago year in and year out. With the exception of 2 years ago this game has lost a lot of its luster from both sides of the field, fan wise, hence not much chatter on these boards.
  12. Springfield should win easily. I’d like to see the defense improve this week, especially protecting the edge. Gave up to many yards off the edge last week
  13. See now you’re coming around. A few days ago you said the Jackets would only win 2 games this year. Now you’ve got us making the playoffs, next you’ll have us playing in the championship.........
  14. Hey Richard Head, Permian called, they need you to captain their ship for a while now.
  15. Great job on offense tonight by both teams. WHH looked very much improved over last years team. Both teams need to get there defense together before anybody starts talking playoffs, terrible D play tonight from both sides of the field.
  16. Jackets by 3 scores. I know WHH is much improved, but the Jackets defense and playing at home will be too much. 35-14
  17. Yeah maybe if they get your boy Boobie Miles to play running back........
  18. I agree Heritage has made huge improvements since last year, and good job to that program and the kids. I however don’t see them pulling the upset. Springfield’s experience playing bigger more physical teams at the start of each season, and the experience from making deep playoff runs the past few years, gives them at least a 2 TD advantage in this one. Springfield does need to work out a few things on the offensive side of the ball, but they did make huge improvements from week 1 to week 2. Defense looked great last week against a very fast and physical Clarksville team. All in all I see the Jackets getting better each week, this game should be no different.
  19. Forrest by a couple of scores. They’ve played great against some decent competion in the first two weeks. It’ll carry over to a third.
  20. to much judgment on one game.......down year not a bad one!
  21. Down year, compared to the last 4-5 years especially the last 2, yes. Bad year, I’m not ready to call it that yet either. This team will make the playoffs and probably finish top 2 in the region and possible number 1 again. Clarksville is a good football team and it will be a tough task to get the win. I do think if they get the mistakes corrected on offense, and they will, they will be fine.
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