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  1. What coaches are in question. I was simply stating one of the reasons I was told that an NDA was in place. I never said anyone did anything wrong. Just responding to the one question on why there is one.
  2. I did ask a board member, and that is what I was told. So ok, next?
  3. It is because everything is just generalities about things, and why not address them with the board? Why on a public forum where all it is, is bashing. As for the NDA, I was told a VERY good reason why there is one in place, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with talking about what ya'll are talking about. It has to do with a lot more than that, and legal reasons that could cause both TN and individuals, that are brought up in front of the board on improper behavior towards children, major legal issues. If any of ya'll would bother to ask questions, you might actually get the information you need. Instead we are left with grown men bashing on a public forum. NICE
  4. this is sad, grown "men" coming on a board with a "nickname" and bashing someone that is volunteering his time to the entire state. If you don't like it, put your name up for election and run against him. But bashing someone on a public forum is getting old.
  5. Ok, so I called myself being done with this thread, but you brought me back in (but only one last time (haha) So you entire post here is exactly why I said this should not be discussed on a public forum. Because yes, I took the statement deeply, and maybe it was wrong, you explanation helps that some. But, my point here is that anyone can take anything in "writing" any multiple directions, depending on their viewpoint and mood at the time. Also, maybe of us, and I am one that is really guilty of this, will often not TYPE all the details to something, that they might TALK about if the discussion were in person or over the phone. So that often leads to people perceiving someone one way that might be different that the originator's intent. So I propose this. If everyone is that upset about things, call an "emergency" OPEN meeting and hash things out. Surely this can be worked out to a point that people can either be happy or at least live with. I know for one, I will not pay $1,500 for my son to go to Fargo. Won't happen. It's a terrible investment in my opinion. My brother is an AD at a Big 10 school, and since then I have learned a ton on how colleges view things. YES, Fargo is huge for them, but it's not the only thing. So if the money can't be changed, I and I know several others won't be paying it. BUT, let me go back to the point I was trying to make. Call a meeting, several of you know board members personally and can make this happen. Get together and figure out something that everyone can live with. But for the better of TN wresting, do not discuss this on a public forum (especially where other people can read what is being said), and let's handle this like adults.
  6. I do not have any kind of issue with you. I said I thought the world of you and your kid. I also apologized for assuming the other person was you.
  7. What do you not get. I don’t care on how you feel. That is your right. I also said I don’t agree with him on everything. I just had an issue with your one statement. How you feel is your business. But demeaning someone on a public forum when I haven’t seen one personal post from him is wrong. That’s all.
  8. Ok, if I am wrong on that, I apologize. Then I was referring to Bruce when it comes to having a great kid and enjoyed discussing wresting with.
  9. I'm gonna guess I have a lot more of a clue than you do when it comes to being around him and watching his role in taking care of the kids.
  10. That would only be because of what they feel about him, NEVER about anything he has done to kids. So with no FACTS this is a lie. And you spreading something that you don't know for sure is shameful. I can tell you, my son has been around him and his family for 2 years and I (along with everyone at the school) trust him 100% in keeping our kids safe. So again, say what you want about the cost of the trip. About the weigh in, about how he is handling USA wresting, but leave the lies about him not being responsible around the kids out of it. That is just a hurtful statement that could go well beyond this PUBLIC forum. None of this should even be discussed on this forum anyway. Everyone has the ability to vote members on and off the board. Don't like how things are, volunteer your time or find someone that is willing to do this much time, and vote them in. I don't have an issue with that. I have had a couple conversations with you around wrestling, and have thought a lot of you and your family. Your son is top notch, not only as a wrestler but a young man as well. But your statement on here is so far out of line, that I cannot let that part slide, and yes you should be ashamed.
  11. I just did. The fact that you said the boys are not safe around him, and that no one should allow their boys to travel with him. I keep saying it, and you keep asking what you said. I just said it again.
  12. I have no issue with who you like or don't like. That's not a problem for me. My issue is with your statement that is hurtful and a lie, that no one should trust their kid around him. That is a straight out lie, and hurtful to not just him, but his family. That is what I am upset with you about. As for the money, I agree that the cost is way too high. I told him myself that my son will NOT be going to Fargo if that is the cost. I will continue to argue with him on this, and other topics regarding USA wrestling in TN. I will continue to agree with you on other things, but your statement about his caring for the kids is so wrong, and you should be ashamed. And anyone that supports that statement is wrong. And you and Rassling King trying to say I am Ben behind another screen name shows exactly where ya'll are right now.
  13. So you are admitting your hatred is over one weigh in? And I have been on record supporting you on what I knew about that situation. But darn man, grow up and let it go. Your son is having one heck of a career. Enjoy the ride.
  14. Saying that kids are safe around him is a lie and hurtful. And again, this is not Ben. I have been with CBHS since 2007. Long before Ben came around. But believe what you want. We have friends in common Bruce, that will verify that I’m not Ben. So ask around
  15. That’s the problem. There is not truth in what you said. Just hateful lies.