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  1. The most recent common opp that I can see is Jack Revere of BGA. Spell pinned him in the 1st, and Alvarez beat him 13-7. They both also beat Miller from FR by pin
  2. I don't know, but just throwing this out there. "Could it be that one coach just didn't vote"?
  3. Final Results CBHS 48 - Bradley 27 Match started at 182 182 - CB Pin 195 - CB FF 220 - CB Pin 285 - BC Pin 106 - BC Pin 113 - BC Dec 120 - BC Pin 126 - CB Pin 132 - CB Pin 138 - CB Dec 145 - CB Pin 152 - CB Dec 160 - CB Pin 170 - BC Pin
  4. I don't believe they can. One of the requirements to being eligible for Prep is placing at state.
  5. My question is, how do ya'll rank a kid that hasn't wrestled at that weight? and how do you rank a kid that hasn't wrestled at all?
  6. First, the Bower's situation was totally different, and not going to drag all that up, but a ton of people were nasty to Ben, so I don't blame him for getting out of that area. He needed a change of scenery . So yeah, he went were he felt comfortable. Bronson's dad got a job in the Tupelo area, and they moved to Mississippi. Since he wanted to continue to wrestle, and there is NO wrestling in MS, they made the choice to look at CBHS, and were part of the Wave program, so try again. None of us really knew that family before hand Cooper has been coached by Derek and Ed for a LONG time, (LONG before he really broke out and became a top level wrestler), so of course he had discussion about things. And kids wanting to stay with a coach they are comfortable with is not the same as going out and finding state champions and bringing them in. If you can't see that, there is no reason to continue talking about it. So with those 3 examples, none of them fit your statement about recruiting. Peterson's family MOVED to Nashville. Really don't think they did that for wrestling. Just happened, when they moved there, they had to decide where to put Parker, and chose Fr Ryan. Don't see one thing questionable about that. And kids wanting to stay with a coach they are comfortable with is not the same as going out and finding state champions and bringing them in. If you can't see that, there is no reason to continue talking about it. And as for your statement about crying about DII being created, I totally get that. And I have no problem with that. My original statement was simply, make it fair. WHY are 2 kids that decided to go to a brand new school not allowed to wrestle, but 2 previous state champs were allowed to "move" and continue wrestling without a year sit out? That is all I'm arguing about. And I made a statement that the word "recruiting" and high school should never go together, and thus people made fake claims that all schools are doing that, and I deny that 100%. NOT ALL are doing it, some yes, and that is fine. To each is own, I don't care what they do, but I do care that 2 kids are not getting the same privileges as the others.
  7. Where have I said that about everyone that disagrees with me? And all I know is what I've been told by some pretty trusting friends. But that's fine, I wasn't being disrespectful in what I was saying, just arguing my point on the claims that were made. I don't have an issue with those claims either, as I'm sure that is common thought for a lot of people, it just happens to not be the case with everything that I know and I've been around for quite a few years now. So don't take that as anything other than a conversation. It's not personal.
  8. Is there only one Bruce in this world? Strange, could have sworn I've met at least 2 others.
  9. you too Bruce Oh, to help you out again, 7 of the 14 starters at CBHS were part of the Wave program On the others 2 were new wrestlers, started as a freshman Another's dad attended CBHS And 2 were from a local club that has no school affiliation and became friends with our kids, and I've never asked them why they chose CBHS, but maybe it's because of the reputation we have in town for molding young men into fine students. So no, none of these kids were recruited. And I could go back for years and show you the exact same stats
  10. Again, you have NO facts, but make these claims. I'll take the EMMY and give you the "I make up BS" award then.
  11. I don't know what Baylor gives, so I can't comment on that. And again, to be clear, warranted financial aid is not the same as GIVING money. CBHS was founded on a the principle of the catholic brothers (who take no salary) providing education to young men. And I can promise you this, NOT one penny more than what is warranted by the family's income is given to any student. Personally, wee needed financial aid, and did not qualify for it. And I know quite a few families that say the same thing. So no, CBHS does not GIVE money
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