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  1. So why isn’t anyone saying who all they are adding? We keep hearing of all this, but no names
  2. We've gone backwards? Really? We now have FULL teams participating at both Schoolboy nationals and Juniors. We now have more events in TN for FS and Greco, but we've gone backwards?
  3. Question: what is it that you have done to help build wrestling in the state?
  4. NICE, ya'll are doing a wonderful job helping "build" up TN wrestling.
  5. Congrats to our 3 TN boys for going undefeated at the Junior National Duals, and earning their spots on the All Tournament Teams GRECO Garrett Bowers (CBHS) 145 6-0 Parker Peterson (Father Ryan) 195 5-0 FREESTYLE James Howard (McCallie) 285 8-0 Tennessee had a large number of boys come home with winning records, and all of them came home with a ton more experience. A special thanks to the coaches that spent almost 2 weeks getting these boys ready, and competing. TN is on the rise, and everyone should be proud of these kids. They represented us so well.
  6. it didn't have to be SE Regional, any regional will work for qualifications. Plus, you can get by via a waiver
  7. darn, you really can't read can you? And you call me a joke? I asked a question, I have not heard the specifics on this, so I asked a question, that is what a grown up does. What tournament? How long was the payment withheld? Did "YOU" ask him why? Because I will.
  8. I never said you or anyone else was wrong. I said YOU and a couple others lost credibility when you accuse everyone that doesn't jump on board with you of being Bowers. And I'm not defending anyone. This all started with me saying, that if someone has an issue, then step up and run for the position. But all this complaining isn't getting us anywhere. So does that answer your question. My question was for specifics, and I can promise you this, when there is one side of a story, often there is another. NOT all the time, but often. So he held money, but did he give it in the end? So was their a reason that he held it? I know in business, I have held money until things were completed, not sure what the story was here, but did you ask him? You personally? Or are you confused on who he is?
  9. I guess we just have a misunderstanding of the word "specifics" vs "generalities".
  10. As for the use of the word toxic, I'm pretty sure you are the only one that has used that word. Others have said other things, but again I see about 6 people so far that have an issue. Sounds like a disagreement, not sure I would classify that as toxic. I don't agree with everything he does, but wouldn't go a far to say it's toxic. I just hash it out, and state my points. And some of those people I question, because they like to claim that everyone that does not side with them is another Bowers profile. So we may be down to 1 or 2 people that I have seen on here that I would have a rational discussion with about this. But again, everything that you have stated is a generality. I would think the board would see all the finances, if not that is on them.
  11. Are you even reading what is being written? You still haven’t said one thing that shows anything that would make someone say “toxic”
  12. So let me get this straight, since I have not seen anything personally that would classify as "toxic", and I haven't seen a single post that would make me think he's "toxic", I am supposed to just go with what you are saying? I'm not seeing anything where the state wrestling is in any worse shape than before he took over. YES, we are arguing the cost of Fargo, and should. I liked Scott's proposal and told him so. I have not heard back from Ben on this, but I think his survey was to get a feel for how many kids are thinking about going to Fargo, and then try to figure out things from there. But some of the changes are coming down from USA Wrestling, and not Ben. Such as staying as a team, etc
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