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  1. Congrats Tullahoma bring home your gold ball. Haywood fan
  2. I was telling people they believe because we only had 16 points against lexington was it. They don't how many times they dropped the ball in opening field the was by himself running in the and fumble the ball and no one touched him he just fumble at the 5 yard line it should have been 60 -0
  3. Haywood will put up more than 24 points
  4. If my memory serves me correctly you have to have around 800 kids in your school to be 4a
  5. That's great to know Haywood do travel,so we'll probably fill the visitor side up
  6. So what team from the west do you believe would be a good game to watch play the east
  7. Hope to see a great game tomorrow night. Praying for a injury free game hopefully both teams brings home the gold ball this year
  8. I took a bet with a coworker I got Haywood 42-21
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