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  1. I’m going to take TheAmbassador’s advice and step away for awhile. The anger caused by all of it just isn’t worth it. Our kids have obviously been affected by being cheated by the referees. Just about all of them have said so. We can handle losing fairly. Greenback won that game fair and square in 2017. What we have a hard time with is being cheated. If you guys feel you really earned that win, then enjoy the heck out of it. Take care.
  2. That’s not a bad idea. Rings will be a nice thing for them to look and remind them their title is phony.
  3. Paid off, idiot. You knew what I meant. Are you out of middle school yet? This is my last reply to you. Your IQ is too low to deserve further replies.
  4. This was our year and it was stolen. I’m not saying the refs were paid, but it was obvious they had an interest in seeing Whitwell win. I will never congratulate them on a fraudulent victory. Letting that go and moving on to next year is hard. It will take more time than a week.
  5. You’re an idiot. I don’t break into schools, although Whitwell people accused us of being the type to do that before discovering it was one of their own.
  6. That’s the thing though. Whitwell wasn’t close to Cornersville. They were contained the entire game with the exception of one score. The only thing that contained Cornersville was the refs.
  7. Don’t you have an undeserved trophy to go look at? You’re just another person who is bothered by the fact that many in Cornersville, the state, and the media see your team as pretenders. Sorry fella, Whitwell 2018 will always be seen as a fraud.
  8. WingoVFL’s pictures might mean more to me if they would have called penalties fairly. Whitwell got away with stuff all game while our team was called for penalties both real and imagined. No one will ever convince me this game was officiated fairly. Your UCF idea isn’t as bad as it sounds. We know we have the better team and so does Whitwell.
  9. You are utilizing a common debate tactic by making this about me instead of the game. Instead of trying to be an amateur psychiatrist, stick to debating the points I have made.
  10. They put the ball where they wanted it and moved those chains in a hurry! Total fraud.
  11. Calling out fraud is not the same as making excuses. Why should we roll over and take it without saying a word?
  12. There are literally too many things to mention. Numerous big plays the Bulldogs made were negated for imagined penalties while Whitwell got away with a blatant horse collar that would have set up a potential winning play. The need for such a play would not have been necessary if the second Bulldog touchdown had not been robbed. Also, Whitwell’s crazy decision to go on 4th down failed, yet the officials spotted them a full yard or more to get them a 1st down. That should have set the Dawgs up with a 1st and Goal and a likely 20-0 lead if the previous score hadn’t been stolen. There was so much wrong with the officiating in this game that it gives the strong appearance of fraud.
  13. Thank you for your unbiased honesty. Coming from someone outside of the fan base, it is valuable. People who are not looking through Whitwell’s eyes can clearly see this game was rigged. I understand they love and support their boys. They will never admit the truth about this game and can’t be blamed for being that way about it.
  14. I know, and I appreciate your level headed response. It’s a tough pill to take knowing our gold ball sits in the losing team’s trophy case. There were so many missed calls and botched calls in that game. When the outcome of a game is determined by refs, everyone wonders what should have been. Whitwell will always know that trophy is undeserved, even their fans said so as they left the stadium, and we will always be the team that “lost” the game. I’m sorry you had to experience the same helpless feeling of being robbed.
  15. Please keep our trophy polished and behind glass. We will do the same for your silver one. I think it’s funny that my posts bother you so much. That’s a sure sign you know deep down there is truth in what I said.
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