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  1. RBS still has 3 of their better players out hurt only had 9 dressed out.
  2. 1. Clay Co. 2.Monterey (couple of transfers from Livingston) 3.RBS ( got 3 key players out injury and Marsh was out at play day ) 4.Pickett Co. ( returns all 5 starters) 5. Gordonsville 6.Trousdale Co. 7.Jackson Co. 8. Clarkrange This is what I was told was coaches poll. I think one of RBS injuries was football season ending for him happened last game of year. Livingston point guard transferred to Monterey.
  3. 1, Clarkrange 2.Pickett Co. 3.RBS 4.Clay Co. 5.Gordonsville 6.Jackson Co. 7.Trousdale Co. 8.Monterey
  4. I tell you what I will do ,I will call Owens and asked him about Merrol Hyde game at school next week. lol Actually Aaron Academy boys usually pretty good team. Last time I did Math 38 divide by 7 not 2 maybe in Pickett. RBS girls last 7 years 48 wins 5 yrs for Mckinney and 14 wins 2 years larry. Now that's playing in District 8a 5 of those years was very weak, RBS girls 5-36 against Jackson , Clay, Clarkrange and Pickett over that time . Mckinney does good job, and Larry is Larry. Like I said RBS tough place to win every year,
  5. Starvin Marvin 245 looks like you was mistaken its 38 wins not 18. One of those was a winless season starting all sophomores , however team won 15 games 2 years later finished 3rd in District looks like developing talent too me.
  6. Smith 1st season at RBS was 1-26 and never got RBS in region tournament the 3 or 4 years at RBS. I think Smith very good coach. I don't think people realize how hard it is to win in any sport at RBS. Good thing off work today. I can't believe I'm researching history of RBS , I Hated them in school.
  7. Tirjan was best athlete at RBS , chose not to play basketball at Macon. I think rushed for 1800 yards senior year, I looked at 2002-03 season on RBS. They beat Pickett 3 times including District Championship game. Smith was coach at Pickett then and been gone at least 3 years no way still caretaker, Plus Owens coached a group all the way through 7th grade to 12th grade good in Jr high and guided them to Sub-State only one in School History no care taking there. I will go one better guided Celina (Clay County now) to District Championship (beat Pickett) and Sub-State Appearance. Plus 25-0 Jr High Team at RBS State Championship only 1 in school history since want to use Jr. High. Good thing i Kept this years Basketball preview on Macon County Basketball Teams. Didn't know would need it for Owens. Plus he has lived in Macon County his whole life.
  8. First thing Seth Carlisle played Jr, High at RBS in 6th grade and was the best player on team and Michael Tirjan played Jr high at RBS. Those 2 transfer to Macon to play football. So comparing Jr,High to High School is insane. Plus RBS in Jr high plays Deafeated, Hermitage Springs, Forks River , Union Heights, all these feeder schools in this area. RBS Jr High has only won 4 games total past 3 years. You trade those games in for Goodpasture , Pickett, Clarkrange , Watertown, Jackson. Gordonsville,Clay.Trousdale, Westmoreland ,Friendship,Macon,Smith Co. and XMAS Tournament teams on a yearly bases, that's a tough schedule for school with less than 200 students and limited in talent. Macon enrollment is 5 times the size of RBS (10-15 is Owens Career record against Macon not too bad I did some research). Also Owens Coach coach Jr High years ago those teams were good and so was those same teams in high school.
  9. I think Macon boys been twice 1986 and 2017. Like I said opinions are just opinions in the crowd, I wish all teams in upper cumberland good luck.
  10. No, I didn't say best. I said gets more out of less. RBS usually limited on talent and he seems to get them to play hard, solid on defense, and they usually control tempo of game. He coached some AAU for Macon and I attended some of those games and most of parents were impressed. Now I watched Marsh as a Freshman at Macon and only watched on NCTC since been at RBS. Marsh has developed more at RBS then he would at Macon. At least Owens knows to throw ball into post to 6-7 or 6-8 whatever he is now. It sounded like from radio that was working Marsh had 17pts in a row too start game so sounds like good game plan, If you sit in crowd at Macon most people think boys basketball is a train wreck. So that's matter of opinion on whether Marsh should have stayed or not, He already has scored over 1000 pts at RBS and RBS had just of good of season last year as Macon. One could argue 6A was better than 8AA last year. I wouldn't count RBS out over one game at Pickett. I just wished Macon and RBS would start playing again.
  11. RBS coach has done more with less talent the last 20 years than anyone. I'm a Macon County fan and have watched RBS through the years. I would have to disagree with you Mrsports and I think most coaches would agree that play RBS.
  12. I listen to game on radio RBS starts game 17-4 run 1st 4 mins. Marsh scored all 17 pts then 2 quick fouls. Then 2 more quick fouls within 2 mins 2nd quarter total 4 . He fouls out with 4 mins to go in 3rd quarter. Marsh may have played 10 total mins tonight still had 20 pts. Radio announcer said Pickett shot 41 ft tonight. I may go over to RBS and watch the rematch.
  13. I agree Davidson was really good and seemed like a great person. We both know the answer to your last statement.
  14. I would think Laken Leonard needs to be mentioned by far best player Coach Brown has had. So if Jackson has talent why only averaging 19 pts per game or is it Coaching.
  15. Macon will have to shoot ball well from three to win. York, Upperman , and Watertown should win.
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