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  1. They also have like 500 more students in their school than everyone else which is why they're moving back up next year.
  2. must be nice competing against only 21 other schools that have a rubber track to train on. https://tn.milesplit.com/articles/257895?page=3
  3. Has the south endzone been leveled off yet or does it still rise up a foot or so towards the right corner?
  4. over or under 1 week from the loss until ridgerunner posts in this thread?
  5. guess this thread will be quiet for a while now
  6. So just to be clear... if you lost last night... your season is over correct?
  7. Thanks for the response KWC. Do schools that have like cordova and whitehaven share facilities with those that have not? Or are those schools that have not still reliant on City maintained facilities?
  8. So if you know, how can schools like White Station, Ridgeway, and Overton seemingly (based on looking at google maps) exists with seemingly no athletic facilities on campus (a track or stadium capable of hosting a home football game) while Whitehaven, Cordova, etc... have those amenities? Are the track and stadium results of fundraising efforts by their booster club? Were those paid for through school board funding?
  9. Doesn't sound as much like a transfer as much as it does his family straight up moved.
  10. ^ remembering a quote from 40 years ago makes it sound like you actually were "worried about what outsiders thought"
  11. Just looks to be the case of "Sloppy Seconds." Someone desperate for a fresh start after the ineligibility debacle this season and a school desperate for a head coach. It was a perfect match.
  12. Those views can be attributed to people who rubberneck a head on collision... you just gotta catch a glimpse of the damage and if there are any dead bodies in the road.
  13. I'm just confused by this whole topic in general. I'm sure if you're an assistant coach wanting to become a head coach there is an attractiveness to any head coaching position but if you're a head coach already somewhere else what makes the Gallatin job any more attractive than your own? The stipend on top of salary is like 20% and i believe that is to be distributed among you assistants. Gallatin isn't texas where coaches are making 6 figures with performance bonuses with district funded stadiums and indoor facilities. If there isn't a position open at the school what are you going to do? Fire a non-coaching teacher to open at position for him so he's there in January? Maybe I'm as delusional as some of the posters in this thread but I would assume to land the big fish that have been Grumored but not explicitly named on this thread it would IMO require a handshake deal between the coach and boosters that he would be taken care of beyond his salary.
  14. Is there a qualifier that you have to be at the same school for 5 subsequent years to become a head coach at that school or 5 years anywhere to become a head coach anywhere else?
  15. There are a lot of black and white solutions to a lot of the problems people have with the TSSAA but that means they would have to actually enforce things instead of finding loopholes within all the grey area they've established.
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