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  1. The Principal is Kevin Dawson and I remember the school dropping football starting with a W. Coach Link is the new RBS head coach so I know they are planning on a 2020 season
  2. Green Hills Principal told me they were playing a varsity schedule this fall. He stated that they were trying to buy into a schedule of a school that dropped football.
  3. Retired from the Army in '17 to be a full time coach.
  4. https://marioncountyschools.schoolinsites.com/employmentopportunitiesandapplications Head Football Coach- Whitwell High School is currently accepting applications for the Head Football Coach position. Previous football coaching experience is required. Location- Whitwell High School Posting Date- 02/12/2020
  5. Instead of two middle school feeders for Mount Juliet (MJ) they have divided them so Green Hill (GH) has a dedicated feeder as well as MJ having one dedicated feeder. Wilson Central (WC) now has a similar sized middle school as a feeder that opened this year. The physical zone did also change for MJ quite a bit (smaller) since GH is relatively close. It didn't effect WC much.
  6. Looks like a good hire Barry Daniel 25 years of coaching experience hird head coaching assignment as he was the head coach at Clements (AL) for three seasons (2007-09) at Cherokee (AL) in 2006. overall coaching record is 25-28 and while he was at Clements he posted a 18-15 record and led the program to the playoffs all three seasons (Class 3A in 2007 and 2A in 2008 and 2009). As the Defensive Coordinator at Brooks, the Lions made the playoffs nine of 10 seasons, won four region titles and they are coming off a 6-6 season. Before going to Brooks, Daniel spent a decade as an assistant coach at Russellville (AL) high school.
  7. Interviews were done and are complete. An offer was been made but not yet accepted. The potential HC does have district ties. It is not my place to release any details so out of respect for him and all parties involved I would prefer to leave it at that level of detail.
  8. I have not heard a word but was wondering the same thing.
  9. I told mama that it's not bad but you've got what has been a successful college coach watching over his talented son and as anticipated the expectations are high. Anything less cold negatively impact little Simpsons future. I like Coach Simpson and he treated my son fairly when Simpson arrived to UTM in the mid 2000's. The HC position has the potential to develop into a job that has a 8 mile screwdriver stuck in it. No matter how much potential little Simpson shows the supporting cast has to be there or he risks not being able to showcase his talents.
  10. Could it be because of the QB that the job isn't appealing? Not that he is a bad young man but there could be external factors and constraints that some head coaches don't want.
  11. It looks like the HC is there for 2020 however they have advertised for two assistants.
  12. I didn't know anything about York so I watched the OCT SC game. Looks like they run a triple option flexbone run scheme. Easy fixes if the next coach keeps it. IMA- Splits were too narrow, Didn't look to block the option traditionally. (You have to be sure and double the action key and get movement) Also looked to have some minor footwork issues . Lastly York looked to run out of a unbalanced OL surface flex formation as their base. One traditional characteristic of the flexbone is that a balanced formation causes the defense to balance which allows your QB and O-line to see and read 1 thru 4 without an extra load to the play side. You can't date the option, you have to marry it I haven't seen the job advertised on TSSAA, any knowledge on who may step in? I wish Coach Wright the best of luck in his new role and York in their search
  13. Mac McCurry has been let go as head football coach. Defensive Coordinator Mike Head has been named as the Interim Head Coach. SOURCE: https://tnhighschoolfootball.com/mac-mccurry-fired-three-seasons-franklin-county/
  14. Grundy County High School is accepting applications / resumes for two Assistant Football Coaches. All applicants should send their application / resume to the Director of Human Resources, Anna Meeks: [email protected] Applications can be found at www.grundycoschools.com under the "Employment tab".
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